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What Is Structured Water?

Learn about structured water. Water is structured and energized as it interacts with the natural environment. Pipes, pumps, chemicals, synthetic and corrupted natural materials all work to de-energize and de-structure water. Water can only be structured and energized by mimicking what happens to water in nature. Learn more at

UMH Live – Jivara 3 in 1

Are you looking for a portable structured water unit? The UMH Live also called Jivara 3 in 1 is a structured water device that is portable and can be used in at least three different ways. First, it can be used to structure water straight from the tap or filtered water unit. Second, it can […]

Jivara Veritas – UMH Alpha Structured Water Unit

If you want to make your own structured water at home get the Jivara Veritas – UMH Alpha Structured Water Unit! You can buy this device at a bargain price from the The Wellness Enterprise website, you also have an option of payment plans. Click Here To Buy UMH Alpha Structured Water Device Jivara Veritas […]

UMH Jivara Structured Water Devices

Not all drinking water is the same! And you will easily agree using UMH Jivara Structured Water Devices. These devices structure and energize to turn any water into living water by simply running water through the device. If you wanted to know how to make structured water at home your answer is here! Before going […]

UMH Jivara Pure 24K Gold

Are you looking for ways to make structured water at home? One of the best water structuring devices is the UMH Jivara Pure 24K Gold – Under Sink Water Structuring Device. With this device you will be able to have a sink installed with energizing structured water. Click Here To Buy UMH Pure 24K Gold […]

Jivara Prisma – UMH Delta Water Energizer

Do you love structured water and want to share it with your friends and customers? Perhaps you run a spa or have a therapeutic establishment or simply want to teach and have people experience structured water? Then the Jivara Prisma, UMH Delta Water Energizer is the perfect answer for you! Buy Jivara Prisma – UMH […]

UMH Master Gold

Do you have an existing filter system and would like to add a water structuring device? The UMH Master Gold would be the perfect solution for you. This structured water device is especially important for users of reverse osmosis systems. This is because ro water has broken structure and the energy field from UMH Master […]

Jivara Mountain Spring – An Alternative To Reverse Osmosis

Are you looking for the best alternative to ro water system? Look no further than Jivara Mountain Spring – An Alternative To Reverse Osmosis… Click Here To Buy Jivara Mountain Spring From The Wellness Enterprise Website Why Use and Drink Structured Water Structured water is water that is energized and allows your body and mind […]

Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Device

Jivara Maximus – Inline Whole House Structured Water Device is yet another newest development in water technology. The Jivara Maximus Structured Water Whole House Device is the latest in energizing, neutralizing, and water structuring technology. It is a European Water Structuring technology made of the finest materials including brass, crystals, rose quartz, shungite, and EM […]

Pur Black Shilajit Resin – Pürblack Live Resin

Pürblack Live Resin is the best shilajit resin for many reasons. Apart from the fact that a pure shilajit resin should contain over 80 fulvic nutrients that enhance natural performance and aid in healthy aging, the Pur Black Shilajit Resin comes with a guarantee that many of the best shilajit brands do not provide! When […]