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Are you into Paleo diet but still struggling to get the right ingredients together? A Paleo diet meal plan is really good for your body and health. However when you are a beginner, or a veteran still, it can be a challenge to prepare a Paleo meal. Have you heard of a Paleo Diet Meal Plan Delivery Service?

There are several online paleo meal delivery services one of which is eMeals. emeals paleo reviewIt is one of the best subscription based online home meal delivery services specializing in different meal plans. A Paleo meal plan delivery is one of the best services they provide.

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eMeals makes it possible to consistently enjoy delicious paleo meals with lots of variety. Each delivery kit comes with a paleo plan shopping list, paleo plan recipes, 7 meal plans that last a week and you can subscribe to a plan for the whole family or a single person. Another thing, eMeals Paleo recipes can be tried free for 14 days.

eMeals paleo meal planning service will provide you with a dedicated lifestyle with a simple mealtime solution. They have the best paleo meal delivery service plan that is everything nature intended with high energy meals that focus on meats, fresh vegetables and fruits with no grains or processed foods.

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Here is a recap of what a paleo diet meal plan is.

What is the Paleo Diet?

With so many new diets to choose from in the marketplace, there are probably many people wondering, “What is the paleo diet and how does it differ from all the other diets that are available?” That is definitely a good question.

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Origins of Paleo Meal Plan

The Paleo meal plan was founded in the mid-1970s by Walter L. Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist interested in the nutritional intake of ancient humans. In 1975, Voegtlin published a book called The Stone Age Diet, which outlines in detail the principles of the Paleo Diet and why he thinks it should be adopted by modern-day humans as well. In the years since the publication of this book, his research has started a group of believers devoted to following these nutritional guidelines.

Principles of the Paleo Meal Plan

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The Paleo meal plan is also referred to as the paleolithic diet, named after the era in history known as the Paleolithic Era. The premise of this meal plan is built upon the foods that were most commonly eaten by cave men and women in the paleolithic time. Dr. Voegtlin asserts that the digestive system of today’s humans is still suited to digest the same types of foods that our paleolithic ancestors survived with.

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In general terms, the caveman was a hunter-gatherer. Most of the foods allowed on the Paleo meal plan fall into the category of wild plants and wild animals. Forbidden categories include anything related to agriculture or dairy, including grains and milk. Other foods not allowed are salt, sugar and anything that has been refined, including oil.

This might be a little more to grasp especially when it comes to preparing a fully fledged paleo meal. One might be a little overwhelmed that is why opting eMeals paleo diet meal delivery plans.

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What is the Paleo Diet Food List?

Anyone trying to follow the Paleo diet for the first time will find it a little bit difficult to follow, because of the big differences in the allowed food choices. It is very convenient to have a list of foods to follow while on this diet plan as this makes planning meals and sticking to the diet much easier.

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You have a few choices to ensure that you keep to the meal plan to the strictest terms. One option is to use a paleo meal delivery service like eMeals. For more insight to know if this would be suited to you read paleo meal delivery reviews. An eMeals paleo plan review will inform you about the quality of the service and the delivered ingredients.

Another option is to purchase a Paleo Meal Plan cookbook. A Paleo diet cookbook would give more insight into what food types are allowed on the meal plan. A good one will also give an easy to follow shopping list.

Is the Paleo Diet Healthy?

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There are two schools of thought divided right down the middle, to answer the question, is Paleo Diet healthy? Several factors would have to be addressed in order to give each person enough information to make an educated decision for themselves. For starters let’s look fat intake: type and amounts, fiber, diseases of civilization, and nutritional approximations.

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Fat Intake: Types and Amounts

There seems to be a limitless amount of controversy about fat in our diets.emeals paleo plan for two What kinds and what sources, animal fat versus plant oils, how much is too much, what are the minimum amounts, and how often it should be eaten.

The same dilemmas arise when trying to study the fat intake of our paleolithic ancestors. Who really knows how much fat they ate?

Dr. Walter L. Voegtlin, author of the book, The Stone Age Diet, and considered to be the father of the Paleo diet, argues in favor that the cave man ate a high fat diet. The diet would have been high in animal fats, as the technology to process plant oils was not available.

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In fact it is believed that the cave man ate animal fat as the primary source of calories, and the meat that came along with it was just a supplement.

The higher intake of animal fat in the ancient paleolithic diet doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing. The people eating the fat used it to survive in harsh conditions and as a rich source of calories. The modern Paleo Diet is a more lean adaptation.

Fiber Intake

Even without the existence of cultivated grains such as wheat in the Paleo Diet, a healthy fiber intake should be no problem to maintain. This diet regime encourages eating copious amounts of whole (unrefined) plant matter, all of which is high in fiber.
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To name only a few examples, spinach, sunflower seeds, pecans, onions, an abundance of leafy green vegetables, apples and berries. These fresh plant foods not only provide fiber but also a wide array of healthy nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates.

Diseases of Civilization

Diseases that are linked to the modern diets of civilization, namely Crohn’s disease, colitis, indigestion and irritable bowel syndrome, are all but eliminated on the Paleo Diet. The result of the question, “Is Paleo Diet Healthy?” would get an affirmative answer on this topic alone.

These diseases are a result of a modern diet high in refined white flour and sugar, while being low in fiber. The paleo diet virtually eliminates all of the digestive diseases in this list.

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Nutritional Approximations

How do we know what paleolithic humans actually ate? Most of the evidence has been gathered from the study of archeological remains and anthropological findings.

The lack of abundant and detailed findings in this area is the main cause of different groups of scientists lending their own nutritional approximations to determine, “Is Paleo Diet healthy?”

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Basically, the diet foods list allows wild meat and fish, grass fed meat, sprouts, roots, fruits, berries and seeds. Non-cultivated green plants and leaves, nuts and natural honey are also part of this diet regimen.
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Advantages and Disadvantages Of A Paleo Meal Plan

Some people may find the diet a little difficult to follow at first, because they might have to give up some of their favorite foods such as coffee, donuts, potato chips and macaroni-and-cheese.

What is the Paleo Diet advantage? The biggest advantages that have been documented with this nutritional plan are that sodium and sugar intakes are a healthy minimum, and most food additives and chemicals have been omitted. This health benefit alone is very significant.

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In light of the above discussion and you really want to follow a paleo diet plan, to avoid overwhelm the best option will be to opt for a paleo meal delivery service. eMeals offers paleo breakfast, lunch, plan for two or a family of up to six people. To make an informed decision look for an eMeals paleo review online to hear from real buyers!

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