Barre Workout At Home Equipment – Supreme Toning Tower For Barre Workouts

Barre workout at home equipment – Supreme Toning Tower For Barre Workouts is one of the few barre workout at home equipment you need to have.

Supreme Toning Tower w/ Pilates + Barre
List Price: $248.00
Price: $247.00
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Barre workouts can definitely be done at home, but there are a few things you will need first. Some of these items you should also bring to your class if you head to a studio, while others you only need if you intend to do the workouts at home.

Stretchy And Comfortable Clothing

To start with, you are going to need to wear the right clothing for your barre workouts. This includes clothing in the studio or at home. When you workout at home, you have the luxury of not worrying about how you look and can just wear whatever is comfortable, even you just choose a sports bra and yoga pants.

Make sure your clothing is stretchable and provides plenty of movement, preferably yoga pants or leggings. Avoid shorts since the rubbing of your legs can be uncomfortable for barre workouts. It is also good to get some ballet socks, sometimes called barre socks or yoga socks. These have sticky bottoms to keep you from slipping and sliding on the ground.

Something To Lean On

Many people that fall in love with barre workouts will choose a room dedicated to their ballet and dance fitness, and actually install a ballet barre on the wall. This is definitely an option available to you, but there are some other options as well.

If you want a barre, but don’t have room to attach it to a wall, you can get a portable barre that works the same, but can be moved around. This is attached to a stand and is usually lightweight. Other people just use the back of a chair for their workouts, which works just fine. Just test the height so that you can reach your leg on it comfortably.

The Supreme Toning Tower is ideal for barre workouts and can be included as the type of barre equipment to have. Here is why you will find the Supreme Toning Tower a good choice to add to your arsenal of barre workout at home equipment;

The Supreme Toning Tower comes with all the professional tools you’ll need to turn your home gym into a fully functional Barre/Pilates studio. It is made of the highest quality materials for the Ballet or Pilates professional or regular consumer.

This barre workout at home piece of equipment was developed and designed to be the ultimate total body transformer. It is a combination of pilates cadillac trap table, barre and overall body trainer in one product. This piece of barre workout equipment delivers high quality at a low price it also tones well.

This Supreme Toning Tower is designed so that anyone can use it. Pilates may seem complicated and something that you need an instructor in order to learn the workouts. Well the new Supreme Toning Tower is a machine developed to take “complicated” out of Pilates and makes it fun, easy and effective.

It comes with;
Supreme Toning Tower folding unit
• 1 Supreme Toning Tower folding unit with natural-feel wood Ballet Barre & Pilates Swing-through Bar
• 2 free flowing resistance coils
• 2 DVDS
• Sculpting Bar
• 2 Foot & Hand Straps
• High grade steel frame
• High density sweat resistant base Yoga pad

It comes assembled and folds for easy storage. Rolls into storage on luggage type wheels. Its dimension or specifications are;
Weight: 35 lbs
Footprint: 48”x25″
Height (extended): 41”
Height (folded): 4″

Supreme Toning Tower DVD

The Get to Know your Supreme Toning Tower DVD, which includes the Toning Tower Top 10 moves, will take you through the main moves t hat get you results! Once you learn these 10, you’re on your way to getting all the benefits of studio style Barre & Pilates workouts in the comfort of your own home.

Toning Tower

barre workout for toning
The Toning Tower is set at the internationally recognized height for Ballet Barre exercising. The workout DVDs give you a true studio Barre experience in the comfort of your own home. It’s heavy gauge steel makes the Barre extremely stable while it uni-tower construction keeps it light and easy to maneuver. It will give you a proper barre workout for toning.

Resistance Coils

resistance coil for barre workout
The Resistance Coils really come in handy when you want to bust out with a cardio routine for your legs. You can alternate legs or work them together. The resistance coil for barre workout gives you enough resistance in your legs and arms to get desired results from your workout!

Pilates Swing-Thru Bar

barre workout for abs

The Supreme Toning Tower is effective for you abs. The Supreme Toning Tower has a pilates swing through bar that you can perform barre workout for abs with. Barre abs workout results with this bar seem to show quickly because of its effectiveness!

Sculpting Bar

barre sculpt exercises

If your upper body is the focus, this barre workout equipment for home got you covered! Just use the Sculpting Bar and workout your upper body with ease. Together with the resistance coils, it offers you a no-impact workout. Barre Sculpt Workout is perfect performed on this piece of equipment.


Posture, Posture, Posture! Everyone always tells us to straighten up and keep your back in line. Now, with the Supreme Toning Tower, you can stretch out and practice getting your posture perfect!

Here are a few examples of Supreme Toning Tower reviews from real buyers and users at

Love it! – I received this a gift from my husband after seeing it in my Facebook feed. It arrived fast, was fully assembled and ready to use. I live in a very small house but it folds up and only takes tightening the bar and putting the pins in prior to use. I subscribed to the Youtube channel and have already done the first 10 basic moves routine to get the hang of it. I gotta say…I felt it the next day. This will be something I use every day. This will be perfect for toning since I’ve lost 55 lbs and want to tighten and tone my loose skin but also get fit at the same time!! Looking forward to seeing my results – By K. Embry from

I received my Supreme Toning Tower a few days ago and I absolutely love it! – I have always worked out, but I do not like the bulky results of the Extreme Results workouts. I have always liked the long, lean and curvy, feminine look if the Yoga/Pilates bodies and this is the perfect training machine to achieve that. For those of you having trouble with your DVD’s, there are TONS of videos on YouTube with endless workouts for us to do. I haven’t even attempted to look at my DVD’s. It’s so much easier to grab my tablet or turn on my Apple tv and watch the Supreme Toning Tower videos on YouTube! Five stars for sure! Effective, well built, and takes up limited space. – By Ryan Taylor from

Other Workout Tools

Depending on the type of barre workout you do, there might be some other workout tools and accessories you will need. For one thing, many barre workout routines involve floor work, so if you are working in a room with tile or hardwood floors, you will want a yoga mat. You may also want a small exercise ball and set of light hand weights, since many of the workouts will ask for you to use them.

It is a good idea to watch through some of the videos or DVDs you are using for your at-home barre workout to find out exactly what you will need. Make a list of the equipment or accessories being used to be sure you have everything ready before your first workout.

As you make your list make sure Supreme Toning Tower For Barre Workouts is on it as a barre workout at home equipment!

Used Barre Workout At Home Equipment

From time to time you will find used barre fitness equipment for at home use on online stores especially from Amazon. If there is any they will be listed below;



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