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Under Sink Water Structuring Unit

The Under Sink Water Structuring Unit is the greenest choice you can make when it comes to water in your house. With the Under Sink Water Structuring Unit you will get a no maintenance, no electricity, no magnet, no hassles, no salts mechanical device that structures water!.

This water structuring unit also comes with a 90 day 100% Money Back Guarantee of Satisfaction and a 20 year Warranty. It is a one time purchase that has nor require filters to replace. The Under Sink Water Structuring Unit has the effect of neutralizing water pollutants such as Arsenic, Bacteria, Chloride, Chlorine, etc.

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Under Sink Water Structuring Unit Video

Watch the following video about the Under Sink Water Structuring Unit!

More On Water Structuring Units

The specially tuned geometry in the Structured Water units creates an energy environment for water to structure itself. This gives water a lower surface tension and better hydrating properties. This geometric technology breaks up large low energy water molecule clusters into smaller high energy clusters.

This innovative technology eliminates negative energy patterns (sometimes called the MEMORY of water), such as chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and many other harmful elements found in our water supply, and redefines the water’s natural healthy energy pattern.

Structured Water is Life Nature’s Way

The main contingent of structured water is life force energy, and that life force energy comes down to the water molecule itself. The water molecule has the power, the individual mandate to protect life, and that is to protect it from the things that are adverse to life and to generously provide the things that are good for life.

Common in most homes are devices that you have to constantly tend and repair. The water structuring unit devices are a ONE TIME PURCHASE. You buy it one time, you put it on wherever you want to put it, it will never wear out, and it has no moving parts. The water itself is the moving part; it is the machine. It is what brings the water to that place of being free to do what it is meant to do.

Under Sink Water Structured Unit

Structured Water Bearer



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