Nano Towels Review

If you have been looking for a green alternative to paper towels, a Nano Towel is your answer. In this Nano Towels Review article you are going to learn about nano towels, how and where to use them. You will learn bout their versatility and where to buy them to make huge savings. You will also know where to buy them to enjoy their 1 year warranty that come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

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Nano Towels – Where To Buy

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Nano Towel Overview

A nano towel is a revolutionary new piece of fabric technology that cleans using only water replacing household cleaners and expensive paper towels. If you have wanted to replace paper towels with cloth, Nano Towels are your best solution.

This is not your regular dish towel, a nano towel is made with patented Nanolon fibers. These fibers are a hundred times thinner than human hair and there’s 100,000 fibers per square inch of a nano towel.

Nano Towel Quick Features

  • Saves you money by ending your need of expensive paper towels.
  • Captures liquid, dust, dirt and grime like a magnet, and without toxic chemicals.
  • Reduces your usage of paper towels that’s damaging our environment.
  • Re-usable – NanoTowels should last between two to three years, or 300-400 uses.
  • Cleans virtually anything with just water.
  • Absorbs up to 10 ounces of liquid without a single drip.
  • Made Nanolon Fiber, a unique and revolutionary fabric technology that is hundreds of times finer than one human hair
  • 1Come with 60-Day Moneyback Guarantee and 1-year Warranty

How Nano Towels Work

The way a nano towel works and why it is so effective at cleaning is that the tiny fibers in the nano towel behave like a magnet to iron.
where to purchase nano towels
They are able to suck dirt, dust, grime and liquid leaving the surface clean and free of harmful bacteria. To top it all up, it is able to do this with only water. If you are wiping off a greasy or oily area you just need to wet the area with hot water.

Nano towels effectively clean almost any hard surface including glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless steel, chrome, metal, granite, porcelain, etc. They can be used for gentle dusting, or for hardcore cleaning.

Unlike paper towels, nano towels are reusable, non-abrasive, highly absorbent and extremely versatile. So, if you are looking for a sustainable alternative to paper towels or whatever it is you’re using at home right now like sponges, dish towel, chemical cleaners all you you have to do is throw that away because with a Nano Towel you will not be needing those anymore.

Nano towels are a game changer because they not only a paper towel alternative that is eco-friendly they will save you more money because you will no longer need to buy cleaning chemicals. Besides, cleaning chemicals affect our health one way or the other. The fumes and the residue left on counter-tops or surfaces you are cleaning cause anything from sinuses, headaches, allergies, etc.

With the use of cleaning chemicals you spend money on them as well as on avoidable trips to the pharmacy or doctor for those allergies and headaches. When you start using Nano towels it is not uncommon to see those symptoms going away because of less and less exposure to chemicals from cleaning detergents. Nano towels need only water to clean. And they don’t just clean they suck away all that dirt to leave clean fresh air!

Because of no more paper towels and no more doctor visits or buying over the counter medicines you will be saving money and your health will improve. Here is one review from a from;

How To Use Nano Towels

You can use Nano Towels any way you would use a paper towel. However, they can do more than that. You can clean surfaces from glass, mirrors, tile, wood, stainless steel, chrome, metal, granite, porcelain, to anything in the house. You can use it to clean the bathroom, kitchen, office, garage, workshop, car, boat, rv, etc.

There is also a Nano Sponge that replaces the cleaning sponge in your kitchen or bathroom. It is still a nano towel but designed into a sponge for ease of use and adaptability.

Examples How To Use Nano Towels

So no more wasting money on useless paper towel which means more trees in nature less paper in your garbage and more paper in your wallet. Though the nano towel is highly absorbent, it gets even better.

The nano towel is incredibly versatile and it will clean almost any surface using just water, wipe or used in place of a paper towel almost always, used as a face cloth, body towel and more. It has been tested and proven to clean better than chemical cleaners and paper towel.

