Oxygenated Water

Like anything that is good in life I want to bet you have heard of oxygenated water? You probably have seen advertisement about it telling you how can rejuvenate your body. Of course there will be those who be criticizing it. In this article I am going to share with you what I have learnt about oxygenated water. At one point I wanted to do my due diligence to learn more about this water with oxygen.

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Like I said I am going to answer questions like what is oxygenated water; what are the benefits of drinking it, can you buy it and can you make it at home as well as the dangers of having blood with low levels of oxygen and what may cause low oxygen in your blood. Firstly, let’s briefly discuss the importance of oxygen in the body before we can appreciate what oxygenated water is.

Functions Of Oxygen In The Body

It is important to realize the role of oxygen in our bodies and to know that it is one of the vital critical elements that need to forever present in the body for survival. Any shortage would disastrous. Before death a whole lot conditions will occur when the body does not have adequate oxygen. Function of oxygen entails;

  • Regulation of all body processes – e.g. metabolism, respiration,
  • The brain functions optimally with sufficient oxygen promoting mental acuity and clarity
  • Adequate supply of oxygen will keep your energy levels high
  • Anaerobic organisms cannot live in an oxygen rich environment
  • Oxygen is needed in the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, fats for nutrients and energy
  • Oxygen boosts the immune system
  • Etc.

What Is Oxygenated Water

Oxygenated water is water that has been infused with oxygen, water that has increased levels oxygen more than our typical bottled or tap water would have. There will be varying levels of oxygen in the water depending on where you bought it or how you introduced oxygen into the water. But is important is oxygenated water does not have oxygen just for the sake of having oxygen. It has far reaching benefits especially in our health.

oxygenated water

Today water is oxygenated using different methods (some effective some not) because more and more characteristics and qualities of the best water to drink are being uncovered. Water is not just water as we may know it for those who have been not in the know. I now know that there is living water and dead and/or damaged water. The latter is what we normally drink everyday of our lives.

Living water is water with life force accompanied by all the basic characteristics one would expect from a living thing. Living water has energy, appreciable amounts of oxygen, friendly aerobic bacteria, minerals and trace elements, nutrients, no contaminants detrimental to our health, etc. This living water is available from natural springs, unpolluted artesian locations, etc.

However, you will find that water we drink today that we think is clean and purified for safe drink is actually not. Yes, by looking at it it is water and is inviting to drink, but it has no value or its value to your health has been highly compromised. Often times detrimental, meaning it not doing what it was supposed to do in your body.

Water is supposed to nourish your cells, act as a transport medium to give food to the cells and take away waste and toxins. It is supposed transport oxygen to all parts of the body where it is needed (essentially every cell) to energize them. It is supposed to be a communication medium for the nervous system and even between cells. Sadly, the water we drink today is not effective in doing so. Not just drink but also cooking with it, bathing, and many more.

the-best-mineral-water-in-the-worldSo as an attempt to bring back the qualities of water as they should be science and technology has realized that living water has sufficient levels of oxygen in it. The kind that you find at healing places like That is why there is need to oxygenate water after being exposed to many processes in the name cleaning and purifying it.

Where To Find Oxygenated Water

Oxygenated water is now readily available more than ever before. You can purchase it in bottles – there are popular brands that sell bottled oxygenated water. Remember that you must do your due diligence in every you purchase. I am saying this because some of the water claimed to be oxygenated may not be or the oxygenation process may not be effective. There are scores of cases where it is reported that a manufacturer claims the water is rich in oxygen but the moment you open the bottle all the oxygen escapes.


You can buy oxygenated water machine to install in your house or a unit to use it by your kitchen sink. This way you will have and drink oxygenated water every time you turn your faucet.

But now, coming back to the question where to find oxygenated water, the best place to start is online especially amazon.com.

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Living water is naturally occurring water that has not been treated yet. Examples include from the springs, artesian wells or locations, etc. There are places in the world which are renowned to be flowing with healing waters. This healing part of the water is due to the fact that it is living and its inherent qualities and characteristics have not been tampered with.

There are companies that claim to be bottling living water straight from the source. An example would be

  • Voss water which is bottled at…
  • Another is Fiji Water
  • What Are The Benefits Of Oxygenated Water

Oxygenated water has a lot benefits to the human body. Have you ever that experience where you feel very tired but don’t know where it’s coming from? Or you feel moody with no apparent reason? Or an unexplained headache? And often times you would be encouraged to drink water?

