Portable Structured Water Unit

This Portable Structured Water Unit is the original model as opposed to the Portable Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit. It cheaper in price but equally useful because being a portable unit it makes balanced water readily available on demand.

Portable Structured Water Unit - Best Water Technology - No Filters to Replace - No Chemicals Ever - For Overseas Travel, Home, Camping, Hiking
Brand: Natural Action Technologies Portable Unit
Model: Original Portable Unit
List Price: $249.00
Price: $197.00
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It is ideal for any person who does not want to install it on their house especially when renting. It is also handy when traveling on the road or plane or even when visiting. Watch the following video as it explains how efficiently and conveniently you can use this Portable Structured Water Unit

How To Use The Portable Unit To Make Structured Water


Structured water is most effective when consumed as close to its source as possible. Although it can be stored in five gallon containers for dispensing at a water unit, it tastes and feels best immediately after it is processed by the Portable Structured Water Unit.

The Portable Unit meets all these needs and makes drinking water a joyous experience. Also it only weighs 9.4 oz. and 7.5 inches in length, small enough to travel with.

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