Nano towels clean almost every surface, they work on stainless steel, chrome, tile, laminate floor, mirrors, the ceiling, the walls, anything you name it and because they are very generous size of 14 by 14 when you are cleaning you can just keep turning it over and over again for a clean side.

Here are some examples of how to use.

Wipe Spills

As an example of how to use nano towels, say you are at a party, you’re drinking you’re having fun when suddenly you spill your drink on the table. Normally you would reach for a paper towel to wipe away the spill. And chances you will not need 1 or 2 paper towels, you will need several so that as you wipe it does not also drip to make more mess.

But with the nano towel, you will need only one nano towel. A standard sized nano towel of 14 x 14 inches can hold up to 10 ounces of liquid without dripping, it is very absorbent. That is a lot of wipes before you make trips to the sink to wring it out.

If you are cleaning a surface and you need to sanitize it, simple make a solution of 1 part distilled vinegar to 3 parts water for surfaces such as countertops where food is directly in contact.

Clean Mirror Without Streaks

If you have always wanted to know how to clean a mirror with just water, the Nano Towel is the best answer for you. With a Nano Towel you can clean a mirror without leaving streaks with just water, without using chemicals.

If your mirror is constantly being dirtied by toothpaste, lipstick, makeup, dried drops of water, etc, you can easily clean that away with a nano towel cloth. All you have to do is just wet the nano towel and wipe away the dirt and if it streaks wipe the surface of the mirror dry with the dry side of the nano towel or a dry one.

With a wet and dry side of a nano towel you can clean mirrors, windshield, monitor, windows, walls, tv, hardwood, laminate, eyeglasses, etc, without streaks. If you have a Shamwow, you do not have to throw it away, this would be a perfect combination. Shamwow cloths are good at cleaning flows and countertops but do not have sucking-up-everything ability that a Nano Towel has. So you can use them in combination.

How To Get Permanent Marker From Walls And Floors

This another reason to prefer Nano Towels over Shamwow cloths – their versatility. With a Nano Towel you can use it to remove permanent marker from painted surface (dry or with only water) without use of chemicals.

If your kid likes drawing with crayons on the floor, wall, furniture, etc and didn’t know how to get crayon off walls without removing paint, well simply use a Nano Towel. Like we know kids like to draw on everything!

Use Nano Towel To Clean The Car

A nanolon towel is soft yet tough enough to handle your car. It can be used to clean your car inside and outside leaving it spotless clean. It will not ruin your paintwork. And since it does leave any streaks they are perfect for car mirrors, windshield, windows, etc.

Use As A Face Cloth, Body Towel Or For Drying Hair

A nano towel is so soft and absorbent that you can use on your face, as a bath towel or to for drying your hair. Below are nano towel products for those purposes.

Use It To Wash The Fridge

A fridge is not always the easiest thing to clean especially that it would mysteriously have sticky liquid all over the shelving. Normally you will pull your preferred detergent and wash-cloth to wipe away the sticky spill. But it is not wise to use cleaning chemicals to clean your fridge because that is where your food spends most of its time. So it has all the time to absorb whatever fumes and gases the chemicals leave behind while the fridge door is closed.

However, with the use of spray of hot water and/or wet nano fiber cloth you can simply wipe away that grime and leaving a fresh healthy smell inside your fridge.

Use It Wipe and Dry Your Pet

A nano towel can also be used to wipe dry a pet. After giving your dog a bath or taken it for a walk and you both come back wet from the rain you can use a nano towel on it to dry it and take off the fur smell.

Use Nano Towel To Remove Soap Scum From Shower

You know what my biggest pet peeve is to clean mmm I like gunk in the shower that rims the tub and get stuck in the faucet yeah soap scum. Yes I hate that stuff you know I used to go in there with a q-tip to try and get it all out no now with the nano towel because of the little nano fiber fingers it gets deep and the things like crevices just pulls that stuff for it out.

