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Not all drinking water is the same! And you will easily agree when drinking UMH structured water. For better distinction, this UMH water is made from devices that structure and energize water into living water by simply running water through the device. If you wanted to know how to make structured water at home your answer is here! Here is a glimpse of the devices and click on each to learn more…


Before going deeper into exploring these UMH devices by looking at who the manufacturer is and how the technology works, let us take a quick look at the different units and where you can buy them. Depending on which water structuring unit you want here are the devices;

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Energized water is the foundation of life and UMH structured water is vibrant water in resonance with nature. In this article we are going to look at the basics of water and what UMH water is. UMH technology produces purified energized water plus a lot more because;


  • deletes harmful frequencies,
  • transfers constructive energies to drinking, bath and shower water,
  • boosts metabolism, digestion and detoxification,
  • natural protection against limescale, etc.


  • for the water mains
  • for taps and shower heads
  • to energize drinks
  • to take along on journeys

Visible Advantages

  • prevents limescale being deposited in pipes and around heating elements
  • breaks down existing deposits
  • less washing powder required
  • plants grow better
  • no maintenance, no chemicals
  • no electricity required

UMH Structured Water Overview

UMH structured water is a special type of water whose properties and quality are close to that of spring water. In simple terms natural spring water is better than tap water since it odes not have the chemicals and other substances that introduced to water when cleaning it. It is also not polluted by other polluting agents so its intrinsic water energies and structure are still intact. Having said that UMH water is (tap) water that has been restored to this quality using UMH structured water devices.

There are several UMH structured water units to meet your circumstances or need of use. There are units designed to structure water to the whole house, at the sink or when showering, for travel, for business like spar, plus more.

Selection of any particular device depends on the needs or application desired. Besides selecting a UMH device, there are a number of factors to appreciate about UMH structured water and how it compares to miracle water in ancient times. There are claims that miracle water like in The Song of Bernadette, a 1943 biographical drama film, has miraculous healing properties.

Though this is not to claim that UMH water has healing properties, at least there are a few factors that can be looked at for comparison against the expected and known qualities of seemingly miraculous water. There are many examples of these waters, some referred to as holy water. Some examples are in the water experiment described below.


The Basics About Water

An increasing number of doctors and researchers is emphasizing on the importance of drinking 2 to 3 liters of water a day. When looking at tasks it fulfills, water is much more important than all other food available.

It is said that “Water of optimum quality for human consumption has to have a high impulse value and a high Bovis (BE) value.”

Pain is a sign that the human body is thirsty. When we don’t drink enough water, the body reacts with pain. This can be a headache, stomach ache, heart pain, back ache or aching joints, or worse. Water cannot be replaced by drinking coffee, black tea and soft drinks. These are not enough to supply the body with the water it needs as these drinks have a diuretic effect.

Research has incontestably shown that stomach pains, digestive problems and joint pain, amongst others, can often be relieved merely by drinking more water. Doctor and researcher, Dr Batmanghelidj, explained the interrelations very convincingly in his books on Water for Health.


Importance of Water Structure

Water makes us feel good and healthy. But water is not always merely water! The vibrant energy contained within depends on its molecular structure. It is not just a question of its chemical purity or mineral content. It is also about its natural structure – as if it had come straight from the spring.

Spring water is naturally structured water and is ideal drinking water. It is so because it has high enough impulse and Bovis values, in fact, above the recommended standard. The setback is, spring water is not readily available and can be unaffordable to have in the house.

Water natural structure gets destroyed when water is “cleaned” to become tap water or when using other water systems like reverse osmosis. When water flows through miles and miles of water pipes, it completely loses its natural structure due o pipe friction. It also gets destroyed when exposed to electromagnetic radiation.

Structured Water Research

A lot of research has gone into the behavior of water including when it is regarded to be in a structured state. When in a structured phase it is often said to be EZ water or in the fourth phase of water. This fourth phase of water was coined by Dr. Gerald Pollack who defined the molecular structure of EZ water to be H3O2.

Here is a video by Dr. Gerald Pollack who is one of the many researchers into the structure of water.


University of Washington Bioengineering Professor Gerald Pollack answers the question, does water have a fourth phase, beyond solid, liquid and vapor?


UMH, as a manufacturer, has spent a lot of years into structured water research and has developed water energizing devices. These devices are capable of restoring water’s natural quality with high enough Impulse and Bovis values. In that sense UMH water is energized water.

Water Has Memory

The more energy there is in water, the better it serves us! Water can store positive information, have healing properties and be in positive resonance with the universe. In the same way it can also store and have negative characteristics, harmful frequencies from toxic substances in the environment.

This is the reason why a lot of people have attached great importance to having energized purified water in their own homes. When using these devices, they confirm to feel noticeably better.

