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Are you aware of the quality of water you drink, bath, cook or wash with? Do you know what structured water is? is one of the best water to drink and if you have it running from your faucet you can do a lot of other things with it, and the benefits will not pass unnoticed.

definition of structured waterWhen you drink structured water you experience increased energy and vitality, feel very hydrated, very light yet full of energy and improved overall health.

You know the old adage; you should drink more water! In this article I will show you how drinking any water will not cut it. You should drink structured water!

You will learn what structured water is, the health benefits of structured water and why it would be your best option against filtered water, distilled water, purified water or tap water.

You will also see how you will be saving a lot from buying bottled water.

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Structured water is water that is restored to its intrinsic qualities that is energized, alive, free of toxins, chlorine, etc.

What Is Structured Water?

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When you look at the word structured you will realize that there must be an element of order, while unstructured will clearly indicate chaos. So structured water is water that is orderly, it has a definite order that depicts it as so. What do I mean? Order has some indicators that show order while dis-order or haphazardness also has its own characteristics that show the haphazardness.


You will know structured water from its qualities. These qualities you will not see outright with your naked eyes. That is to say if you have clean water that is structured and the other that is not you will not be able to tell easily. The difference in outward appearance will be very subtle. Structured water should be much clearer and shinier than unstructured, but this may not be clearly apparent to some people.

What Does Structured Water Mean?

what is a structured water unit

Perhaps before dwelling into what structured water is you might want to know what unstructured water is.

What Is Unstructured Water?

Well, in the strictest sense I should not be saying unstructured water as if that is a name, it is more of a class or an opposite of structured water. So I am putting it this way to differentiate between the two. You will not be able to go into a store and buy unstructured water as you would with distilled, filtered, sparkling water, etc. And yes you can buy or better still make your own structured water… Well I hope you understand me!

Getting back to the topic below are different labels (names) given to water which in this context is water that is unstructured. Let’s start with the dangers;

Dangers Of Filtered Or Bottled Water

A lot of us are drinking different kinds of water believing to be drinking water that gives us good health. We drink;

– Bottled water,
– Filtered water,
– Distilled water,
– Reverse Osmosis Water

The above types of water are not structured which means though clean and processed somehow they are not beneficial to our health and in most cases detrimental. They are unstructured due to the processes or treatment the water has gone through.

how to make structured waterThe water that we buy every day is not really good for our health and if you had a choice you would not buy it. And if you really knew what I am going to share with you, you will have a difficult time raising that bottled water to your mouth again.

Unstructured water is not dirty or soiled water. No! It is clean, filtered but dead. It is water whose inherent qualities and characteristics have been disturbed somehow or removed. It is in good faith that chlorine is added to water as a cleaning agent to kill harmful bacteria.

It is in good faith to filter water using reverse osmosis to remove heavy metals and other contaminants that make water not safe to drink. However, the resulting liquid is not really beneficial to our health.

This water is not healthy to drink because instead of being a source of nutrients and minerals (or at least a carrier) the water would also be hungry for the nutrients and the minerals. These processes produce hungry water that is deprived of these elements, so its like they produce a void to be filled up.

The same you get hungry and to eat. So instead of this water transporting these nutrients and minerals to different parts of the body, it absorbs them for keeps and only gives you the surplus.

By its nature water should should know what is good and bad for you. That is why it can be used as a detoxifying agent. It will run through your body and absorb harmful toxins from your cells and take them out through excretion.

As it runs through your body there will be an exchange it will give your cells good food (nutrients, minerals, etc) and take away bad things (radicals, toxins, etc). This is in the nature of water but once it is subjected to processes mentioned above this inherent behavior dies, water starts to be greedy. It will not know what is good or bad for you. It will not protect you!

That is why one may develop undesirable conditions even when they drink lots water as the adage says. As much as we try to clean, purify, ‘improve’ the water that we drink unknowingly we damage it.

Conditions Indirectly Caused By Unstructured Water

The good that we are trying to do gives birth to water that is stripped of its inherent qualities that promote life and health. The sad thing is that the repercussions of this kind of water are subtle, long term and sneaky. When I say sneaky I mean that when something is wrong with your health it will be difficult to link it directly with the water you drink.

drinking bad waterWhat do I mean? Say you have a headache! It will be very weird to think that you have a headache because you are drinking bad water. What about arthritis, kidney stones, low mood, bad emotions, etc. Have you noticed that what I have mentioned above looks like it has no connection with the water you are drinking? But come to think of it? What is the cause of arthritis, high blood pressure and other chronic ailments?

I am willing to bet that you will not link it to the dead water you drink. Most of these ailments come about because the water you drink has failed to do its intrinsic purpose. Water revitalizes, is an energy booster, a nutrient, mineral and oxygen transporter in your body. It aids in removal of waste and toxins in your body. Bottled water, filtered water, ro water, etc. is not efficient in carrying out this intrinsic purposes.

So what do you think will happen when water you drink does not fulfill its purpose fully? What happens if not all toxins are removed from your body? Where do you think these toxins are sitting? Don’t they cause arthritis in the long run or kidney stones or some other chronic disorder…? What do you think that build up of toxins will cause to your health?

Hidden Dangers Of Unstructured Water

What if you eat very nutritious meals but you do not absorb them as efficiently as you should because your water is not doing an effective job? You even end up buying supplements wanting to boost your energy levels or simply to augment your diet (that is already complete)?

Dangers Of Unstructured WaterTo make matters worse, this water that is common and available to us to drink carries some undesirable elements into our body. Chlorine, fluoride, etc. in the water are not good for our bodies.

