Next-Generation LIFE M13 Life Ionizer

The new Next-Generation LIFE M13 is the world’s first 13 plate home water ionizer. The Next-Generation LIFE M13 is one of the best water ionizers because of its highest antioxidant potential and the highest flow rate of 5 to 6 liters per minute.

The M13 Life Ionizer thirteen plate design, and larger capacity inflow and outflow manifolds means that it can fill large containers fast, about 50% faster than most water ionizer machines while maintaining high antioxidant potential.
Life M13 boosts of the following;
– MAX Cool – Super Cooling System™
– MAX Plates™ – New Larger Titanium/Platinum Plates
– MAX Yield SMPS Power System™ – generates up to 800 watts
– Dual internal filters with custom pre-filter system
– New Larger ultra efficient electrolysis chambers
– Sleek, compact design
– All Next Generation Ionizers are made with BPA Free tubing.

Watch Video – Life Ionizer Next Generation M11 Water Ionizer – Now updated for 2016


Anti-oxidant potential in alkaline water helps to prevent free radicals from attacking your healthy tissues by providing an abundance of excess electrons in the body! So be weary of the kind of water you drink, look for the best water to drink for optimal health.

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