Here is another video that explains further the phenomenon of water having memory.


Groundbreaking, water-memory work of Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier.


In the video you will hear about the history and a trail of events that triggered and led to looking more deeply into water by great minds in water scientific research. It features the groundbreaking, water-memory work of Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier affirming that;

  1. Water has mysterious and relatively little understood properties, including the abilities to store, broadcast and amplify the informational data (i.e., morphic) fields of any substance with which it comes into contact.
  2. All substance/form has a non-physical (i.e., subtle) informational data field (i.e., morphic field) from which the informational blueprint of that material can be extracted and stored in another medium.

Structured Water Experiment

The purity and energy of water can be measured using scientific methods and experiments. One such experiment was performed by J. Michael Kohfink-Kalagin at Institute for Radiogeology in February 24, 2004. This scientific water experiment was designed to determine the quality of UMH water. Read about this experiment here.

UMH water was compared to other naturally occurring (structured) water and water that has been structured by other structured water units.

The experiment was designed to determine the level of purity and energy of different samples of water before and after. In the experiment at least 14 different water samples were collected. Among the samples was medically pure distilled or RO water, rain water (that was collected after 3 days of continuous rain), spring water from “Rosalienquelle” grotto, Canadian Glacial Water, “Healing water” from Lourdes and more.
The quality of these different water samples was measured using two different methods, being High-Frequency and Radiostatic measurements.

High-Frequency (HF) Measurements

This test determines the speed of the high-frequency pulse (HF) at impluses/second to measure the resistance of water. Water with higher resistance will show lower values and vice versa. Since this measurement is not absolute but relative a calibration was done.

The purest water had a pulse speed reading of 55 impluses/second while the most impure water read the lowest at 5 impulses/second. In other words, the purer the water, the higher the speed because of lower resistance.

The purer the water means fewer pollutants and better structure. The higher the number of impulses indicates that the sample water had a higher degree of structure. Modern science talks about the crystalline-fluid phase of water in which the intermolecular forces have very high energy levels.

Radiostatic Measurements

This method measures the BOVIS units (BE). BE units is a radiostatic value which expresses how high the energy value of the water is, or the level of vitality it has. The normal value is about 5,500 BE in most tap water. The higher the BE of a water sample, the more energy and vitality it has. Water with relatively high BE value, makes it easier for mineral absorption in the body.

And tap water from Augsburg’s urban water supply was used as a point of comparison for the tests. It measured 23 impulses/second and 5960 BE as energy value.

UMH Water Structure

From the experiment it was discovered that the UMH water structure has relatively high levels of energy at 24,750 BE when the UMH small appliance (UMH Live) was used with Sanquell Solo AT water filter.

The purity was 41 imp/sec (much closer to 55 imp/sec for pure water). The water sample was tested 3 times at different conditions and the reading remained the same except when electricity was used to heat the water. The reading dropped to 38 imp/sec.

When the UMH Live small appliance (gold-plated) was used on its own at slow flow, the Bovis instrument measured 36,800 BE. The purity measured 46 imp/sec for 3 tests and 40 imp/sec when electricity was used to heat the UMH water sample.

When a ¾ inch built in UMH Master appliance, the water registered 37,750 BE and 49 imp/sec for 3 tests – compare with 5,500 BE and 55 imp/sec respectively! The test where electricity was used read 43 imp/sec.

UMH Structured Water Energy

These readings far surpass the readings of tap water from Augsburg’s urban water supply which stood at 5960 BE and 23 imp/sec. It is also worth noting that water with a 5,500 BE reading is regarded as optimal for drinking. Further, water with a reading of 55 imp/sec was the purest of the all the samples (and medically pure water read 48 imp/sec).

Further, UMH water was found to be far better than miracle waters found at Lourdes, natural spring water and rain water. This includes all other water samples around the world that were tested. There are claims that healing miracles are experienced when water from Lourdes is used, there are such claims in The Song of Bernadette documentary.

UMH Structured Water Devices

The UHM Water Structuring Devices are manufactured by a European company in Austria called UMH – Umwelttechnologien. UMH manufactures a range of structured water devices designed for personal use, household use and industrial use.

The Wellness Enterprise Superstore is an official dealer of UMH devices. It has a selection of these units that are ideal for personal and home use. Here is a brief breakdown of them;

UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device

Buy UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device
UMH Master is a whole house structured water unit that is used for the whole house water structuring. It can handle large flow volumes of water. This makes it capable of supplying the whole house with structured water. Once installed water for drinking, bathing/showering, laundry, washing at the kitchen sink, gardening, pets, etc. will be structured.

The unit provides energized water to the entire water supply system of the house with energized water. It is wise to use a certified installer to do the installation on your pipes.

It is also available at different sizes such that you can choose depending on the size of your pipes. Available sizes are 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″.

