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Pure Protein 35g Shake

Pure Protein Shake cans are an awesome recovery shake packed full of protein, without all of the carbs and sugars like other brands such as Muscle Milk. For an even more affordable price of only two dollars per can, Pure Protein shakes offer more protein than most pre-made shakes on the market with a whopping 35 grams each.

It’s delicious, with a frosty chocolate flavored, milk-based nutrition and it only takes one gram of sugar to achieve this taste, with only four grams of carbs. This makes for the perfect protein shake right after a workout or for any other time of day if you aren’t exercising at that moment.

Having macro-nutrients like high proteins and low carbohydrates are perfect for lean muscle building athletes who are trying to build muscle without much fat – or for those who are already in shape and looking for a recovery drink that will complement their physique.

One of the best aspects about this drink for those lean athletes and ones looking to lose body fat, is that this shake only contains 170 calories, which is a great number for the nutrition and taste of these shakes.

One of the benefits of putting the shake in a can rather than a plastic bottle is that you can quickly chill your drink by wrapping a wet napkin around it, and then placing it in the fridge or freezer.

Within about five to ten minutes, your drink will be super cold and ready to drink if you prefer it cold – which is awesome, because you can’t do this with plastic bottles. Many athletes use shaker bottles and protein powder to mix their shakes, which work well too.

But there are still times when your shaker cup is dirty or sour, or you’re on the go. Having pre-made shakes on the side that come in a can are convenient – even if you’re a fan of using protein powders with shaker cups – because you never know when you’ll be in too much of a hurry to get the shaker cup cleaned and the powder poured if you’re in a hurry.

No matter what kind of athlete you are, and regardless of what your goals are or what body type you are, Pure Protein’s shakes are the perfect recovery shake for any aspiring athlete.

Take care of your muscles at an affordable rate and have your drink ready when you are by investing in a twelve pack of Pure Protein shakes that taste great and make the most convenient meal or snack available.

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