VALI Stainless Steel Shaker

VALI Stainless Steel Shaker – Having an elite shaker cup with more features than your typical run of the mill plastic shaker cup doesn’t have to break your bank or compensate in style. The sleek stainless steel VALI shaker cup offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed experience and even includes a couple of features that not every shaker cup has.

Besides just guaranteeing your satisfaction, VALI customer service has also been very highly rated, and has prompt response times to make your experience as easy as possible.

At only twenty dollars, the VALI shaker cup can keep your protein shakes, or other items like tea – both cold and hot – just the right temperature for hours on end without burning or freezing your hands off.

This is a very useful feature for road trips, when you’re stuck in traffic, or if you’re just unsure about when you’ll be able to drink your shake. The BPA free construction of this shaker cup claims to be one of the strongest of its kind, and even offers a scent-free experience, which not every cup does.

If you’ve ever owned another shaker cup, you’ll know the horrid smell of the after shake. That alone should be enough reason to check this cup out, and with a 100% money back guarantee, you could be saving your nose from those awful aromas.

Along with its stainless steel body, you’ll also have a free shaker ball and plastic ring that goes around the inside of the lid, which will offer you a fantastic mixable drink. Sometimes shaker cups don’t include a shaker ball, or ring around the lid, which results in clumpy mixtures and powder stuck to the roof of the lid.

When you’re actually drinking out of the cup, you can rest assured that it’s been made with sealed leak-proof technology so that it doesn’t spill from the cracks of the lid. There is also a stainless steel storage compartment at the bottom of the VALI shaker cup, where you can store even more protein powder, or snacks for later.

This is a fantastic shaker cup that’s guaranteed to last a long time, mix fantastically, and keep that awful smell out that so many athletes hate. At such a fair price, the VALI should be in everyone’s collection of shaker cups – even if you already own different styles and models – because you might not always know when you’ll need to wait awhile to consume your shake.

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