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Tyent Under Counter-11-Plate Turbo Extreme

Tyent Under Counter Extreme 11 Plates Water Ionizer – The Under Counter Extreme Water Ionizer brings the most advanced technology and the greatest ionization power available today. The one-touch control panel makes it easy to select a preferred pH level and displays the time and remaining filter life.

This is one of the best water ionizers that uses the high-efficiency platinum-coated solid-mesh hybrid design electrodes but the chamber flow-through was redesigned to increase flow through the main output while reducing the amount of water lost through the drain hose.

Tyent Under Counter Extreme 11 Plates Water Ionizer also controls the propagation of micro-organisms and keeps your ionizer in optimal condition through its automatic cleaning function and automatically finds and controls the optimal operating condition using flow rates and water quality. The core of your ionizer is the electrodes and our methods extend its life span and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen.

With Tyent Under Counter Extreme 11 Plates Water Ionizer you will get varying levels of alkaline water for drinking and cooking and the regular acid water for face washing and general cleaning.

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