Enjoy Benefits Of Barre Workout Using BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of a barre workout but not sure how do a barre workout? Buy a BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD to start your routine today and benefit greatly from barre workouts. The BarreAmped Boot Camp DVD has helped hundreds of clients worldwide burn fat and lean out with classic barre combined with low impact, non-punishing cardio intervals.

BarreAmped Bootcamp
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BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD Sample

Suzanne Bowen, creator of BarreAmped, leads you through challenging but doable workout segments that can be done by themselves, mixed and matched, or all together for one incredible BarreAmped Boot Camp DVD! You will quickly be “shaking to change” with this one!

BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD Segments

The BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD consits of workouts are segmented into low-impact interval fat blasters. BarreAmped Boot Camp has helped hundreds of clients worldwide burn fat and lean out with classic barre combined with low impact, non-punishing cardio intervals. The segments are as follows;

BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD Segments

bare workout benefitsBoot Camp Intro – 2 min
Boot Camp Warm Up – 3 min
Boot Camp Arm Work – 11 min
Boot Camp Thigh Work – 15 min
Boot Camp Seat Work – 14 min
Boot Camp Core – 18 min
Boot Camp Stretch – 10 min
Plus Bonus Tutorial

This has a total running time of 90 minutes.

When you do these barre workouts that Suzanne Bowen instructs you through with the DVD you will enjoy a lot benefits on your health, well-being and more.

Let’s discuss the benefits of a barre workout briefly!

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Benefits of Barre Workouts

Barre workouts are based on ballet, but also combine some elements from other types of dance and has some appreciable benefits. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself doing some regular dance, yoga, or classic Pilates moves.

With barre workouts, you aren’t going to a ballet class, but a fitness class that is unique and provides a lot of excellent benefits. Here are some different reasons to consider doing barre workouts.

Barre Provides a Full-Body Workout

If you think barre workouts are just for your lower body, you are about to get a big surprise. These workouts are actually perfect when you want to workout your entire body. A lot of emphasis is placed on lower body muscle groups like your legs and buttocks, but a lot also works on your abdominal muscles, back shoulders, and arms.

By the end of a barre workout, you are going to feel the burn from shoulders to toes, so it can be great when you want a single workout that focuses on all muscle groups evenly.

It is Easy On Your Joints

Another excellent benefit to barre workouts is the fact that they can be really easy on your joints. While your muscles will feel the burn and you definitely help to tone and chisel your body, it isn’t difficult for your joints. The movements are subtle and help to strengthen your body without putting too much pressure or strain on the joints, tendons, and ligaments of your body.

This helps you do barre regardless of your weight, how in or out of shape you are, and even if you have conditions causing pain of the joints, such as arthritis. Some moves may need to be altered, but for the most part, anyone can do the workouts.

Barre Workouts Are Good For Beginners

Don’t avoid trying out barre workouts because you have never taken ballet or dance before, or because you are out of shape. You don’t need any sort of experience to do this workout. The moves are taught slowly and each move is going to be done for quite a few times before moving onto the next.

This prevents you from having to “learn” the moves ahead of time. Just pop in the DVD and get started, following along with the instructor the best you can. Many people at studios are also beginners, so you don’t need to feel intimidated there either.

Many People Lose Weight

While not advertised as a cardio or weight loss workout, many people do end up losing pounds with barre workouts. You will burn calories, so if you are also watching what you consume, you just may lose a few pounds. You can also choose one of the fat-burning barre workouts as well.

You may also combine what you learn from the BarreAmped Bootcamp DVD with using Barre workout at home equipment like the Supreme Toning Tower For Barre Workouts.

Barreamped Bootcamp DVD Review

Here are some of the Barreamped Bootcamp DVD reviews from Amazon

Great video for busy moms or people suffering from adrenal fatigue – I have invested in tons of workout DVDs over the years. This is the best one I have purchased. I am 41 and have suffered from adrenal fatigue that doesn’t allow me to exercise for long periods of time. I first read about Susan Bowen in the Trim Healthy Mama books. I am so glad I purchased. The workouts are concise and short. I am a mom of 3 studying for the bar exam and still find time every day to get these workouts done. I actually look forward to them. I sweat, get my heart rate up and feel the burn. I also feel energied after without feeling my adrenals being taxed. I purchase from Amazon weekly and have NEVER posted a product review. I felt compelled to review this video since it’s a game changer. If you are suffering from any kind of fatigue it are just plain short on time this is the workout for you!!!! – By Sue H

BarreAmped Bootcamp – this one is a keeper! – This is a great workout if you like barre workouts. Suzanne is a wonderful, motivating instructor with great tips and cues on form. Her DVDs have helped my form in running and other cardio workouts. BarreAmped Boot Camp is different from BarreAmped in that there are cardio intervals in between sculpting moves. The cardio is usually a version of the move you just did, just bigger or faster. It really gets the heart rate up, and I worked up a good sweat (always a good sign, in my book). I pre-ordered my DVD from Suzanne’s website, and waited anxiously for 2 months for it to get here. I was not disappointed!

Boot Camp Intro – 2 min: Suzanne explains in the intro that BarreAmped Boot Camp uses interval cardio and sculpting moves. She introduces the other ladies with her and explains who to follow for modifications. She also explains the DVD set up. There are previews of each segment. You can watch this on YouTube.

Boot Camp Warm Up – 3 min: Suzanne starts with a few deep breaths before going into classic knee lifts, with arm swings and twists. Next is leg lifts to the rear and chair pose with pulses and heel lifts before lifting. This warm up is almost identical to the warm up in the BarreAmped DVD.

Boot Camp Arm Work – 11 min: Each person is using different weights here – 1, 3, or 4 lbs. I used 3 lbs, and they were definitely getting heavy by the end! The first exercise works the front of the arm with variations of bicep curls. Next, work the shoulder by bending the arms in a 90 degree angle and doing exercises that move the shape of the arm within the shoulder. Then, you go into plié position and do lat pull downs. The back shoulder, upper middle back, and triceps are next while you hold a hinge over at the hips

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