Umoro One Multi-function Protein Shaker Bottle

Umoro One Mulitifunctional Protein Shaker Bottle is one of the newest and most diverse shaker cups on the market. What’s great about the mechanical use of this cup compared to almost every other shaker cup where you have to unscrew a compartment to get your powder, is that this involves a simple one button system.

Rather than unscrewing the compartment to get your powder at the bottom of the cup, this cup allows you to keep the powder at the top and simply drop it into the main chamber.

This means you no longer have to take that extra step of unscrewing your cup, which makes your shaker cup much quicker to use and easier to clean. Since this is a new design for protein shaker cups, it also makes a great gift item for those you know who also use protein shaker cups.

It has a very simple and sleek, clear design, along with measurements on the side to let you know the amount of liquids that are in it. The Umoro One shaker bottle also has 9 vibrant colors to choose from, and runs for less than thirty dollars with free same day shipping.

There are a couple of tips that are good to know to ensure that your Umoro One shaker bottle keeps working properly and continues to impress your peers. When filling the protein or pre workout powder in the top, it can be a lot faster and easier if you make a funnel out of paper to load it, or purchase a small supplement funnel.

Keeping the cup clean by washing it properly after each use, or filling it with water after using it if you can’t wash it in a machine after using it will keep that soured shaker cup smell out.

After you do pour whatever powder you want into the top chamber, make sure that you tightly press the cap on it enough to where it won’t fall out. If you press the cap on too lightly, it will most likely fall off, spilling out in your athletic bag or while you’re drinking from it.

This shaker cup eliminates the need to carry a water bottle around as well. You’re able to keep refilling it with water as needed, and then just push a simple button when it’s time to work out and access your protein powder.

The Umoro One Protein Shaker Bottle is a very cool and unique design for a shaker cup, and besides just catching everyone’s eye when you use it, you’ll find that it’s much more functional than its competitors.

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