This is because water is the ‘medicine’ of all these situations. Among other things that water transports around the body is oxygen. Oxygen is needed in every part of the body. Let’s briefly look at the functions of oxygen in the body;

  • All processes in the body like metabolism, respiration, are regulated by oxygen
  • The brain requires appreciable levels of oxygen to be efficient in its functions
  • Oxygen is necessary in detoxification of cells
  • Oxygen is needed to grow, repair and feed body cells for optimal health
  • The carbohydrate- and protein rich foods you eat need oxygen to be broken down to nourish your body and boost your energy levels
  • And many more

The above show that oxygen is an essential element in our body. There is a name given to cases where there is acute shortage of oxygen. It is hypoxia, an insufficient amount of oxygen available to the body to carry out is activities and processes. Oxygen, in different mediums is also used to treat certain conditions.

What Does Oxygenated Water Do

Oxygen is a gas and the body cannot use it in gaseous from. We breathe it in as gas but it is immediately mixed with blood in the lungs to be carried around the body. Blood is not the only medium that can carry usable oxygen. And air that we breath in is not the only source or supply of oxygen. Water and some foods also supply oxygen to augment the one we breathe in.

Oxygenated water carries oxygen to various parts of the body. The oxygen will be absorbed in the cells, blood, etc. Here we are talking about water at its elemental level, as it penetrates and gets used at cellular level.

What Does Oxygenated Water Mean

What Do Low Oxygen Levels Mean?

As oxygen gets used in the body it gets finished and needs to be replenished. Normal breathing should suffice coupled with eating healthy foods that when eaten can release more oxygen to the body. However, that is not the case! The air we breathe is getting depleted of oxygen. Evidence is in the oxygen concentration levels in the air now compared to back then;

  • Firstly, it is lower than what it used to be some decades back.
  • Secondly, oxygen concentration in the air varies from place to place
  • Thirdly, the water that we drink has been depleted of oxygen by the treatment and filtration processes it undergoes

So this means our bodies have less and less natural occurring oxygen available. Hence we need to supplement it or add to our bodies one or the other. Several ways have been discovered or exploited to increase oxygen in blood or body.

What Causes Low Oxygen In Blood

Low levels of oxygen in the blood can be very detrimental to your health. There is a health condition attached to it. It is called hypoxia, which is an in sufficient supply of oxygen to meet the demands of the body. This condition is prevalent in people who fly because of high altitude and people doing strenuous activities.

Oxygen can also be deficient in the body because of stress. When one is stressed the body tends to work overtime by so using more oxygen than normal. There are different types of stress that affect oxygen levels in the blood, including but not limited to;

  • Toxic Stress – Your body detoxifies every time through breathing, excretion, sweating, urination, etc. As these happen toxins leave your body. It is a natural process. However, the problem is here, when the body can no longer remove waste as fast as waste accumulates. There will be a build-up and before this build-up is eminent the body will try as much as possible to get rid of this waste. As this happens more and more oxygen is used depleting all the reserves if any. Eventually removal of waste is not effective and this when you will start feeling bloated, uneasy, have headaches, not thinking straight, impatient, etc.
  • Emotional Stress – Emotional stress has a lot to do with your emotional state. It touches on issues of depression, happiness, etc. This type of stress has a lot of connection with your hormonal levels or (im)balance. In certain situation you may be producing more adrenaline than usual because of a certain situation you are in. This production of a hormone requires presence of oxygen. So if oxygen has been used up more than usual it may not be present to help you a hormone you dearly need at that time… and it becomes a continuous cycle until you suffer from a condition like depression, anxiety, etc.
  • Physical Trauma – If you have suffered a physical injury blood circulation may be reduced significantly to the extent that blood does flow to certain areas of the body. Those parts will be deprived of oxygen supply and undesirable conditions may apply.
  • Strenuous Activity – When you are doing a strenuous activity like heavy exercises or heavy physical work some parts of the body may not get adequate oxygen causing lack of it. Again undesirable conditions like shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. may occur
  • Infections – When you have an infection your immune system will work overtime to combat that invasion. And immune system activities require oxygen to be carried out, so this means at this time of defense more oxygen will be used up. If this oxygen is not replenished as frequently as possible the body may feel stressed and become less effective in fighting the infection.
  • Low pH Diet – A low pH diet is acidic and when you eat food that is predominantly acidic may eventually cause your blood to be acidic. Acidic blood tends to release more oxygen and at the same time makes it harder to absorb oxygen. That is to say acidic blood is more willing to release oxygen and reluctant to absorb it. Here it means you might as well drink enough oxygenated water and your body might fail to utilize the oxygen in the water effectively. However, there is more to water than just oxygenating it. It must be a particular type of water. You may want to read about structural water, hexagonal water etc. Follow the links below;
  • Structured Water Hexagonal Water Vortex Water
  • High pH Diet – High pH diet promotes alkaline blood and alkaline blood is the best condition for good health. That is why alkaline diet is highly recommended in diet circles. The same with alkaline water. All for the right reasons, however, too much alkalinity is not good for you. A highly alkaline blood is eager to absorb oxygen and reluctant to release it, which is not good. There must be a balance.

