Perlli Tea and Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

Perlli Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher With Ice Core Rod can be used for a variety of drinks like punch, sangria, iced tea and infused water. You will also have options to try different ways to use it for different types of infused water.

Enjoy fruit infused water, fruit flavored iced teas, cucumber water, punch and more with the Best Flavor Fruit Infusion Pitcher with Ice Core Rod by Perlli. The infuser tube is easy to fill, screws securely into place, and allows flavors from fruits, herbs and other fillings to naturally flavor water or any beverage.

Create tasty and refreshing alternatives to soda and sugary juices. Use the ice core tube to conveniently keep beverages chilled, without having them diluted by melt water.

The ice rod stays frozen longer than ice cubes, for superior cooling performance. The Best Flavor Fruit Infusion Pitcher with Ice Core Rod’s 2.9-quart size is large enough to serve yourself and guests, and you can continually refill for 2-3 days without replacing fruit.

Made from non-toxic and BPA-free acrylic, this fruit infuser water pitcher is shatterproof and safe to use for anyone. Superior Convenience Smart design of the Best Flavor Fruit Infusion Pitcher with Ice Core Rod by Perlli delivers superior convenience:
-Large, easy-to-grip handle
-Quick hand wash, or dishwasher safe in top rack
-Secure lid
-Sturdy and compact design Kitchen fashion

This fruit infuser pitcher has contemporary, sleek styling that looks great! Perlli’s Best Flavor Fruit Infusion Pitcher with Ice Core Rod makes a lovely kitchen & home gift for housewarming parties, bridal registry, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and more. Or treat yourself to the ultimate fruit flavor infusing pitcher that allows you to create lemon water, peach iced tea, cucumber water, sangria, and dozens of other delicious beverages.

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