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Meal Prep

Do you sometimes wish you had all the time to prepare your favorite meal or at least prepare a fully fledged dinner, but your busy life will not let you? And all you have time and energy for is cereal with milk? Your answer meal prep! meal prep

Meal Prep & Planning is Essential to Stay Healthy

Meal planning is a great way to take some stress out of your life. When you know what you’ll be having for your meals you are less likely to stress about it. Some people try to figure out what to have all day long, but if you take a few hours during the month and figure out a menu you’ll be a lot less stressed.

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When creating a menu it will take time. Count on about 2 to 3 hours depending on if you have favorite meals you are going to include or if you plan to go online or check cookbooks for recipes to try. But this time saves you from the stress of not having one, as well as money because then you’re not stopping on the spur of the moment to buy dinner.

meal prep planningNot only that, but it will help you stay healthy. Usually when you stop at the grocery store on the way home you’re hungry, tired and want something quick. You grab the freezer meals that are loaded with fat or preservatives because it is quick and easy when you get home.

By making a menu and planning your meals you will eliminate ninety percent of these trips. Instead you’ll make stops at the grocery store during allocated time when you have a plan and grocery list. A grocery list will also help you save money and say no to the snack items that always seem to end up in the grocery cart when you don’t have a plan.

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By meal planning and prepping you’ll be able to determine what you eat. This will help you stay healthy because you’ll get to pick the recipes that you like and that are better for you. This is especially good if you work during the day and bring your own lunch.

Meal prep will also help you stay healthy. Take a day during the weekend and cut up all of your snacks for the week. Yes, this will take time, but you’ll be thankful that you have a grab and go snack when you’re heading out the door.

Also take the time to get your meals ready for the week. You’ll want to take out meat or freezer meals that are in the freezer that you’ll be using that week.

You’ll also want to get as much stuff ready as you can. You can boil pasta, cook beans, cut up vegetables and cook the meat ahead of time. Get all of your containers ready to go before you begin.

Being prepared for the week to come will help you stay healthy and save money. You’ll get to have great recipes all week long that will keep you look and feeling fabulous.

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Keep Healthy Snacks On Hand With Meal Prep – Watch Video

We have all been there. You get home from a long day and you are hungry! You don’t want to take the time to make dinner, so you just end up ordering food to go. And while that idea may be fine every once in a while, if it becomes a daily routine, it may cost you and your family an extra notch in the belt loop. Studies show that individuals who eat out daily are taking in about 200 extra calories a day. Read Here…

Meal Prep 101 For Beginners

I am sure you have all heard this saying before “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. I know this may sound a bit harsh but it is SO true, especially when it comes to preparing your meals. Most of us are pretty busy in our day-to-day lives. Whether you are a mum, student or working full time, it can be hard (or absolutely impossible!) to cook all of your meals at home each day.

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This is where meal preparation (aka “meal prep”) can quickly become your best friend! Without meal prep, you increase your chances of eating junk or convenience foods if you get busy or caught out without food. Read here…

5 Must-Read Rules Of Successful Meal Prep

Meal prep doesn’t have to be something you dread. Rather than making last minute grocery trips and guessing about the numbers, follow these 5 simple rules of successful meal prep!

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Meal prep doesn’t have to be something you dread. Rather than making last minute grocery trips and guessing about the numbers, follow these 5 simple rules of successful meal prep! Read here…

Busy person’s meal plan: Ready. Set. Prep.

We’ve all been there. You come home at the end of a busy day, hungry for a good dinner and what do you find in your kitchen? A frozen chicken you don’t have time to thaw, an onion you don’t feel like chopping and a package of cheese rapidly turning into a moldy science experiment. You order a pizza — again — and promise yourself to start planning meals one of these days. Read here…

Weekly Meal Prep

Weekly Meal Prep



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