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Under Sink Water Structured Unit

The Under The Sink Structured Water Unit can be added to any filter system you have to enjoy drinking and cooking with water that is balanced and hydrating. Notice that the structured water will not be only easily available for drinking but for cooking as well – just a turn of the faucet.

Under Sink Water Structure Unit Description

With a Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water® Under The Sink product, you will enjoy drinking and cooking with water that is balanced and hydrating. You can add an Under The Sink product to any filter system you have to improve your drinking water. Your body will feel the difference.

Buy Under Sink Water Structuring Unit – Works with filter for incredible drinking water
– Wash fruits and vegetables to neutralize pesticide residue
– Structures water for the dishwasher for cleaner dishes
– Softens skin while washing dishes
– Structured Water® for all your cooking purposes
– Installs easily under any regular sink in kitchens or bathrooms

With the Under Sink Water Structured Unit you will not have to wonder how to make structured water at home because the water structuring unit will be right under your sink!

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