Mason Jars

– When you start eating clean you’ll realize quickly that prepping in bulk or for the week ahead is essential if you want to stay on track. You’ll be making your breakfast, lunch, snacks and some dinners.

With all of this prepping, what is the best container to use? The answer might surprise you. A lot of people have started using Wide Mouth Mason Jars to store their healthy on the go food.

They use these because the food stays fresher longer. Depending on what you put in there it will last at least 5 days, but up to 7. Test out what works the best for what you make a lot of and when you grab a meal to take with you keep in mind which produce or food needs to be eaten quicker.

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The Mason Jars also seal tighter than other containers on the market. That is why they stay fresher for longer. Not only that, but the greens such as lettuce and spinach won’t get wilty in a glass jar. There is nothing worse than eating a piece of wilted lettuce. You won’t run into that problem with these.

Since you’ll be using these for multiple meals throughout the week you’ll need to buy a few of them. They have sets of 12 and 24. You can decide how many works best for your situation.

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Mason Jars come in a variety of sizes, but the most common that people use to prep their meals are the quart and the pint. You might want to buy a couple of 2 quart jars in case you need to take a meal for a potluck.

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Usually the quart is used for salads, smoothies and juice. The pints are used for individual side salads and snacks such as overnight oats.

You’ll want to start prepping and using these jars as soon as you have a day free to prep your meals. They can be used for a multiple of recipes. Salad is the main one that people store in them for up to a week. You can do green salads, but you have choices.

One important tip to remember when using the jars is to put the wet ingredients on the bottom of the jar, then layer them until the dry ingredients are at the top. Wet ingredients would be salad dressing. Then the greens would be at the top.

People like to use Mason Jars because they are able to store everything in one container – even the salad dressing. This helps because you won’t ever be without salad dressing and be tempted to grab a pack of something that is made with processed ingredients.

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You might find it strange to use a glass Mason Jar to store your meals in, but you’ll soon discover how much you like them. They are easy to use, carry and store. Plus the food inside stays fresher for longer without wilting.

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