What Is Oxygenated Water Used For?

What is oxygenated water used for? Oxygenated water can be used for cleaning food like vegetables or fruits, to disinfect. You can produce oxygenated water or more specifically ozonated water with Nature-Kleen Water and Oil Ozonator.

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The Nature-Kleen Water and Oil Ozonator is a low-cost, safe and portable, energy-efficient water purification system. It is extremely well made and has one of the strongest ozone outputs available in a consumer ozone generator. It’s made to last for years, even with daily use.

The Nature-Kleen Ozonator neutralizes toxic chemicals and disease causing bacteria and viruses in food, water and oil. It produces Tri-Atomic oxygen when combined with water, releasing oxygen producing highly oxygenated water to clean and kill bacteria and viruses in the water by oxidation.

nature kleen food sanitizerNature-Kleen uses a state-of-the art corona discharge method to generate ozone. Simply put, Nature-Kleen creates ozone and ozone is natures own organic way to clean and sanitize.

You can’t bottle it or sell it in bulk… it must be made on contact. Ozone occurs most often in nature as a result of lightning during thunderstorms. The fresh, clean, spring rain smell we notice after a rain storm is the ozone created.

Ozone is a powerful oxidizer. It penetrates and creates holes in bacterial walls, destroying the bacteria. Bacteria is what spoils our fruit, vegetables, poultry and fish. Ozone oxidizes toxic substances 3,000 times faster than chlorine and, unlike chlorine; ozone is completely safe and natural.

When you use ozonated water or oxto wash kitchenware, you can effectively kill salmonella, and all other harmful pathogens preventing contamination among kitchenware and food. See http://naturekleen.com/

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– Corona discharge ozone generators benefit from oxygen preparation thereby doubling the ozone output per given volume vs. dry air.

– Small construction allowing generator to be installed in virtually any area.

– Creates a more pure form of ozone without creating other harmful or irritating gases.

– Corona cell life can exceed ten years.

– Can create high quantities of ozone (up to 100-lbs/day).

– Ozone concentration: 250mg/hr with 60 minute timer

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