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Quantum Flask

The FusionExcel Scalar Energy Quantum Flask is a special flask made from stainless steel and enhanced with scalar energy to make scalar energized water. The scalar energy turns the water molecules into small clusters for easy absorption in the body and a whole other goodies clustered water provides to the body.

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Quantum Science Flask

Water energized by this Quantum flask carries subtle energy vibrations that enhance the body’s biofield. This is essential for one’s health and wellness. This type of water has smaller water clusters and clusters make water more bio-available.

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Hence the absorption of nutrients and detoxification at the most basic level is facilitated and enables water to carry its many functions around the body effectively. Benefits of energized water from the Quantum Flask include;

quantum science flask price – Promoting unclamping of cells
– Enhancing blood circulation
– Enhancing immune and endocrine systems
– Enhancing cellular permeability and detoxification
– Increasing energy levels
– Helping to protect DNA from damage
– Helping to slow down the aging process
– Strengthening the body’s bio-field preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health
– Increasing focus and concentration

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How To Use Quantum Flask

Simply fill up the Quantum Flask with normal drinking water. After a few minutes the water will be energized and is ready for consumption. Water from the Quantum Flask can also be used to wash open wounds and infected parts of the skin. Also see fulvic acid supplement reviews.

Water used in this manner helps to relieve pain and hastens the healing process. The FusionExcel Quantum Energy Flask is non-magnetic, not electrical and require no maintenance.

FusionExcel Scalar Energy Quantum Flask

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FusionExcel Scalar Energy Quantum Flask



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