How To Make Super Oxygenated Water?

Enaly OZX-300AT is one of our full-featured ozone generator products that will make super oxygenated water conveniently at your own home, to remove residual chemical found on most meats, fruits and vegetable or to disinfect anything that needs to be 100% bacteria and harmful substance free.

Produce Oxygenated Water With Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT

OZX-300AT has an Output Adjusting Dial that regulates its ozone output from 100% to less than 40%, ideal for working together with a Redox (ORP) controller to control the water quality of a fish pond or an aquarium. OZX-300AT has an External Air Inlet dedicated for Enaly-200ml-Air-Dryer connection.

This air dryer not only removes moisture from the air, making the generator suitable for operating in humid environment, but also raises its ozone output. OZX-300AT is highly effective in many different ozone application.

Find out how to produce oxygenated water with Enaly Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT.

Unboxing Of The Home Ozone Generator OZX300AT

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Oxygenate Your Body – How To Restore Oxygen Balance And Help Prevent Disease

In my health practice, I have found many people don’t realize that oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for energy and optimal health in the human body.

Oxygen plays a vital role, not only in our breathing processes but in every metabolic process in the body. Nutrient compounds inside our cells are oxidized by enzymes and this oxidation process is our main source of energy. Learn more:

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