Bio Disc Natural Energy Generating Device

Bio Disc Natural Energy Generating Device – The energy bio disc produces scalar energized water that is ideal for drinking to produce many desirable benefits.

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While other products may also energize water, BioDisc energised water will retain energised for months not just 48 hours. Furthermore, Biodisc is a tool that can transfer it’s energy by direct contact or by light rays to our body. It’s portable and requires no power source.

Bring it in your pocket or your handbag. Bring along when you travel. Make and share BioDisc energised water anywhere – during vacation, in the plane or even in the jungle!


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Bio Disc 2 Benefits

Use of Bio Disc to give scalar energized water has many benefits including;
– Rejuvenates our bodies at cellular level,
– Has detoxifying abilities,
– Energizes water to bodies to be less fatigued,
– Helps balance the ‘Ying’ and ‘Yang’ and create a ‘Chi’ Life Force,
– Increases mental cognition,
– It reduces stress levels,
– Assists in pain relief,
– Helps reduce the effects of aging, making the skin look healthier and younger looking,
– Increases blood oxygen level and improves nutrient absorption,
– Helps cleansing the blood thereby improving immune system,
– Extends the shelf life of all vegetables fruits and meat when placed in their vicinity,
– etc.

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Bio Disc Reviews

“When I first heard about the Bio Disc I couldn’t believe that this ‘piece of glass’ could do all the things they said, and I didn’t want to spend close to $400 on a piece of glass.

However, my friend Thomas happened to buy two Bio Discs and let me have one to try. I started to experiment with this new product, energizing all my drinking water and also sleeping with it under my bed. I realized that I was no longer drinking coffee in the afternoons to keep myself awake anymore.

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I used to drink 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day and very often had severe headaches and migraines due to stress. I had to go for a massage once every month. However, after drinking Bio water for two weeks, I started to notice that I no longer had headaches and migraines as often and did not need to go for body massages any more since May.

I continued to experiment using the Bio Disc with vegetable and found that it removed the smelly chemical smells from vegetables, especially broccoli. I used Bio water to cook rice and found that the leftover rice didn’t turn bad even when I had left it overnight without putting it in the fridge.

The Bio Disc also helped my complexion. The pigmentation on my skin seemed to lighten due to improved blood circulation and the generation of new cells. My skin seems younger and firmer now.

I placed my hair dye on the Bio Disc when coloring my hair and found that my scalp didn’t itch as much as it used to because of the chemicals from the hair dye. Usually, my head would itch for one week after I coloured my hair. Also I find that even without using any conditioner, the colour does not run or fade. My hair is also softer and smoother.

I strongly recommend the Bio Disc to everyone and think you will be surprised with what this ‘piece of glass’ can do.”

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More Bio Disc 2 testimonials can be searched around the web for more insight on the performance of energized water made with scalar energy bio disc. The best place to start is at

Bio Disc 2 Side Effects

The Bio Disc 2 does not have any know side effects.

Bio Disc Price

The price of the Bio Disc varies from supplier to supplier but what may be disheartening may be the price difference. Below is an alternative place you can purchase the Bio Disc.

Buy Scalar Energy Bio Disc Click Here – Bio Disc 2

Buy Bio Disc Scalar Energy Click Here For Bulk Order of Bio Disc 2

Bio Disc Natural Energy Generating Device

Bio Disc Natural Energy Generating Device

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Quantum Scalar Energy Bio Disc

Bio Disc With Natural Energy

Bio Disc With Natural Energy

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