Click here to learn more or buy UMH Master


UMH Pure Under Sink Structured Water Device

The UMH Pure is an under sink water structuring unit ideal for use with existing filter systems or on its own. If you already have a water filtering system like a reverse osmosis system, you can use UMH Pure to augment the system.

Note that the RO water or purified water, from the experiment above, was deemed medically pure at 48 imp/sec but at the same time it had the lowest Bovis value of 3000 BE so the UMH Pure device would improve the Bovis energy value significantly.

It is 24-carat gold-plated and available with 3” thread and special adapters if necessary.

Click here to learn more or buy UMH Pure

Buy UMH Pure Structured Water Under Sink Device

UMH Live Portable Structured Water Device

UMH Live 3 in 1 Portable Structured Water Device

UMH Live is versatile as a portable structured water unit. It can be directly attached to the tap in kitchen or bathroom, to the shower hose, backyard tap and much more. It is ideal for traveling as it comes with a travel-kit. Like other UMH devices it is 24-carat gold plated or silver-plated.

The UMH Live is also an ideal choice for someone new to structured and maybe still skeptical. This portable device can be used literally in every part of the house. The only drawback is it will require installing and uninstalling every time the nature of use changes. However, that will be a small price to pay if you want to start trying out and experiencing structured water.

Click here to learn more or buy UMH Live


How UMH Structured Water Devices Work

There is something you need to know about water before you drink another drop. For water to optimally perform its tasks in the body it must be in its intrinsic state, the way nature intended it to be. The UMH Structured Water Devices bring water closer to this state as demonstrated in the experiment described above.

A UMH Structured Water Device performs many tasks on the water to bring it as close to the highest quality water as possible. Water that goes through the device is subjected to multiple water re-structuring processes some defying scientific principles.

UMH water purification process purifies water by changing its physical rather than chemical properties. Purification can be evidenced by the impulse/seconds readings recorded. Nothing was added to the water to make it purer as would be the case with tap water.

The water is simply exposed to electromagnetic fields produced by natural elements in the device to physically change the arrangement water molecules. The chemistry of the water remains unchanged.

UMH Technology

UMH as a company developed this Austrian Water Structuring Technology that is able to combine different ways of structuring water. This technology utilizes Sacred Geometry, Vortexing, Entrainment, Precious Gems, EM ceramics, etc.

UMH Technology is unique and highly effective. As water flows into a UMH appliance, it flows through a highly effective energy field absorbing positive electromagnetic frequencies. This energy is produced by specially treated fluids, precious stones, metals and other sensitive energy sources.

The energies, from the natural electromagnetic frequencies, cancel out the negative information from the toxic substances in the water.

UMH water purification process even restores positive energy and divine resonance with nature so that the water attains its original quality. Its physical structure is newly aligned with lasting effect and absorbed by the body when we drink, have a bath or take a shower.

Thus, the water we use can once again perform its life-giving tasks to the best of its abilities. This water also improves communication inside united cell structures. This is so because structured water suddenly becomes water with unique properties capable of effective cellular hydration unlike ordinary purified water.

“The secret of life and of health is to be found in water which preserves the order of things.” This was said by Karl Trinker, a biophysicist, in the light of his research into cell water.

Golden Mean Spiral

how UMH Devices work

When water flows through the device, it first comes into contact with a Golden Mean Spiral. Golden Mean Spiral is part of the sacred geometry, that attunes the water with the energy of creation. As water passes over this sacred geometry, it spins through a vortexing design. The vortexing makes it interact with highly charged vials containing a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particles.

The sacred geometry also includes miniature pyramids that have the same angles as the Great Pyramid of Giza.

As a result, UMH water is structured, energized, neutralized, entrained and raised in vibration. Only the finest materials are used. Attention to detail and small batches contribute to the high vibration of each device. Materials include 24 carat gold, brass, crystals like rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, in addition to other gem stones.

In addition, every measurement in these beautifully constructed UMH structured water devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos. Every drop of the water you consume is amplified!

Now let us look at each of the above tasks and properties of the devices individually.

UMH Structured Water Devices Warranty

UMH structured water devices carry a 5-year warranty. However, they are in nowhere near a planned obsolescence since they are meant to last a lifetime. These devices do not use electricity nor do they have moving parts to require maintenance.

They are more like, if not better, the plumbing of water pipe supply to the house. It is not very often that the pipes need replacement as they usually last the lifetime of the property. Under rare circumstances they are replaced and of course there could be regular maintenance. The same applies to UMH devices.

Where To Buy UMH Structured Water Devices

One of the official dealers of UMH structured water devices is The Wellness Enterprise Superstore. It is also a Natural Action Dealer. In addition to selling the best structured water units, the superstore also sells a mineralizer from UMH called UMH Sango.

