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Vitalizer Water Machine

Vitalizer Plus – Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker is a hexagonal water machine that puts back the quality in the water as it was meant to be. The water vitalizer gives water back its life and energy by restoring its structure.

A growing amount of evidence suggests that drinking Hexagonal Water has numerous health benefits. The Vitalizer Plus was designed to create an unlimited supply of Hexagonal Water for every day consumption – it’s small enough to sit on your kitchen counter – durable enough to make all the hexagonal water you will ever need!

The Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker incorporates basic principles utilized in nature to create a life-enhancing, hexagonally-structured water, your body craves! Nature uses movement (swirling vortexes and natural curves), energy (magnetic fields from the earth and far infrared energy from the sun), minerals (naturally dissolved as water flows over mineral formations) and oxygen (incorporated as water splashes and falls).

Its uses these same principles, to create Vitalized Water in your own home! How does Nature create crystal clear living water? It begins with the rain or snow which is naturally energized and often highly structured water. It uses movement – vortexes of energy and natural curves.

It adds oxygen and minerals as water splashes and falls and It uses vital magnetic fields from the earth, and far infrared (FIR) energy from the sun. To enjoy your water even more add purblack shilajit for more nutrients.

The end result? A highly energized, structured, mineralized, oxygenated and purified living water! Vitalizer Plus is scientifically documented to:

1. Structure water – powerful magnetic and infrared forces reduce the size of individual water clusters, creating Hexagonal Water for more rapid penetration into the cells of your body.

2. Increase Oxygen – turbulent forces create a visible vortex, increasing the amount of oxygen in your drinking water – up to 30%.

3. Add minerals – a mineral core within the unit, releases structure-making minerals during the vitalizing process to help structure the water and increase alkalinity.

4. Add energy – the resulting energy in Vitalized water is enough to begin to balance the organs of your body – within minutes after drinking.

Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker Explanation Video

The Vitalizer Plus – Hexagonal Oxygen Water Maker is known to;

* Hydrate the cells
* Help transport nutrients to the cells
* Enhance waste removal from cells
* Support the immune system

It also comes with 4 Cubes. Each Cube lasts 4000 minutes.
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Revitalized hexagonal structured water can erase the negative imprinting found in most waters, filtered or otherwise. This video discusses reducing the effect of the endless flood of “low energy”, or “negative information,” that inundates the body from water typically consumed on a daily basis. Revitalized water provides the body with a natural resource of positive information, allowing the body to prioritize its health restoration efforts. See video above –

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Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Structured Oxygen Water Maker

Vitalizer Plus Hexagonal Structured Oxygen Water Maker

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