Yes! And that is where the whole problem starts yet again. We have cleaned the water with chlorine to kill harmful bacteria and we now have to remove it because it is a health hazard. Enter all sorts of filtration!

Everybody knows that tap water is not healthy to drink! To try to solve the problem we buy an ro system or we drink bottled water. Please understand me this is not wrong, you definitely should not drink water with chlorine and all this contaminants! The solution is not complete and has a shortfall!

Structured Water Definition

Structured water is defined as water that has its intrinsic qualities intact the way nature intended it. Watch the following video explaining what structured water is.

Introduction To Structured Water


You Don’t Just Drink It But Cook, Bath With It

As mentioned above, there is a shortfall because the water you cannot drink directly from the faucet you use it to cook with, bath with, etc. You are still ingesting what you think you are avoiding by buying bottled water. It’s a bit ironic, isn’t it?

living structured water

The solution is not complete because the water you drink makes you ill without noticing. Most sicknesses are not attributed to drinking dead water yet they should. There are scores of people who once they decided to drink living structured water they saw huge improvement in their health.

So it is best to know the kind of water you re drinking. If you are drinking ‘dead’ or ‘damaged’ water, take note of your health. What are you complaining about mostly? Take note again when you switch to structured water.

It will not be expensive for you to switch to structured water especially if you already have a filter system in your house or buying bottled water. In fact, you will save in the long run! But before getting to how you can switch to structured water or how you will save let us understand structured water more!

Health Benefits Of Structured Water

What is structured water and how would it improve your health? First and foremost, structured water has increased live energy, and this energy gets dissipated throughout your body as water enters and leaves your cells. Energy in structured water does wonders to your energy levels and to make structured water

Secondly structured water is not a conducive medium for harmful bacteria. Did you know that harmful (anaerobic) bacteria thrives in different conditions from those that friendly (aerobic) bacteria thrive in? Aerobic bacteria are friendly to our gut while anaerobic bacteria are destructive to our gut. Anaerobic bacteria promote conditions in our bodies like;

Central nervous System – they promote intracranial infections.
Respiratory System – they promote infections in the respiratory tract like the tonsils, lungs, bad breath, etc.
Abdominal Systems – they promote conditions like appendicitis, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.
Reproductive System – they promote conditions like ovarian abscesses, cysts, foul smelling discharges,
Skin and Soft-tissue – they promote conditions like eczema, psoriasis, wound infection, dermatitis, etc.
Bone Structure System – they promote conditions like osteomyelitis (bone infection), septic arthritis, etc.

Please note that the above conditions are not necessarily caused by the anaerobic bacteria but the prevalent presence worsens the condition. As an example abscess develops after an injury. Say you have a tiny wound from an insect bite. And treating it with a disinfectant would heal it.

Should the disinfectant fail and/or should the anaerobic bacteria be present in overwhelming numbers be sure that the wound would develop an abscess. And it will be worse than it should and will take long to heal. The unfriendly bacteria did not cause the wound (but the insect bite) however they worsened the condition.

Now imagine if your body is raided by these micro-organisms and you drink water that gives them conducive environment to multiply! Your body will work overtime and wear-off before time. I am talking about no other water than tap water, filtered water, bottled water, etc. (Remember not all apples are bad!) These waters are dead unless you revive them!

Drink structured water and you may never have to suffer from the above conditions. This is because structured water is rich in oxygen and oxygen is not friendly to anaerobic bacteria.

How To Make Structured Water

definition of structured waterYou can make your tap water structured inexpensively. You can simply run the water through a structured water unit to make structured water. This water could be tap water, filtered, reverse osmosis, etc.

As I were to ask you, how many drinking water bottles do you buy every month? Or how many bottles of water do you drink a day? Do the math and find out how much bottled water costs you annually.

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The good news is you can buy a structured water unit at the fraction of the cost. Depending on the unit you want to invest in you can have sufficient structured water to also cook and bath with. You can use it to water your garden or give it to your pets.

Where To Buy Structured Water

There are different kinds of structured water units including portable ones. These structured water devices come at different price points. This gives you options depending on your needs. You can structured water units online or stores. Click the image or link below to visit one of the online stores to buy structured water units.

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Whole House Structured Water Unit

This unit can be used to structure the water just as it enters the house. You will enjoy all the benefits of Structured Water for cooking, drinking, showers or baths, laundry, gardening, pets and so much more.

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Under Sink Structured Water Unit

You can add an Under The Sink Structured Water Unit to any filter system you have to enjoy drinking and cooking with water that is balanced and hydrating. Notice that the structured water will not be only easily available for drinking but for cooking as well – just a turn of the faucet.

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Portable Structured Water Unit

The Portable Structured Water Unit is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go. Being portable you can enjoy the benefits of structured water when you are out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling or in the plane. The Portable Structured Water Unit is also great for apartment living, where a house product is not an option. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into any container to get the benefits of structured water.

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Shower Structured Water Unit

Imagine showering under a warm waterfall of enlivened, life benefiting, droplets of water each time you shower! With a Structured Water Shower Unit you will be getting healthy benefits of; soft healthy skin and hair, no hard water build-up and more… every time you take a shower! The Structured Water Shower Unit produce amazing changes to water! After bathing you will feel their skin soft and lubricated.

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Garden Structured Water Unit

The Garden Structured Water Unit is designed for use to water your plants and garden. Structured water is not only good for your health as a human it is good to all of life including your plants. Have you ever seen your environment after rain? The ground gets covered with green in a few days? Do you think you will get the same results if you were to pour that much water from your municipal water? I doubt! Structured water is as close to rain water as possible. Remember the water structuring units tend to reverse the damage done to water.

Dynamically Enhanced Garden Structured Water Device

Garden Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water Unit

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