Can You Do Barre Workouts At Home?

Barre workouts can be done at home as well as at your local gym or studio. However there can be some dilemma in deciding what is best for you. Each comes with its pros and cons!

Like already mentioned when you decide you want to try barre workouts, you have two main options: go to a studio specializing in barre or try the workouts at home. When you do them at home, you rely on a DVD or instructions you have found online and printed, as well as using some books that are available. Element Barre Conditioning is one such Barre Workouts At Home DVD you can use. Explore it below!

Element: Barre Conditioning
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About the Element: Barre Conditioning

Grace meets athleticism in these two innovative workouts. Shot in a picturesque garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the standing Burn & Firm program is designed to elevate your heart rate as it tones your upper body, lifts your seat, shapes your legs and strengthens your core.

how to do barre exercises at homeIt starts with isometric conditioning using small controlled movements and then layers on larger low impact moves designed to build heat with a vigorous flow.

This combination will help increase your energy level and sculpt the slim, well-proportioned physique (or silhouette) of a dancer.

The Lengthen & Strengthen program is a dynamic combination of standing barre work and floor work focused on tightening and toning very precisely targeted areas to create a balanced body that is long, strong and lean.

Home VS Studio Barre Workouts

Here are some things to think about when deciding which one is the best for you.

Home Workouts Are More Convenient

A common reason people like to do their barre workouts at home is because it is a lot more convenient. You don’t have to worry about what you wear or look like, you aren’t embarrassed by others seeing you, and you can workout at any time.

The studio near you might only have classes during the weekday when you are at work, or the times might not work with your schedule. It is also sometimes difficult to make it there on time when you have kids at home or work odd hours. In this case, doing the workout at home and making your own schedule can be a great option.

Studios Provide Most of What You Need

When you choose to go to a studio for your barre workout, they usually provide most if not all of what you need for the workouts. Some might ask that you bring your own hand weights, but they usually have some workout equipment in the studio you can use for the class, rent, or buy from them for your convenience.

They will also have either ballet barres across the wall or provide portable ballet bars for students to use while taking the class.

You Might Be More Encouraged to Workout at Home

Because you are in the comfort of your own home with more flexibility, you may be encouraged to workout more often if you do barre workouts at home. They can become part of your full workout routine, such as doing it before jumping on the treadmill or after your walk, and you can involve others as well.

If you want this to be a family workout routine, doing it at home makes that a lot easier. That way, everyone is encouraged to try it out when it is most convenient for the family. Plus, you are also going to save money.

Studios Make Sure You Do the Moves Properly

A major benefit to taking barre fitness classes in a studio as opposed to doing them at home is that the instructors can look at your form and correct you if needed. It is really helpful when you are first starting out and haven’t done this type of dance before.

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