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Subscribing to a monthly meal delivery service can be a life saver especially when you don’t have time to shop around. You also get the opportunity to get well class recipes to prepare one of the best meals!

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If you are looking to make healthier meals, but you have a hard time deciding on recipes or just choosing the ingredients, monthly subscription boxes are a great option. These boxes arrive on your doorstep with all the ingredients you will need for a certain number of meals.

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All you have to provide are the utensils and pots and pans. Many of them let you choose how many people are in your family and select from certain recipes each week, then the box arrives packaged special so that the ingredients remain fresh until you can put them in your refrigerator or freezer.

A popular company offering these monthly food subscription boxes is Blue Apron, which also happens to be one of the first companies to provide this service. With Blue Apron, you are able to try new recipes each week, have fun cooking with your family, and not even have to take a trip to the grocery store.

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The monthly meal delivery service provides meals that are also low-calorie and healthy, so that is an added bonus to using their service. All of the recipes are created by well-known chefs from around the world, and you receive recipe cards that you can keep and use again in the future.

Blue Apron Sunscription Meal Delivery ServiceEach of Blue Apron’s meals is between 500 and 800 calories per serving. You can select if you want to feed two or four people per meal, then select the meals you want.

These change each week, so you won’t have any meals that are repeated.

All of the ingredients arrive in the box, including meat, dairy, produce, seasonings, and sometimes even the oil. The meat is always hormone and antibiotic free and many of the fruits and vegetables are organic.

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Another bonus to using Blue Apron is that you select the date and time you want it delivered. While it arrives in bags that keep the meat and produce fresh, it only stays fresh for a few hours, so choose the time and date wisely.

Some recent meals that Blue Apron has offered in their subscription boxes include bbq pork burgers with corn on the cob, spicy chicken, mushroom and Korean rice cakes, peperonata pasta, and curried catfish with coconut rice.

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There are a few drawbacks to choosing Blue Apron as a monthly meal delivery service, that you should be aware of before you order. First of all, it can seem a little pricey when you are spending $60 a week on the box.

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However, keep in mind it breaks down to about $10 a meal per person since you get three meals for the week, so that is still less than a restaurant meal and often less than what you spend if you were to buy all these ingredients on your own.

Blue Apron is great for convenience, variety, and the fun factor. Spend some quality time with your family and cook together. As you cook together you bond with everyone and chances are you will enjoy the meal because you will be using the best recipe provided by the one of the best monthly meal delivery services.

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