Portable Structured Water Unit

Are you looking for a portable structured water unit? A portable unit is versatile in its usage and is particularly handy for travel. It can also be used around the house where a whole house structured water unit is not installed. If you are in a hurry, here are some of the best water structuring units you can use, available from The Wellness Enterprise superstore.


UMH Live 3 in 1 Device

Enjoy UMH water with this 3 in 1 portable device.

NAT Structured Water Funnel

Enjoy Natural Action structured water with the portable unit.

VitaJuwel Structured Water Bottle

Enjoy crystal structured water with a VitaJuwel refillable bottle.


Portable Structured Water Unit Overview

When you have a portable structured water unit you can be sure to have access to structured water wherever you are especially when traveling. Structured water is not readily available like tap water. When you carry the unit around, you do not need to buy bottled water. You simply turn on the tap and run the water through the device to make structured water.


A portable water structuring unit can perform several roles around the house apart from taking it with when on the go. It can be used at the sink when cooking, preparing a beverage like tea or coffee. It can also be used as a shower head for showering. Structured water is good for plants and it can be used for watering plants in the garden.


Depending on the type of unit or manufacturer there might be some limitations. With a portable structured water device one can readily make structured water at home, at a restaurant when drinking water instead of ordering bottled water.


When using a water structuring unit, you do not need the purest water. Simple clean water will do since the units do not filter out sediments that may be making water dirty. However, the technology employed in the devices takes water treatment to another level. The technology uses electro magnetic fields (EMF) that are in harmony with nature and life supporting to change the physical properties of the water. The arrangement of the water molecules changes and take on the energies from EMF produced by natural matter and other elements in the devices.


How the technology works is described in this Natural Action Technologies Review video. This is not to say the technology is universal for all manufacturers but the underlying principles are very similar – water gets structured.


Portable Structured Water Products

There are many structured water products on the market to choose from including UMH Live 3 in 1 device and the portable Natural Action structured water unit. Here is a selection of some of the best products in the market.


UMH Live Portable 3 in 1 Device

The UMH Live is a more versatile unit that can perform several roles and stand in for bigger devices where it is not possible to buy them. This UMH structured water device is not only ideal for carrying around but also perfect for apartment living or arrangement where a whole house unit cannot be installed.


It can be installed at the sink as a substitute for counter-top structured water system or as an add-on to the water filtering system installed. It can be installed at the shower as a showerhead. What is even more important about it is, one does not need a professional licensed plumber for installation. Normally one is needed for installation of a whole house device because it has been designed with a non-plumber in mind. It comes complete with installation instructions.


Comparably the retail price is higher than that of the NAT unit and worth it because it is more versatile. It can be installed at the sink or shower, unscrewed and carried along with ease when going out. Price should not deter you from enjoying UMH structured water.


Portable Natural Action Structured Water Unit

The Natural Action Technologies portable structured water unit is another device that is ideal for making structured water at home or on the go for use at a local restaurant or gym. It has a small spout on one end and you pour water into it on the large end and this way it is shaped like a funnel. Though it is not as versatile as the UMH Live in that it cannot be readily and easily used in the shower, it can be used at the sink or structure water in the bathtub.


Since some popular uses of a portable include use in the shower, the portable NAT unit is not designed to be used in the shower. For the shower there is Natural Action Technologies structured water shower head unit that is a perfect unit designed solely for that.


Since the retail price of the Natural Action structured water funnel is more affordable than that of the UMH Live device, when budget allows a shower unit can be purchased with the portable unit.


VitaJuwel Structured Water Bottle

The VitaJuwel structured water bottle is perfect when you are on the go and it is not always possible to find tap water (or water from a faucet) where you could use the UMH Live or the NAT structured water funnel.


Further, since there is the question of how long does water stay structured, with the VitaJuwel bottle you can be sure you are drinking structured water because that water is sitting on water structuring crystals.


UMH Live 3 In 1 Portable Structured Water Device

Are you looking for a portable structured water unit? The UMH Live is 3 in 1 portable device is a structured water device that is portable and can be used in at least three different ways. First, it can be used to structure water straight from the tap or filtered water unit. Second, it can […]


Structured Water Testimonials


Structured water is a relatively new concept to most people and unbelievable to some. Though this may be an understandable thinking, it should not be the norm of the day. Buying into the structured water hoax as some people tend to look at it would be unfortunate. The best thing is to do your own due diligence by doing your own research, reading reviews and testimonials about structured water.


Commonly Asked Questions About Structured Water

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about structured water. Click on the question to expand for an answer.

What is structured water?

Structured water is water whose molecules are arranged such that it has more energy or entropy and much purer than when it is not structured. The physical properties and characteristics of this water differ from those of ordinary water. Structured water units make water to attain a natural flow form that energizes water. This flow form is a vortex movement that seem to infuse energy into water.

What does structured water do?

Structured has a lot of health benefits and other general benefits. From the standpoint of energy levels measured using a Bovis scale, structured using NAT and UMH devices give very high Bovis units, higher than those from “Healing” waters for Lourdes that are claimed to cure illnesses. This is not a claim that structured water cures diseases.

Is rain water structured?

In a test experiment performed by J. Michael Kohfink-Kalagin at Institute for Radiogeology, it showed that rain water is structured water because it has a relatively high Bovis reading of 6,000 BE to 11,000 BE and impulse per second reading 25. The huge variance in Bovis units maybe due to the impurities and dissolved toxic gases in the atmosphere as the rain pours down. So location of where the rain is falling would matter but in essence rainwater is structured by electro magentic fields from lightning and thunder among other natural occurring activities in the atmosphere. In the same way spring water is structured water and readings from the experiment have also shown.

How long does water stay structured?

Structured water can stay structured for a considerable amount of time lasting up to even 45 days. However, for water to stay long in this structured state depends on a number of factors like material of the container, exposure to electromagnetic radiation, proximity to EMFs like microwave ovens, WiFi, cellphones, etc. So the best way to make sure that you are using water is structured every time is to structure it just at the point of use. Another way to be sure that you are drinking structured water every time is using the portable VitaJuwel structured water bottle.

How to make structured water?

Structured water can be made from a photonic water structuring device designed solely for that purpose e.g. UMH devices, NAT devices that use electromagnetic fields, vortexing, crystals and other materials. It can also be structured using special crystals like the with VitaJuwel structured water bottles. There are many more ways to make structured water. These technologies change the energetic properties of water and energy infusion into water can be done in a myriad of ways.

Does structured water remove fluoride?

Structured water does not remove fluoride water that is usually found in tap water. The surprising fact is that when tap water is structured by devices that structure water, the fluoride is not removed or filtered out but instead neutralized such that it is not harmful. Structuring water over-writes the harmful frequencies from chemicals like fluoride such that though the chemical may be chemically present, it is not as harmful. Tap water is water that has been “chemically cleaned” to kill and discourage habitation of certain harmful living organisms in water. This cleaning also introduces undesirable chemicals like fluoride into the water.