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Structured Water Bearer

The Structured Water Bearer is an enhancement to the Portable Water Structuring Unit from Natural Action Technologies. It expands the use of the portable structured water unit by turning it into a shower head, watering hose. When you buy the Structured Water bearer, it comes with instructions on how to use it.

Structured Water Bearer Description And Uses

Portable Unit Used As A Structured Water Shower HeadThe is not necessarily a structured water device but rather it extends the use of the famous Natural Action Technologies Portable Water Structuring Unit.

All of the components making up the Structured Water Bearer chamber that houses the Portable Unit, including accessory fittings / adapters and flex tubing, are NSF certified for drinking water systems.

And the plastic tube including shower end piece that contains the accessories when shipped are made of food grade plastic. Both pieces are also used in various applications. Refer to pictures to see some of the configurations of the Structured Waterbearer, including using the NAT DE Portable unit as a shower unit, or a hose end unit with a gentle spray or forceful spray.

You can also use the Structured Waterbearer as a large funnel to pour large quantities of water through the Portable unit, structuring larger quantities of water multiple times, and creating a closed container for storing water as needed.

structured water for bearer enhanced structured breathing

The Structured Waterbearer can also be used for enhanced structured breathing as the image above shows!

Structured Water Bearer Specifications

Structured Waterbearer: Length as shipped: 8″; Weight: 1 lb 6.6 oz
Tube of Accessories: Length: 10″; Weight: 5.0 oz

How To Use The Structured Waterbearer


Structured Water Shower Head And Portable Unit Bundle



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