Use It To Mop

Alright so here we have some laminate flooring mm-hmm we’ve dried some ketchup and some mustard on here to simulate a mopping situation. So with a wet nano towel it’s gonna lift right off so of course for dusting you’d use a dry and you would use it wet for mopping and look we’ve actually shown it to work on a duster mouth well look at that it fits right on there and now you don’t have to spend money than those extra refills.

How To Wash Nano Towels

Nano towels work on stainless steel, chrome, tile, laminate floor, mirrors, the ceiling, the walls anything you name it and because they are very generous size they are 14 by 14 so when you’re cleaning you can just keep turning it over and over again for a clean side and when you’re done instead of throwing it away in the trash just throw it in the hamper and wash it like your laundry.

Do Nano Towels Work?

A Nano towel is able to clean and get rid of things like crayon, lipstick, toothpaste, permanent marker and literally just pull it right off of the surface because of the nano fibres. They are like magnets they just pull in the unwanted dirt leaving the surface clean.

Nano Towels are such a smart investment because you’re eliminating the need for multiple cleaning products. With the nano towel your home can become the ultimate green home and a hundred percent chemical free. If you want green living, this would be the right choice.

Do nano towels really work? – There are several ways you can research or find out from people who have used these towels. You can also look at the warranty or whether there is a free trial of some sort.

The Nano Towels from Water Liberty carry a 1 year warranty with a 60-day money back guarantee. This means you can buy them and you have 60 days to use them to claim a refund if you are not satisfied with them. That’s a tall order! They have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years or 300-400 uses.

When you look at Nano Towels reviews from Amazon, Water Liberty or where you find them being sold, you will nothing but satisfaction. Let’s look at a few examples.

Nano Towels Reviews

Buyers from Amazon or any place they are being sold like Water Liberty, there are raving reviews about them. At Amazon there are over 1500 customer with 85% giving them 5 stars, 8% four stars, 3% three stars, 2% two stars and 2% 1 star. That is almost 97% satisfaction.

Here is one review from Water Liberty website;

“Excellent results. Especially on stainless steel, kitchen surfaces and in the bathroom. Sparkling and shining results, with less work than before.”

Click here for more Water Liberty Nanotowels reviews like this…

Nano Towels Vs Microfiber

“The Nano Towels are NOT made from microfiber and have nothing at all to do with microfiber. Microfiber is a very common material that is adequate for some applications, but Nanolon® fiber is a new, state of the art, next generation fabric technology that will perform like nothing you have ever seen or used before. ”

Nanolon® is manufactured using a unique, proprietary complex methodology and protocol, and you have never seen or heard about anything like it before. Its unique properties are what set it apart from anything that has come before it.

If we were you use an analogy, microfiber would be comparable to a VHS videotape, and Nanolon® fiber would be comparable to a state-of-the-art 3D Blu-Ray disc.”

Visit the official Water Liberty website to learn more about Nanolon towels – Water Liberty

Nano Towels Vs Norwex

Norwex being a microfiber cloth was the best thing as far as cleaning tasks are concerned. When it was introduced like many other microfiber products they were better than any washing cloth. They literally replaced washing towels and they were no comparison to kitchen sponges, washing kitchen cloths, etc.

It is the same with nano towels. They are not comparable to microfiber cloths the same way microfiber cloths could not be compared to ordinary washing cloths. Nano Towels surpass microfiber cloths by far and beyond comparison.

Nano Towels Video

Watch the following nano towels video and learn more about the technology, use, warranty and money back guarantee on the Water Liberty Nano Towels.

water liberty nanotowels

Where To Buy Nano Towels

You can purchase Nano Towels from – Click Here. At you have options to buy save using a Nano towels coupon code depending on the pack you purchase. You can save up $20, however, these coupon codes may be time limited!.

Another place where you can buy Nano Towels is Water Liberty – click here. At Water Liberty you can save up to $80 depending on the package you purchase with a handsome 60-day money back guarantee.

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