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How To Make Super Oxygenated Water?

Enaly OZX-300AT is one of our full-featured ozone generator products that will make super oxygenated water conveniently at your own home, to remove residual chemical found on most meats, fruits and vegetable or to disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance free.

Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX-300AT
Brand: ENALY
Model: OZX-300AT
List Price: $.
Price: $96.90
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Produce Oxygenated Water With Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT

OZX-300AT has an Output Adjusting Dial that regulates its ozone output from 100% to less than 40%, ideal for working together with a Redox (ORP) controller to control the water quality of a fish pond or an aquarium. OZX-300AT has an External Air Inlet dedicated for Enaly-200ml-Air-Dryer connection.

This air dryer not only removes moisture from the air, making the generator suitable for operating in humid environment, but also raises its ozone output. OZX-300AT is highly effective in many different ozone application.

Find out how to produce oxygenated water with Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT.

Unboxing Of The Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT

Home Ozone Generator Reviews

Here are a few reviews from the Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT at;

I Have 2 Of These And Have Recommended The Unit To Several Friends And Family Members

I have 2 of these and have recommended the unit to several friends and family members. I use it for drinking water, making ozonated oils, cleaning my vegetables and fruits, ozonating bath water, deodorizing the rooms in my house as well as deodorizing the refrigerator, the trash compactor, and the washing machine, I used the first one I got so much that I needed to get a second because sometimes I wanted to do cleaning projects and needed to make ozonated water or oils at the same time. It is worth every penny. I had another type of unit that I could use only for 20 minutes at a time and then it had to rest for 40 minutes.

This Enlay model will run for much longer periods of time, and it has an an adjustable feature as well.
1 Comment 21 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you? – T.S.,

buy Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX-300AT

Great For Refreshing A Room Or Drinking Oxygen Enriched Water

Run this in a room kills mites bedbugs and any tiny annoying bug run on high 20 minutes close door of room you are cleaning dont inhale vapors room will be ok to enter after 40 minutes. Also I discovered if you are acidic and not alkaline the water will taste horrible bring yourself back to alkaline and water tastes great – W.S.,

Oxygenate Your Body – How To Restore Oxygen Balance And Help Prevent Disease

In my health practice, I have found many people don’t realize that oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for energy and optimal health in the human body.

Oxygen plays a vital role, not only in our breathing processes but in every metabolic process in the body. Nutrient compounds inside our cells are oxidized by enzymes and this oxidation process is our main source of energy. Learn more:

Click here for more reviews!


How To Produce Oxygenated Water?

With advent of technology you can produce oxygenated water in your house, you don’t need a factory. It is even cheaper to produce oxygenated water in your home than purchasing bottled oxygenated water. Take a look at the OZX-300ST Ozone Generator!

Enaly Home Ozone Generator Ozx-300st by ENALY
Brand: ENALY
List Price: $.
Price: $.
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The OZX-300ST Ozone Generator will produce oxygenated water for every use in your household. The ozonator will literally oxygenate your water for drinking, cleaning vegetables, bathing, water plants and what have you. Wherever you use water you can use this highly oxygenated water from the OZX-300ST Ozone Generator

This generator produces oxygenated water by simply bubbling air activated with oxygen into the water, the water will become highly oxygenated and ready to be used.

What Is Oxygenated Water Used For?

produce oxygenated water with OZX-300STOxygenated water is not only good for drinking; it can be used for washing food like your vegetables. It tends to prolong their lifespan, they don’t rot quickly. Oxygenated water is an excellent disinfectant as you can soak vegetables or fruits into the water to preserve. It kills surface gems and other harmful organisms keeping the food fresh for longer.

You can bath with this oxygenated produced from the OZX-300ST for improved skin texture. If you have acne highly oxygenated water can come in handy at handling your acne. It will give a beautiful skin that looks healthy and radiant. Oxygenated water will feed your skin cells directly with oxygen enriched water for effective hydration of the skin cells.

Oxygenated water is also good at preventing mycotic infections. It can deal with fungal inflammations in amazing ways. You can soak your feet in oxygenated water and you will see improvement if you have athlete’s foot or toenail fungus.
When bathing you can simply use the generator to oxygenate the water. Immediately you start bathing your skin will start absorbing this oxygen rich water to rejuvenate your skin cells.

