PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Mixer

The PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex shaker bottle takes protein shaker cups to the next level. There are few that are comparable on the market today, and compared to its competitors, it’s a step up with some major improvements.

First, a vortex shaker cup is a design that allows the cup to mix up the powders that you select by two small prongs in the middle of the cup that are spun by a battery powered engine, activated when you push the button.

Watching the vortex of water or milk spin in a nutritious tornado is very amusing, and will most likely attract the attention of people around you. The older models before this had common problems – such as going through way too many batteries a month, or the bottom falling out, and water leaking into the bottom, ruining the electronics inside it.

Now PROmiXX 2.0 has listened to you and has patched all of these problems with previous buyers, making this vortex cup the elite of its kind. There is still a battery inside the bottom.

However, now it’s a 16000 rpm battery that you can recharge through a USB connection – much like an iPhone, instead of using AA batteries. PROMiXX also offers a 100% leak proof guarantee along with a one-year warranty, which means that the life use from this shaker cup will also increase now that it won’t be rusting.

Another great new feature in this cup that was not in the previous models is the fact that it now has storage space. You no longer have to carry your protein in a bag separate from the mixer, because now it has a BPA free storage container located at the top of the cup.

Now you can acquire this shaker cup in four different colors instead of just black – and it also has an option for a four-year protection plan that is well worth the extra seven dollars.

If you’ve tried or seen the original style of vortex shaker cups and have had them break, you should definitely respect the fact that they took the time to listen to your concerns and have improved this specific cup just for you.

Regardless of whether you need a shaker cup for pre workout or protein, this stylish vortex cup will get the job done and is hands down the most efficient device available to athletes and fitness enthusiasts today.

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