Mini Garden Structured Water Unit

The New Mini Garden Structured Water Unit is a convenient way to bring Structured Water™ to your plants and garden. Simply connect it to any faucet and hook up your hose. Extraordinary results are being obtained by watering plants with Structured Water™.

Benefits Of Structured Water On Plants

The best way to care for your plants or garden is by making structured water using the garden structured water unit o water them. Use it in your greenhouse or on an aquaponics system for miraculous results. Here are some of the benefits;
buy garden structuring water unit
– Less infection and disease in plants

– Healthier plants with 20-40% increased biomass (bigger plants)

– Increased nutrients and sugars in the plants

– Up to a 30% reduction of water needed for yard and garden

– Pest resistant due to plant health

– Handy to plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions

When you use structured water devices in your home you will be sure to have structured water at all times!

Portable Structured Water Unit

Portable Structured Water Unit

Under Sink Structured Water Unit

Under Sink Water Structured Unit