How to Make Oxygen Water at Home

Read about how produce oxygenated water at home from this article from;
…Filter the water. Before you add oxygen or other important nutrients to your water it is important to remove anything negative from the water. Though chlorine helps minimize bacteria in the water, it should be removed from the water before consumption. Additionally it is still possible for bacteria, chemicals and parasites to be present in tap water. By using reverse osmosis or distilled water almost all impurities can be removed….

Read more

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Enaly Home Ozone Generator Ozx300-st

Enaly OZX-300ST is a newer version of OZX-300AT. It has all the features of OZX-300AT has and a lot of improvements. It is totally digital controlled. It provides a soundless output because of the higher frequencies was used in making ozone.

Enaly Home Ozone Generator Ozx-300st
Brand: ENALY
Model: OZX-300ST
List Price: $.
Price: $.
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– Highly efficient corona discharge ozone production technology with low power consumption (10W).
– Adjustable ozone output. Silent and vibration-free built in air pump.
– Work together with Enaly 200 ml Air Dryer. Free ozone application guide.
– Comes with 2 sets of high quality air hoses and ceramic diffuser stones.
– Compact and durable design. Installation free, use instantly.


Ozonator Ozone Generator O3 Oil and Water Purifier

It’s 5 times more powerful than molecular chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. Use ozone therapy in drinking water, to make any mouthwash cleaner and “healthier”, to create a topical oil for treatment of minor cuts and burns, and much more! .

Ozonator Ozone Generator O3 Oil and Water Purifier Liquid Infuser, 3.1 Pound
Brand: TheraBreath
Model: KED-A98
List Price: $.
Price: $92.57
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Ozonation of liquid has many benefits (see more below). The problem with ozonation of liquid has been that the ozone breaks down too quickly – within hours of being made. This makes it difficult to sell commercially. And making it at home has been out of the question because the equipment to make it costs thousands of dollars until now. Read more …

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Ozonator Ozone Generator O3 Oil and Water Purifier Liquid Infuser
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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease!


Supplemental Oxygen – Vitamin O

Discover why people are raving about Vitamin O a remarkable oxygen supplement! Vitamin O is a special supplemental oxygen taken in liquid form, produced through electrical activation with saline solution from the ocean.

Vitamin O - Supplemental Oxygen, 16 oz.
Brand: Rgarden
Model: VO4
List Price: $52.00
Price: $52.00
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Need Extra Oomph?

Do you find yourself running a little low on oomph these days? The build up of toxins in your body may be the reason. Toxins can result from improper digestion, lack of exercise, high levels of stress, and pollutants from the water, air, and food we consume. These toxins can make absorption of oxygen difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can fight back without resorting to harmful drugs.

Many have found that a little extra oxygen gives them what they need to improve their health. As you know, oxygen is vital to your body. The trillions of cells in your body need a continuous supply of oxygen to carry out their many vital functions. We can survive for days without water, weeks without food, but only a few minutes without oxygen.

As man has sought better ways to improve his health, sometimes products are discovered that are ahead of their time. Such is the case with the revitalizing liquid oxygen supplement… read more here


What Is Oxygenated Water Used For?

What is oxygenated water used for? Oxygenated water can be used for cleaning food like vegetables or fruits, to disinfect. You can produce oxygenated water or more specifically ozonated water with Nature-Kleen Water and Oil Ozonator.

Click here for more details on Nature-Kleen Water and Oil Ozonator

Nature Kleen Ozone Water Purification - 120V
Brand: Enviro-Healthsolutions
List Price: $.
Price: $212.99
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The Nature-Kleen Water and Oil Ozonator is a low-cost, safe and portable, energy-efficient water purification system. It is extremely well made and has one of the strongest ozone outputs available in a consumer ozone generator. It’s made to last for years, even with daily use.

The Nature-Kleen Ozonator neutralizes toxic chemicals and disease causing bacteria and viruses in food, water and oil. It produces Tri-Atomic oxygen when combined with water, releasing oxygen producing highly oxygenated water to clean and kill bacteria and viruses in the water by oxidation.

nature kleen food sanitizerNature-Kleen uses a state-of-the art corona discharge method to generate ozone. Simply put, Nature-Kleen creates ozone and ozone is natures own organic way to clean and sanitize.

