Green Living

Wellness in many facets is associated with green living. However, green living encompasses many facets that include wellness. If you are green conscious you know that eating green is part and parcel of being green, using less and less chemicals in cleaning, farming, etc is being green conscious. Living off the grid and using solar, wind or any natural resource in its innate form is living green.

Green Living Ideas

Basically being green conscious means practicing in some way one or more of the green living facets. These green living facets should be sustainable living practices that will not overwhelm you or mere idealistic practices. Otherwise you will not enjoy life! Mere idealistic practices are unsustainable.

What Is Unsustainable Living

If you are wondering what these unsustainable living practices are, imagine you want to drive a green car because you do not want to pollute the air with toxic gases from the exhaust of your car. Yet still there is nowhere you can buy an electric car and even there is no infrastructure to support charging your car.

You cannot resort to using a bicycle if you have to commute everyday to work traveling long distances. If you are in these circumstances you cannot green living in this way because the environment or the circumstances surrounding you do not make this an easy choice.

Another example is, if you want to stay off the grid and use solar to generate electricity in your home. If for one you do not have enough money to purchase solar panels and every equipment required to build a solar system, you will not be able to sustain that kind of living.

Or if you want to eat green you will need to be able to grow your own vegetables or at least buy organic food. If you do not have the means to grow your own food or buy exclusively organic food, you might find that this is an unsustainable lifestyle.

This is not to say all is doomed but a simple elaboration of what unsustainable living could be and mean if you want to make changes in your life. You do not have to it all at a time because that would be impossible to achieve. You can contribute to green living by saving the planet by taking minute consistent and constant steps. Green living is not only being planet conscious but also conscious of your pocket.

Green living has many hidden benefits to self which are inherent in practicing green sustainable living and this is what makes this kind of living important.

Why Is Sustainable Living Important

The importance of green sustainable green living lies in the fact that it tends to benefit the individual effortlessly in more ways. When living green, collecting the planet will be sustained but at individual level then benefits are immediate.

Aspects Of Sustainable Living

Any form of green living eventually or immediately is kind to your pocket. You tend to save more money directly and indirectly when you involve yourself in some sustainable living practices. We will look at some examples below to show how you will benefit greatly.

Against popular belief, green living is not expensive. Admittedly so, some practices can be expensive initially. e.g. building a solar power system. However, little things like eating healthy by eating organic food and using green products around the house is not expensive.

Sustainable Living Examples

You can choose to be conscious of what you eat and eat only organic food. Or you may tell yourself that you will look for ways to clean your home, kitchen, bathroom, etc using natural substances rather than using cleaners that have chemicals in them or materials that harm the environment in one way or the other.

You may want to start using solar or wind for generating electricity or using battery operated equipment so that you do not use gas. You may choose to drive an electric car or cycle most of the time, etc. There are so many ways one can start living green.

These days it is easy to buy organic food online cheap. There are numerous stores online that offer cheap affordable organic food and with free delivery for that matter. An example of such a store is Thrive Market or AmazonFresh!

Green Ideas For Home

An example of cleaning materials that harm the environment from being manufactured to being thrown away are paper towels. So when you want to live green you may look for alternatives to single use paper towels. For starters single use paper towels are not environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from trees. This means a tree must be cut down to have a paper towel. The making of it also involves many processes that contribute to global warming. Further when it is thrown away it adds to landfills and its degradation into the soil is contaminating.

Therefore it will be a good idea to tell yourself that you need to use green alternatives to paper towels. This search for green alternatives has been fierce among the green conscious community such that it has borne fruits. Alternatives to paper towels and other ways of cleaning around the house have been discovered.

Going back to the aspect of living green also saves you money, cleaning around the house, in the kitchen, car washing, mopping, etc costs money in terms of buying the cloths, mops, detergents, etc. All of these can be replaced with using a nano towel or nano towel derivatives like nano sponge, etc.

Nano towels are amazing eco fabric materials that clean virtually any surface with only water. You will not need paper towels or cleaning chemicals any more. Cleaning chemicals are toxic in their nature and somehow related to your health and that of your family.

There is also another revolutionary breakthrough in the laundry arena. You no longer need to buy detergents for your laundry, you can make a one time purchase of Laundry Magnetic System (LMS) to do your laundry for a lifetime. This means you will no longer have to buy soap or detergents for washing your clothes and also you will no longer be exposed to the toxic substances the detergent leave on your clothes after washing.