Your blood being the transporter oxygen around the body (remember blood has water, or should I say water is a component of blood), should be able to absorb oxygen and at the same time able to release it where needed. So with high pH blood you have enough levels oxygen in your blood but your cells will be starved of oxygen because the hemoglobin (blood) is not willing to release it.

How To Increase Oxygen In Blood

There are several ways to increase oxygen in the blood. Some effective some not. Blood being the main transporter in our body needs oxygen to be effective in its duty and also needs to transport and deliver oxygen to different parts of the body. So whenever levels of oxygen go down due to illness, activity, etc. the body must go an extra mile increase oxygen in the blood. Often times you need to feed it with oxygen by breathing harder, use oxygen mask, drink oxygenated drinks, etc.

Ways To Oxygenate Water

However, here we will focus on oxygenating blood by drinking oxygenated water. Some companies have taken the initiative to collect water from the source. Water from the source is still natural and is best to drink. It is structured water is well oxygenated by nature, trace elements and bacteria that is helpful to our gut. This is bottled water like

  • Fiji Water
  • Voss Water

Some companies use technology to oxygenate water. Technologies like

  • ozonation like an ozone generator or ozonator (O3),
  • use activated stabilized oxygen (O4),
  • Aerobic Stabilized Oxygen
  • oxygenated water machine
  • oxygenated water system
  • Oxygenated Drinks

Some have adopted the use of supplement oxygen;

  • Liquid oxygen
  • Portable oxygen in a can
  • Vitamin O
  • Oriflame

Do You Really Need To Drink Oxygenated Water

Do you normally feel like you need an energy boost? Or you eat healthy food but it does not show? Oxygenated water will do wonders to your health and wellbeing. Did you know that oxygen features in almost every health giving activity in your body? From digestion to proper function of the brain to respiration, to energy boosting.

So you really need to drink oxygenated water because you are not getting enough oxygen already as it is today. The main source of oxygen for us is the air in the atmosphere. But now this air has reduced concentration of oxygen so our bodies our doing with the less that is available.

Technology is now available that can augment oxygen in our blood. However, that is not to say every product that says oxygenates water is true. Some are just trying to ride on the phenomena to take advantage of the uninformed.
It would be very important for you to do your due diligence when purchasing oxygenated water or anything to use to oxygenate your water. There is no dispute that you can take in oxygen from water, or that you may need more oxygen in your body (supplement) than it is available now and they are several ways you can do that as discussed above. Just exercise caution to safeguard your investment.

How Test Oxygen Levels In Your Blood

How would you know you have low oxygen in your blood? There are different ways you can test levels of oxygen in your blood

Pulse Oximeter – You can test oxygen levels in your blood by using a pulse oximeter. Oximeter is a small device that you attach at your fingertips to record your oxygen saturation. You can use it to monitor your ability to tolerate activities, your endurance level, it will help you manage and monitor usage of oxygen. It can also be used to manage asthma, COPD, heart rate.

An oximeter is common with sports people because they use it to measure oxygen saturation during their sporting activities. Another area where an oximeter is handy is where people experience high altitude like flight attendants, mountain climbers, etc. It is handy little device that you can

Co-Oximeter – Another device that can be used to test your blood is a co-oximeter. You may also use a co-oximeter
ABG Machine –
Portable Blood Gas Analyzers

Of the three instruments mentioned above an ABG Machine is the most advanced and would normally need an intervention of medical professional. However, the pulse oximeter is commonly available and can be used at home the same way one would use a pregnancy test. It is not as highly advanced. The co-oximeter will be used with the pulse oximeter for more accurate and specific readings to give a better insight in the state of oxygen in your blood. It analyses the hemoglobin deeper than pulse oximeter for more detailed results.