You can’t bottle it or sell it in bulk… it must be made on contact. Ozone occurs most often in nature as a result of lightning during thunderstorms. The fresh, clean, spring rain smell we notice after a rain storm is the ozone created.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer. It penetrates and creates holes in bacterial walls, destroying the bacteria. Bacteria is what spoils our fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish. Ozone oxidizes toxic substances 3,000 times faster than chlorine and, unlike chlorine; ozone is completely safe and natural.

When you use ozonated water or oxto wash kitchenware, you can effectively kill salmonella, and all other harmful pathogens preventing contamination among kitchenware and food. See

Nature-Kleen Ozonator Demo Video

– Corona discharge ozone generators benefit from oxygen preparation thereby doubling the ozone output per given volume vs. dry air.

– Small construction allowing generator to be installed in virtually any area.

– Creates a more pure form of ozone without creating other harmful or irritating gases.

– Corona cell life can exceed ten years.

– Can create high quantities of ozone (up to 100-lbs/day).

– Ozone concentration: 250mg/hr with 60 minute timer

Benefits and Uses of Oxygenated Water

How To Make Oxygenated Water At Home?

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How To Make Oxygenated Water At Home?

The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator – Now you can make and have oxygenated water right under your roof. You don’t have to go to your local store to buy some because a water dispenser like The Big Pitcher can make highly oxygenated water by your kitchen top.

The Big Pitcher™ is the revolutionary next step in high-quality super oxygenated drinking water. It is safe, simple and affordable. It is semi portable and BPA free.

The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator
Brand: The Big Pitcher
List Price: $.
Price: $159.99
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$ 10.29

When you use The Big Pitcher Oxygenated Water Dispenser you will not only drink highly oxygenated water but you will also save money from buying bottled water.

The Big Pitcher is an electric device that oxygenates drinking water and dispenses it for drinking.

It has a canister of sizeable capacity of 62 oz. The dispenser diffuses oxygen into the water to make it highly oxygenated.

This diffusion makes the water saturated with oxygen. It does not mean oxygen would be present in water in gaseous form but it would be dissolved in the water.

It is not like as you drink the water, oxygen as a gas will be inhaled, NO! The oxygen will be dissolved in water as would sugar and the two becomes one.

This oxygen rich water will release the oxygen immediately to the body as you begin to drink it, rejuvenating your body starting straight from the tongue, the first contact point.

Here are the few ways in which this highly oxygenated water can assist your body;

1. Moistens tissue such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose

2. Regulates body temperature

3. Helps protect body organs and tissues

4. Lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products

5. Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body

Remember you will be able to make this oxygenated water from home.

The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator Reviews

Here are a few reviews from buyers of the The Big Pitcher;

“I have owned the Big Pitcher for a few days now. It works as you would expect, bubbling away and presumably adding oxygen to the water. I can tell you that the water is much nicer to drink, I have more energy, and sleep better. I know this seems very subjective, but is an honest assessment.” – R. B. Verified buyer from

“This is my second purchase because the original unit was lost during a move…

The water processed by this bubbler is amazing. Even the cat thought it tasted better, and we were using home-distilled water in the first place. Yes, it does add extra oxygen in the water, but what these people probably don’t realize that this is an excellent machine for generating your own penta water (water in which the blobules are stabilized down to the teeniest of units, that being the pentamer, that is, five water molecules).

What’s so special? This allows the water to be exquisitely hydrating. Have you ever drank a liter of water and just peed it out, feeling like nothing stayed behind to really refresh you? That’s because water likes to aggregate in large blobs due to their magnetic attraction (polarity).

These water blobules just can’t absorb between the “spot welds” of the cell membranes. This is why oral hydration isn’t as good as IV hydration. But when you’re dealing with pentamers, they can immediately be absorbed so quickly, your mouth feels dry after drinking it. Pentamers is what gives mountain spring water that crystalizing zing in flavor. Water does have a flavor, and it is the pentamers that gives pure water than noticeable tang.

So how can you take advantage of these pentamers? You drink less water for the proper hydration, and this is helpful to prevent that bloated stomach when you guzzle water in an attempt for a quick hydration fix. If you’re having nausea and don’t want to vomit what you drink, this helps a lot! In its purest form, I use it like IV hydration but it’s oral.

By the time the stomach wants to barf it up, the water has already been absorbed into the system. I’ve kept a lot of dehydrated newborn babies and older patients out of the hospital.” – By Borderbumble another verified purchase from

Read more reviews like this here

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