UMH Master Gold

Do you have an existing filter system and would like to add a water structuring device? The UMH Master Gold would be the perfect solution for you. This structured water device is especially important for users of reverse osmosis systems. This is because ro water has broken structure and the energy field from UMH Master Gold is enough to repair the water.

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UMH Master Gold offers high-quality water turbulence, energizing of water and lime conversion especially for existing filter systems. The UMH Master Gold 1/2 inch (24 kt hard gold plated) was specially developed for existing filter systems.

The water structuring device made of brass and fully gilded device is equipped with a special gemstone composition. In addition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handcrafted vials provide a highly stable energy field inside the device. With this built-in appliance, you enjoy the benefits of natural water in spring water quality. Simply place the unit after the last filter stage of your water filtration system and before the faucet or any water outlet in the house like shower, bath tub, garden tap, etc.

UMH Master Gold Water Structuring Device

UMH Master Gold Water Structuring Device

Click Here To Buy UMH Master Whole House Structured Water Device From The Wellness Enterprise

UMH Master Gold is the real original device of UMH from which the energy spectrum of all other devices derive. We recommend this device in combination with water filter systems for full-spectrum revitalisation.

The device, made of brass, is 24 karat gold-plated and equipped with a special gemstone composition. In addition, a hyperbolic flow cycle and hand-made vials ensure a highly stable energy field.
UMH Master Structured Water Unit
Areas of application: drinking water filters, reverse osmosis systems, aquariums, circulation pumps, water ionisers.


  • Removes pollutant frequencies
  • Improvement of the cellular water absorption and of the capacity to assimilate nutrients
  • Crystalline spring water structure
  • Stable bioenergy
  • Transfer of anabolic energy when drinking, bathing and showering
  • Noticeably softer and fresher taste


  • Size: 1/2 “
  • Material: brass, 24 kt. gold plated
  • Length in mm: 104.7
  • Ø in mm: 79
  • Flow rate l / min: 25
  • Pressure loss in mbar: 300
  • Weight in kg: 2,1

For faster flow rate UMH Master is also available in larger sizes.

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Other UMH Devices

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Jivara™ Mountain Spring
reverse osmosis alternativeThe Jivara™ Mountain Spring package is the best alternative to ro water system. It is the next best thing to living next to a mountain spring because with the Jivara Mountain Spring package you have mountain spring quality water pouring from your tap.

This package performs the basic and necessary processes to water. It takes the water through these stages – Purify, Mineralize and Energize your water with the Jivara Mountain Spring – the best alternative to reverse osmosis and alkaline water.

The Jivara Mountain Spring includes a Structured Water Filter, Mineral Cartridge and Structuring Device as well as a 1/4 tube to connect them.

To learn more or buy the Jivara Mountain Spring click here…

UMH Jivara Pure 24K Gold – Under Sink Device

Jivara Under Sink 24K GoldYou can have structured water that is also energized straight from your faucet by using UMH under-sink device. The UMH Pure is gold plated and uses Austrian Water Structuring Technology featuring Sacred Geometry, Vortexing, Entrainment and Precious Gems to produce the finest Structured Water that is also vitalized.

You can purchase the UMH Pure as a standalone unit especially if you already have an existing water filtering system. If you do not have a water filtering system you might want to consider buying the Jivara Mountain Spring package, which also has the advantage or remineralizing water.

Some filtering systems like most reverse osmosis filtering systems do not add back the minerals they have removed from the water. So also consider how to add back minerals back into the water. The UMH Pure device only restructures and energizes water it does not filter nor add minerals. To learn more or buy the UMH Pure Under Sink Device click here…

UMH Jivara 3 in 1 Portable Structured Water Unit
UMH Jivara 3 in 1
This is UMH Live, a portable water structuring device that can also be used in the shower or at the kitchen sink. It is a 3 in 1 device that is flexible and can be carried along when traveling, used on the shower head or kitchen faucet.

UHM Live is gold plated using Austrian Water Structuring Technology that features Sacred Geometry, Vortexing, Entrainment and Precious Gems to produce the finest Structured Water.

It is a package including the UMH Travel Kit with a funnel, nozzle, and fittings to allow you to use the UMH Live 3 in 1 as a Portable, Shower and Sink Device. To learn more or buy the UMH Live, the Jivara 3 in 1 device click here…

UMH Alpha Structured Water Device

UMH Jivara Veritas UMH Alpha, also called Jivara Veritas, is simply the UMH Live on a gold plated stand. It treats water the same except that it is on a stand.

The elegant 24 carat gold plated stand holds the Jivara Veritas structuring device above the water pitcher of your choosing. It is ideal for use in studios, spa, in gatherings (but not too large), at work, or when making presentation.

The Alpha takes beauty and water to a whole ‘nother level. To learn more or buy the UMH Alpha, click here…

UMH Jivara Maximus – Whole House Structured Water Device

Whole House Structured Water UnitThis is a whole house water structuring unit that will give less headaches of always making sure that you are drinking or using structured water. It is installed in your water pipe that supplies the house.

If you have another water structuring unit especially from Natural Action Technologies you can replace it and upgrade with Jivara Maximus, simply exchange for a very reduced price – click here to find out. However for a new installation that does not use any water structuring devices buy the UMH Delta. They operate the same way except that the Jivara Maximus is geared towards those who wish to exchange a Natural Action Water Whole House Unit.

The UMH Master is the ultimate in energizing, neutralizing, and water structuring technology. This European Water Structuring technology is made of the finest materials including brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, among other precious stones.

To learn more or buy the UMH Master, click here…

In addition to structuring water in multiple ways including vortexing, Sacred Geometry, and entrainment, every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos with Phi. Experience the magnificence of the UMH Master. Continue reading about Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Device

Where To Buy UMH Jivara Maximus?

Jivara Maximus At | Jivara Maximus The Wellness

UMH Delta Water Energizer

UMH Jivara Delta Water Energizer
The UMH Delta is the UMH Master on a stand. The same way UMH Alpha is UMH Live on a stand. It operates exactly the same way except that it is not installed on a water pipeline.

It is specifically designed for spa, studio, work place where you can encourage people to drink structured water. It is much bigger than the UMH Alpha and can allow for larger volumes of water. If you have a larger gathering or more people, the UMH Delta would be better than UMH Alpha.

However, the quality of the water would be the same whether using one or the other. The difference is in quantity, if you need a lot of water structured for a group of people a bigger device might be ideal.

The UMH Delta is also called Jivara Prisma and it comes with a 24 carat gold plated pyramid shaped stand to let you offer your water in style. Set it up on a table at your studio, spa, event table or home to evoke awe! To learn more or buy the UMH Delta, click here…