UMH Sango For Mineralized Structured Water

Structured water mineral content depends on the source of the water and if the source water is depleted of minerals it will not have minerals after structuring. The missing minerals need to be replenished and this is where the UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge comes in, it replenishes or restores the trace minerals that might have been lost during water “cleaning” by filtration systems.

UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge contains over 70 trace elements essential for daily body functions. Your body will be able to efficiently use these minerals as they are delivered in liquid soluble form to ease assimilation. The UMH Sango Remineralizer can be used with any water filtering system you have installed.

Click here to learn more or buy UMH Sango

UMH mineralizer

Why Buy From The Wellness Enterprise Superstore (TWE)

Apart from the above mentioned products, there are a lot of reasons why one should buy structured water products from The Wellness Enterprise Superstore (TWE). The first main reason is that they have a wealth of knowledge about structured water and are resource of information on this subject.

Another important thing is that the wealth of knowledge is coupled with sterling support. Questions about the products or the structured water subject are addressed expertly. They have relaxed payment options. They also have a special arrangement for their international customers, they can shop duty paid products.

TWE is so advanced in knowledge that they have also customized water systems made from different water products. One such system is the Jivara Mountain Spring Water System.

Jivara Mountain Spring Water System

In the same way that a structured water unit will not readily add or increase mineral content in water, it is not a filtering device. So if water needs to be filtered before consumption or use then a water structuring device must be used with a water filter. This is where the Jivara water system comes in.

The Jivara Mountain Spring Water System is a structured water filter system and is actually customized The Wellness Enterprise Superstore product rather than a purely UMH product.

Its main components are the UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge for mineralizing the water, the Best Water Filter Ever and a water structuring unit which can either be a UMH or Natural Action Technologies structured water unit.

Click here to learn more or buy Jivara Mountain Spring Water System

Jivara Mountain Spring with UMH 24K Gold

The Jivara Mountain Spring Water System is one of The Wellness Enterprise products meant to make structured water at home. One other product is the Aqua Energizer for farming and agriculture.

The Wellness Enterprise Coupon Code

TWE is running a campaign where they offer anyone a 10% off coupon code. The coupon code can be used on any of their products including structured water devices and gem water bottles. The gem water bottles are refillable and can be used over and over again.

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How do you make structured water at home?

UMH Structured Water Benefits

Energy and Vitality – UMH appliances can be used almost everywhere without a problem. They energize water and drinks while improving their quality. This gives the body more energy and vitality.

Efficient Absorption of Nutrients – One of the health benefits of structured water is that the body cells can absorb and metabolize nutrients from food more efficiently. This is because structured water has reduced surface tension than ordinary water.
Healthier Plants and Animals – Plants and animals also benefit from structured water. When it is used on them for drinking or watering they become healthier and look more beautiful.

Savings On Household Detergents – One can save up to 50% of washing powders and chemical cleaning agents used in household.

Solution to Limescale – There is a significant reduction in formation of scale around the heating element when structured water is used in an electric kettle and heater. This is due to the different arrangement of the water molecule clusters. Limescale crystals take on a new shape and lose their tendency to adhere to surfaces in heating systems and kitchen appliances. In this way, the problem of limescale is solved in a very efficient yet natural way. Even existing hard deposits can be broken down and removed.

Structured Water Reviews And Testimonies

Here is a snippet of some raving reviews from people who have experience with UMH structured water and using these devices;

For two years we’ve been using your UMH energizing device for our water treatment. Since then, we only drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling. I am a diabetic and was always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh.

We always have two places where our dogs can get water, but only one of them was actually used as a place for water. As an experiment, we deliberately gave the UMH water in the water bowl that has not been previously used. From that moment on, the dogs drink exclusively from that bowl.

– Dietmar Gruber, 2009

The water in our area contains a high level of limewater (18-22) and does not taste good enough to drink. Our children, who are three and five years old, entirely refused to drink. As the UMH unit was installed, we all immediately noticed a change: The tap water suddenly tasted softer, milder and as lively as spring water.

The kids really enjoy drinking it. The kettle doesn’t have limescale build up as quickly as it did before and while showering, the energized water feels softer and more purifying. We are very grateful for this technology.

– Diane Gemsjäger, 2007

I LOVE THE UMH Master! I absolutely LOVE my UMH Master! My plumber is telling his entire professional network water -installation business about it!

– Pamela, December 2016

WARM AND LIGHT FEELING RADIATED THROUGH MY BEING – The first two days with my UMH Live, I experienced a powerful flow of well being. I could sense intuitively that something big had shifted. I just had this sense I was being carried by a warm wave of love. A warm and light feeling radiated through my being and I felt more tangibly that I am love in my essence!

– Gisele Landry, November 2016

Click here for more UMH Water testimonies…


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