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Pürblack Live Resin is the best shilajit resin for many reasons. Apart from the fact that a pure shilajit resin should contain over 80 fulvic nutrients that enhance natural performance and aid in healthy aging, the Pur Black Shilajit Resin comes with a guarantee that many of the best shilajit brands do not provide!

When you buy Purblack shilajit the promise from PurBlack is that they will refund the purchase price if Pürblack Live Resin does not perform as promised within 90 days of purchase. However you must follow the instructions as directed.

Pürblack LIVE RESIN Shilajit. GENUINE, HIGH-EFFICACY, 3rd Generation Shilajit.
Brand: Pürblack
List Price: $89.00
Price: $89.00
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To qualify for the 90 day guarantee you will need to take Pürblack Live Resin on a daily basis as required and document taking it with date stamped photos, with meta-data intact and short journal entries describing change in how you feel from taking Pürblack Live Resin. If you did not experience any improvements, you will get a refund of your purchase. For more details click above!

The more that Pur Black Shilajit Resin is that it has been carefully formulated ensure that shilajit resin benefits are fully experienced. Pur Black Shilajit Resin is produced produce in the USA at FDA-certified facilities in accordance with stringent quality control.

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Shilajit resin is known to be mineral rich giving it a property to easily metabolize proteins and vitamins. Shilajit also possesses anti-oxidant and bio-generative properties that promote cellular regeneration. It is ingested in water. When shilajit is dissolved in water the water is called fulvic acid water. So instead of buying fulvic acid water, rather the resin!

The Pur black shilajit benefits have been mentioned above but that does not the health benefits mentioned are unique to Purblack shilajit. No, there are several places shilajit can be harvested e.g. high mountain shilajit or pure shilajit resin from any area of the world. The issue is how it is handled after being processed to be sold.

Does the processing destroy some of its benefits? The best shilajit in the world may be benefit-less if had been processed badly. That is why you have to note that Pürblack Live Resin has been processed under strictly controlled FDA-certified facilities.

Pur Black Shilajit Resin Benefits

Shilajit Resin Dosage – How Much Of Pur Black Shilajit Resin To Take

purblack shilajit amazonPur Black Shilajit Resin may come with dosage instructions, depending on the package you purchase. The package comes with a Pürscale™ device designed to aid you with your intake of the resin.

It makes taking the resin very convenient and in optimal quantities to ensure that you ingest the right dose. You don’t want to take too much shilajit because it will be a waste, excess will just be excreted unused while taking little may mean delay in enjoying the benefits that come with ingesting shilajit!

The Purscale is a real saver, it will save you both time and the resin. When you use to measure the amount to dissolve in water you will be saving around $7 to $10 per 15 grams of resin. That is about 15% to 20% of resin savings that might have been wasted but dissolving too much.

It takes guess work out of the equation, you will always know and be rest assured that your dose is adequate and enough to give you results. If your Purblack Shilajit purchase does not come with the PurScale, make sure to buy one!

The PurScale makes every thing easy because it measures out about a pea-sized ball of resin. Enough consumption per serving! Then dissolve the pea-sized resin in lukewarm or cold pure water and drink.

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For even more enhanced results use living water when dissolving shilajit resin. The best living water to drink can be obtained right from your home if you have the right resources. Also see fulvic acid X350. If you don’t you can purchase them easily online. Here is what you need to make living water;

Water Structuring Unit – You can make living water using a water structuring unit. This unit has an inlet and an outlet and as water flows through it its gets mechanically structured. As it structures, water acquires its lost qualities to become how nature intended it.

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Bio Disc For Scalar Energy – Unlike the structuring unit a bio disc is a circular disc that emits scalar energy which gets emitted into the water as it is poured and flow over the disc. As water absorbs this energy it gets turned into living water.

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So when you use living water instead of ordinary pure water you will get the most benefits both from the water and the shilajit resin.

What Is Shilajit Resin?

Shilajit resin is an organic component of humus and the active substance in shilajit that gives it its overwhelming qualities is fulvic acids. In other words shilajit is the source of fulvic acids! The resin itself is from decayed plant matter that is over million years old. It is very old old humus matter! To learn more about Shiljit or Fulvic acid visit our Fulvic Acid Water page!

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Purblack Shilajit Review

There are a number of positive reviews about this premium shilajit at amazon.com. Visit to read more… Here is a few;

pur black shilajit benefits“I ordered this specific brand of shilajit / mumijo resin after hearing Adam Trombly (director of Project Earth) recommend this on Gaia TV’s Open Minds show. My experience was very positive with the company before receiving it, and after taking it for a week, I can highly recommend this to anyone interested in receiving healing and nourishment from this Earth resin.

I initially just let the resin melt in my mouth, as I love the smoky taste. But now I mix it in warm almond milk along with Chywanprash. I have a friend who also adds ashwagandha and maca to what I am taking in this warm drink. This resin enhances what you take with it.

I think of this resin as a connection to Earth and her abundance. Since my body is of Earth, it can explain why this has long been held as an elixir of life, helping all and every part of the human body. I would not call this a mere supplement, but a whole food that gives abundance in small doses.” – ByJ. Cormier from Amazon

This is from Shieldmaiden Miston still from Amazon;

best shilajit in the world“My Husband has been taking Pur Black for some time now. We purchased ours directly from the manufacturers website, and wanted to post our thoughts on it here. My Husband says he feels that he has more energy during the day than he did before. He started taking this while he had a cold, now I’m not saying that it cured him, but I will say that it seems that he recovered from it in about half the time he normally would.

Another thing I noticed is that he has become easier to be around. More positive, and more willing to calm down and analyze things. Making his life and the people around him better as a whole. Pur Black seems to be the real deal. According to what I have read about it, it is decomposed ancient plants, buried under a mountain and old land. So you can see how we were a bit skeptical however, it does seem to work.

The only real downs to Pur Black is that it tastes pretty bad. It’s very sticky, so once it comes out of the container it starts to heat up quickly. So when you handle it you gotta be quick, get it on your fingers too long and it will start to stick. The other down side is that its pretty expensive. All and all its a good product, and it definitely does have working health benefits. If you’re still curious about Pur Black do a quick google search on its contents, Its pretty impressive.”

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