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Buron CheiseyHi! there. My name is Buron and I welcome you to my website. This website is a product for my unplanned research on water, mainly water. It started with seeing a lot of talk about alkaline water and why we should drink it. Then my interest grew around this topic and again new things began to crop up.

I came to know about structured water and the intrinsic behavior of water. Then the topic became more interesting as I continued to get aha! moments with the new information I was becoming aware of. I got to learn that water is a living thing and modern life has actually ‘killed’ it.

We think we are drinking healthy water while we are drinking a slow killing poison. It may not be killing in the sense of the word but from what I have learnt though, it is doing a lot of damage. I came to know that water could do a lot more and better than what it is doing in the state we drink it from a filter, bottle, etc.

This opened my eyes and I very much wanted to share it with you because I felt it is necessary information that any layman like me should know. As I continued with my research I realized that people were buying a lot of water systems like filters, distillers, ionizers, etc. wanting to improve their water to bring it to a drinkable state.

At the same time when I was digesting this new information I thought maybe I could share this with other people who are already in the know. They are already buying filtering systems so they know water from the faucet is not safe to drink. They saw the need to filter it. Then I thought I should augment the knowledge they have to help them improve their water even further.

Another motivation was That as I talk about this and that I have to link out to the products or websites I am talking about. And in the event that you purchase a product having used a link from this website the merchant might compensate me for the sale. Is like I am getting a commission for making a sale! But be rest assured that it does not mean that product would have cost you any less had you purchased it in any other way. The commission is paid by the merchant, you pay the normal price. So this was also a little motivation for me to share this information with you on wellnesspond.com

I thank you for being here and I hope you will find the information valuable.

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