Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Device

Jivara Maximus – Inline Whole House Structured Water Device is yet another newest development in water technology. The Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Device is the latest in energizing, neutralizing, and water structuring technology. It is a European Water Structuring technology made of the finest materials including brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, among other precious stones.

Jivara Maximus - Inline Structured Water Device - Whole House - No Filters to Replace With Bonuses
Brand: Jivara
List Price: $2499.00
Price: $2499.00
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In addition to structuring water in multiple ways including vortexing, Sacred Geometry, and entrainment, every measurement in these beautifully constructed devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos. Experience the magnificence of the Jivara Maximus today. This is the perfect device for making structured water in your home.

Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Video

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