The two examples above i.e. the nano towels and Laundry Magnetic System are just a few examples of sustainable living that will save you money. These save you money in many folds, directly and indirectly. The direct way is that you will eliminate completely, buying detergents and cleaning chemicals.

You will not be constantly exposed to toxic chemicals from the cleaning liquids and your house will be fresher and cleaner for longer. These means your body will be relieved of fighting off these subtle intoxications from these chemicals. You might find yourself having less and less of the sinuses, headaches, allergies, etc. And when this happens your visit to the doctor or pharmacy will be reduced and by default this means you will be spending less on your health or medications.

At the same time when you eat organic food and avoid genetically modified crop produce like plague you will become healthier, more radiant and full of energy. These are just a few of the benefits you will experience with living green and simply this is how to live a sustainable lifestyle step at a time.

Green Living Products

Eco-green-living is a conscious decision and worth pursuing. Consider the following green living products on your quest to live green.

Nano Towels

Nano Towels Supersized Version
Nano Towels Body Bath & Shower Towel
Nano Towels Body Bath & Shower Towel is the best towel for drying your body. The skin being the largest organ in the body needs the most absorbent bath towels available.

This is because makeup, soaps, chemicals, moisturizers, deodorants and cosmetics, including the daily build up of oils, dirt and grime, all build up inside our pores.

Taking a shower or washing our faces does not take off all these grime from our bodies. When you use the Nano Towels Body Bath & Shower Towel and because of the technology behind the making of the nano towel, it will not only dry your skin immediately but also leave clean for all the grime buried deep into the pores. The nano towel goes deep into the pores and pull all of the gunk out.

Nano Towels Body Bath & Shower Towel is the best luxury bath towel to buy in 2018!

Nano Towel Makeup Remover Face Cloth
The Nano Towel Makeup Remover Face Cloth is the best towel for face as well the best makeup remover towel. This is simply because of the technology that went into the making of nano towels.

If you are looking for a makeup removing towel, the Nano Towel Makeup Remover Face Cloth is the way to go.

The skin of your face is is exposed to different kinds of substances that get easily absorbed into the skin. These substances like makeup, foundation, moisturizing lotion, etc need to be washed off before going to sleep or applying another one for a fresh look.

Unfortunately, most of the things to wash these off do not do a thorough job and some residue is left behind and builds up. Due to the nature of a nano towel, it is able to do what most makeup removing towel fail to do. A nano towel has very tiny (nano size) fibers that act like magnets to these residues left behind after washing our face.

The ‘magnetic power’ of the nano towel fibers pulls out all these dirt that is building up on your face leaving your face cleaner and fresher. A new application of makeup will seem like it is the first.

Nano Towels Hair Drying Wrap Twisty Towel
The Nano Towel Hair Drying Wrap is the best hair drying towel wrap that you can buy in 2018. It is made from nanolon fiber. Nanolon Fiber is a proprietary super absorbent fiber with unique properties unlike any you’ve ever seen.

The technology behind the Nanolon fiber towel enables water to be drawn from your hair and skin more quickly and thoroughly than other towels. And it’s especially gentle on hair and skin.

The Nano Towel Hair Drying Wrap is designed to be lightweight, compact and durable, it is perfect for using every day at home, while traveling or at the gym. It is suitable for all her types including curly hair.

Nano Sponge

Nano Sponges lift dirt, grease & grime like a magnet! The scrubbing side is super durable and can scrub almost anything clean, but WON’T SCRATCH!

They can even absorb big liquid spills, and they dry quickly. They also pull up grease, oils, fats, and chemicals.

Amazing for kitchens, bathrooms, dishes, baseboards, tile, grout refrigerators, stainless steel, stuck-on messes, glasses, bathrooms, garages…

Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate
An amazing all natural & all purpose enzyme cleaner.

Professional strength and all-purpose, you can use to clean virtually anything in your home, and clean without toxic chemicals. Use it as your go-to pet stain remover and carpet cleaner for stains and smells.

Use it to remove laundry stains and odors from your clothing. Use it as a general go-to cleaner on virtually any other surfaces. Super concentrate makes 1 gallon (128 oz) of full strength product.

Natural Enzyme Cleaner
Natural Enzyme Cleaner Concentrate

Magnetic Laundry System

The Magnetic Laundry System is a patented alternative to laundry detergent. It is green, non-toxic, eco-friendly, money saving.

It replaces chemical liquid and powder he soap, and may help allergies and MCS. Click here to learn more about The Magnetic Laundry System!

Life Miracle Dryer Balls