Ozonator Ozone Generator O3 Oil and Water Purifier

It’s 5 times more powerful than molecular chlorine in destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses. Use ozone therapy in drinking water, to make any mouthwash cleaner and “healthier”, to create a topical oil for treatment of minor cuts and burns, and much more! .

Ozonation of liquid has many benefits (see more below). The problem with ozonation of liquid has been that the ozone breaks down too quickly – within hours of being made. This makes it difficult to sell commercially. And making it at home has been out of the question because the equipment to make it costs thousands of dollars until now. Read more … http://www.therabreath.com/oral-care-accessories/ozonator/

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Ozonator Ozone Generator O3 Oil and Water Purifier Liquid Infuser
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