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Decodyne Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher

Fruit Infusion Pitcher Shatter Proof Acrylic 3 Quart – This pitcher offers a stylish design that holds up to 3 quarts of infused water. It is also made out of clear acrylic, so it won’t shatter like glass does.

Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher

Did you know that most people don’t drink enough water to stay healthy and well hydrated?

It’s easy to understand why-water is so boring. Or at least it used to be! With the Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher water becomes a tasty treat that everyone will want to drink!

The Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher lets you create healthy, sugar free fruit-flavored beverages with nothing but fresh fruit and water. Fill the infuser rod with your cut fruit and the screw it into the lid of the pitcher. Add water to the pitcher, put the lid on and let it sit! The slots in the rod allow the fruit to mix with the water. In no time, you’ll have delicious flavored water to sip and share with guests!

Compared to other fruit infusion pitchers, the Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher is truly the best because it’s:

MORE STYLISH – The Decodyne Fruit Infusion Water Pitcher has a sleek, modern design that will look attractive on any table!

BIGGER – The Decodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher holds 93 ounces of water, giving you 3 quarts of fruit flavored water to serve to a crowd.

MORE DURABLE – The Decodyne Fruit Infuser Pitcher is made out of clear acrylic, not glass, so you don’t have to worry about breakage.

SAFER – This water pitcher is 100 percent BPA free to protect your health.

MORE CONVENIENT – The infuser rod screws in for better stability. With infusers that snap or slide, there’s always a risk of it falling out.

See how much tastier staying hydrated can be with the best fruit infusion water pitcher!

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