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Structured Water Shower Head And Portable Unit Bundle

Structured Water Shower Head And Portable Unit Bundle – This package includes a structured water head and a portable structured water unit. The package is blue in color as opposed to its white counterparts.

Structured water has improved hydration capabilities for health and youthfulness. It tastes fresh and invigorating. The structured water shower head and portable unit make structured water to give you wonderful showers for healthy skin and hair and safe water to to drink by neutralizing toxins.

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Here is a review of the Structured Water Shower Head And Portable Unit Bundle

Buy Structured Water Shower Head“The product description claims these units increase hydration, oxygen, energy and absorption of nutrients, which I have no argument, but how do they work? They actually mimic the vortex action observed in the eddying currents of a natural stream and expose the water to the energetic frequency signature of minerals contained within the guts of the unit itself. These minerals do not make physical contact with the water, so they are non-depleting.

Most importantly, they actually work! I’ve been an advocate of structured water devices for going on two months now and I’ve already accumulated a lot of anecdotal evidence. For one, structured water has reawakened my thirst convincing me that I was chronically dehydrated. As for the shower head, the difference was apparent after my first shower. You really can feel the difference in your skin and hair not to mention feeling more refreshed overall.

I’m sold! Since buying this combo pack, I’ve purchased and installed an under-sink unit and a whole house unit. I bought both these units from another vendor who I believe sells a better unit for half the price of Natural Actions Technologies. Check it out for yourself at Greenfield Naturals.” – By C. Goyette

Structured Water Shower Unit – The Unit Mini Shower

Enhanced Structured Water Shower Unit

Portable Structured Water Unit



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