UMH Jivara Structured Water Devices

Not all drinking water is the same! And you will easily agree using UMH Jivara Structured Water Devices. These devices structure and energize to turn any water into living water by simply running water through the device. If you wanted to know how to make structured water at home your answer is here!

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Before going deeper into exploring these UMH devices by looking at who the manufacturer is and how the technology works, let us take a quick look at the different units and where you can buy them. Depending on which water structuring unit you want here are the devices;

UMH Structured Water Units Overview

There are several UMH structured water units to meet your circumstances or need of use. We have units designed to supply water to the whole house, use only at the sink or when showering, for travel, for business like spar, plus more.

The UMH Water Structuring Devices

The UHM UMH Water Structuring Devices are manufactured by a European company in Austria called UMH – Umwelttechnologien

UMH Master

whole house water structuring unit
UMH Master is one of the largest household structured water units that is used for the whole house water structuring. It can handle large flow volumes of water and is capable of supplying the whole house with structured water for drinking, bathing/showering, laundry, washing at the kitchen sink, gardening, pets, etc.

It provides energized water to the entire water supply system of the house with energized water. It is wise to use a certified installer to do the installation on your pipes.

It is also available at different sizes such that you can choose depending on the size of your pipes. Available sizes are 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 5/4″, 6/4″ and 2″.

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Jivara Maximus

Jivara Maximus - NAT Upgrade

The Jivara Maximus is basically the same as the UMH Master except that it is available to those who who wish to exchange a Natural Action Water Whole House Unit (NAT Unit). This means if you own an NAT Unit you can exchange and get the Jivara Maximus at a discount.

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UMH Delta

UMH Delta Water Energizer
UMH Delta water energizier is a combination of UMH Master 1/2 gold with pyramid stand and glass funnel and is;

  • For energizing liquids
  • Multiple energizing possible
  • Ideal for therapeutic purposes
  • 24 carat gold plated

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UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge

UMH mineralizer
This is UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge and it contains over 70 trace elements essential for daily body functions. Your body will be able to efficiently use these minerals as they are delivered in liquid soluble form to ease assimilation.

The UMH Sango Jivara Remineralizer can be used with any water filtering system you have installed.

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Jivara™ Mountain Spring

Jivara Mountain Spring ith UMH 24K Gold
The Jivara Mountain Spring Water System will give water whose quality is close that that of a natural spring.

Its main components are the UMH Sango Mineral Cartridge for mineralizing the water, the Best Water Filter Ever and a water structuring unit.

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UMH Jivara Pure

Jivara Under Sink 24K Gold
The UMH Pure is an under sink water structuring unit ideal for use with existing filter systems. If you already have a water filtering system like a reverse osmosis system, you can use UMH Pure to augment the system.

It is 24-carat gold plated and available with 3/8“ thread and special adapters if necessary

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UMH Live

UMH Jivara 3 in 1
UMH Live is a versatile unit to be directly attached to the tap in kitchen and bathroom, to the shower hose, backyard tap and much more. It is ideal for traveling as it comes with a travel-kit. Like other UMH devices it is a 24 carat gold plated or silver-plated.

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UMH Alpha

Jivara Veritas
UMH Alpha is a combination of UMH Live Gold with stand and glass funnel;

  • For energizing liquids
  • Multiple energizing possible
  • 24 carat gold plated

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Which UMH Structured Water Device To Choose

This video will outline the different Jivara structured water units that are available for sale at The Wellness Enterprise website.

Jivara Maximus Whole House Unit

Jivara 3-in-1 Water Structuring Device

UMH Structured Water

There is something you need to know about water beforeyou drink another drop of water. For water to perform its tasks in the body must be in intrinsic state, the way nature intended it to be. The UMH Jivara Structured Water Devices bring water close to this state.

How Do UMH Devices Structure Water

A UMH Structured Water Device performs many tasks on the water to bring it as close to natural spring water as possible. Water that goes through the device is subjected to multiple ways of water re-structuring processes.
how UMH Devices workUMH as a company developed this Austrian Water Structuring Technology that is able to combine different ways of structuring water. This technology involves Sacred Geometry, Vortexing, Entrainment, Precious Gems, EM Ceramics, etc. to produce the finest Structured Water that one might mistake it for a natural spring water.

The first interaction water has inside the device is with a Golden Mean Spiral, which is part of the sacred geometry, that attunes the water with the energy of creation. As water passes over this sacred geometry such as the golden spiral, the miniature pyramids that have the same angles as the Pyramid of Giza, it spins through a vortexing design and interacts with highly charged vials containing a special solution of salt water with gold particles and other gem stone particulates.

The devices can be classified into two in terms of size, there are larger and smaller devices. Larger devices allow more volumes of water to pass through them while smaller devices are restrictive because of their small size. Larger devices include the UMH Master, Jivara Maximus, Jivara Prisma (UMH Delta), etc. Smaller devices include the UMH Live, UMH Alpha, etc.

In the larger UMH devices the water also interacts with 10 small marble sized gem stones while in the smaller devices

As a result UMH water is structured, energized, neutralized, entrained and raised in vibration. Only the finest materials are used. Attention to detail and small batches contribute to the high vibration of each device. Materials include 24 carat gold, brass, crystals like rose quartz, shungite, and EM Ceramics, in addition to other gem stones.

In addition every measurement in these beautifully constructed UMH structured water devices is designed to evoke the energy of the Cosmos. Every drop of the water you consume is amplified!

Now let us look at each of the above tasks and properties of the devices individually.

Structured Water Reviews

Here is a snippet of some raving reviews from people who have experience with UMH structured water and using these devices;

For two years we’ve been using your UMH energizing device for our water treatment. Since then, we only drink energized water and even take it with us when we are traveling. I am a diabetic and was always tired and weak. Since using the water treatment I feel much more agile and fresh.

We always have two places where our dogs can get water, but only one of them was actually used as a place for water. As an experiment, we deliberately gave the UMH water in the water bowl that has not been previously used. From that moment on, the dogs drink exclusively from that bowl.

– Dietmar Gruber, 2009

The water in our area contains a high level of limewater (18-22) and does not taste good enough to drink. Our children, who are three and five years old, entirely refused to drink. As the UMH unit was installed, we all immediately noticed a change: The tap water suddenly tasted softer, milder and as lively as spring water.

The kids really enjoy drinking it. The kettle doesn’t have limescale build up as quickly as it did before and while showering, the energized water feels softer and more purifying. We are very grateful for this technology.

– Diane Gemsjäger, 2007

I LOVE THE UMH Master! I absolutely LOVE my UMH Master! My plumber is telling his entire professional network water -installation business about it!

– Pamela, December 2016

WARM AND LIGHT FEELING RADIATED THROUGH MY BEING – The first two days with my UMH Live, I experienced a powerful flow of well being. I could sense intuitively that something big had shifted. I just had this sense I was being carried by a warm wave of love. A warm and light feeling radiated through my being and I felt more tangibly that I am love in my essence!

– Gisele Landry, November 2016

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