UMH Structured Water Device

Are you looking for a UMH structured water device?


UMH Live

UMH Live Portable Water Structuring Device

This is a portable structured water unit that can be used in e different ways, often called a 3 in 1 device. It can be used on travel, for showering by installing it on the shower head and it can also be installed on the kitchen tap. This device is also ideal if you want to try out one of UMH products.

UMH Pure

UMH Pure Under Sink Water Structuring Device

UMH Pure is an under sink structured water unit that can be used under or over the sink with a number of water filtering systems. It can also be used with an already installed reverse osmosis water system. Alternatively it can be installed with the Jivara Mountain Spring Water System, an in-house The Wellness Enterprise Superstore product.

UMH Master

UMH Master Whole House Water Structuring Device

UMH Master is a whole house structured water unit that is installed into the main pipe that supplies water to the whole house. This device is best installed after any water cleaning or filtering system already installed in the house. It may be the last item before the water can be used for drinking, bathing, etc.


UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device

Do you have an existing filter system and would like to add a water structuring device? The UMH Master Gold would be the perfect solution for you. This structured water device is especially important for users of reverse osmosis systems. This is because ro water has broken structure and the energy field from UMH Master […]

UMH Pure 24K Structured Water Under Sink Device

Are you looking for ways to make structured water at home? One of the best water structuring devices is the UMH Pure 24K Gold – Under Sink Water Structuring Device. With this device you will be able to have a sink installed with energizing structured water. Click Here To Buy UMH Pure 24K Gold (Under […]

UMH Live 3 In 1 Portable Structured Water Device

Are you looking for a portable structured water unit? The UMH Live is 3 in 1 portable device is a structured water device that is portable and can be used in at least three different ways. First, it can be used to structure water straight from the tap or filtered water unit. Second, it can […]

UMH Structured Water

Not all drinking water is the same! And you will easily agree when drinking UMH structured water. For better distinction, this UMH water is made from devices that structure and energize water into living water by simply running water through the device. If you wanted to know how to make structured water at home your […]


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