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How To Make Oxygenated Water At Home?

The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator – Now you can make and have oxygenated water right under your roof. You don’t have to go to your local store to buy some because a water dispenser like The Big Pitcher can make highly oxygenated water by your kitchen top.

The Big Pitcher™ is the revolutionary next step in high-quality super oxygenated drinking water. It is safe, simple and affordable. It is semi portable and BPA free.

When you use The Big Pitcher Oxygenated Water Dispenser you will not only drink highly oxygenated water but you will also save money from buying bottled water.

The Big Pitcher is an electric device that oxygenates drinking water and dispenses it for drinking.

It has a canister of sizeable capacity of 62 oz. The dispenser diffuses oxygen into the water to make it highly oxygenated.

This diffusion makes the water saturated with oxygen. It does not mean oxygen would be present in water in gaseous form but it would be dissolved in the water.

It is not like as you drink the water, oxygen as a gas will be inhaled, NO! The oxygen will be dissolved in water as would sugar and the two becomes one.

This oxygen rich water will release the oxygen immediately to the body as you begin to drink it, rejuvenating your body starting straight from the tongue, the first contact point.

Here are the few ways in which this highly oxygenated water can assist your body;

1. Moistens tissue such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose

2. Regulates body temperature

3. Helps protect body organs and tissues

4. Lessens the burden on the kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products

5. Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients to make them accessible to the body

Remember you will be able to make this oxygenated water from home.

The Big Pitcher Water Oxygenator Reviews

Here are a few reviews from buyers of the The Big Pitcher;

“I have owned the Big Pitcher for a few days now. It works as you would expect, bubbling away and presumably adding oxygen to the water. I can tell you that the water is much nicer to drink, I have more energy, and sleep better. I know this seems very subjective, but is an honest assessment.” – R. B. Verified buyer from

“This is my second purchase because the original unit was lost during a move…

The water processed by this bubbler is amazing. Even the cat thought it tasted better, and we were using home-distilled water in the first place. Yes, it does add extra oxygen in the water, but what these people probably don’t realize that this is an excellent machine for generating your own penta water (water in which the blobules are stabilized down to the teeniest of units, that being the pentamer, that is, five water molecules).

What’s so special? This allows the water to be exquisitely hydrating. Have you ever drank a liter of water and just peed it out, feeling like nothing stayed behind to really refresh you? That’s because water likes to aggregate in large blobs due to their magnetic attraction (polarity).

These water blobules just can’t absorb between the “spot welds” of the cell membranes. This is why oral hydration isn’t as good as IV hydration. But when you’re dealing with pentamers, they can immediately be absorbed so quickly, your mouth feels dry after drinking it. Pentamers is what gives mountain spring water that crystalizing zing in flavor. Water does have a flavor, and it is the pentamers that gives pure water than noticeable tang.

So how can you take advantage of these pentamers? You drink less water for the proper hydration, and this is helpful to prevent that bloated stomach when you guzzle water in an attempt for a quick hydration fix. If you’re having nausea and don’t want to vomit what you drink, this helps a lot! In its purest form, I use it like IV hydration but it’s oral.

By the time the stomach wants to barf it up, the water has already been absorbed into the system. I’ve kept a lot of dehydrated newborn babies and older patients out of the hospital.” – By Borderbumble another verified purchase from

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