HELME Shaker Bottle

The HELME shaker bottle is a stainless steel type of shaker cup – first in its class if you’re looking for long term use. Stainless steel shaker cups look much similar to their plastic counterparts, but function a little bit differently – and being made of steel makes it last much longer.

The design is almost the same, and although the first thought is that the steel will make it much tougher, that isn’t this cup’s best quality. For many people who work out or are trying to lead a nutritious lifestyle, they know that just because they make a pre workout or protein shake, it doesn’t exactly mean that they’ll drink it right away.

Sometimes instances such as work, traffic, kids, or other tasks often delay the time between when you make your shake and when you drink it. Luckily, having a BPA stainless steel cup not only keeps your shakes cold for hours, but keeps the metal taste out of your drink.

The HELME shaker bottle doesn’t just stop at making protein shakes. It can also keep items such as hot tea and soup warm, without burning your hand on the outside. The powder mixes easily with the metal shaker ball, along with the divider rings in the lid of the cup to ensure that no powder gets stuck to the top like most other cups.

One great feature on the HELME shaker bottle is that it includes a measuring unit on the outside of the cup, which is not often found on other stainless steel shaker cups. HELME has also geared itself towards athletes by including another stainless steel storage compartment at the bottom of the shaker cup, where you can store extra powder, soup or snacks.

This steel shaker cup truly brings all of the great qualities anyone searches for in a regular shaker cup, and gives people with a busy schedule a better option to preserve their supplements.

The sleek design also gives a natural tumbler look to it, which could be great for people who are dieting in a workplace and don’t want to feel as though they’re carrying a supplement bottle around all day.

Overall, this is a perfect, temperature controlled, long lasting and stealth shaker cup that anyone can use for any purpose. It’s especially a top choice for those with chaotic schedules who may not be able to consume their protein and other supplements on a strict schedule.

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