Ionized Water

What Is Alkaline Water Ionizer?

I was in dilemma a few days back before I did a bit of research on alkaline ionized water. I was confused between , alkaline water, purified water, filtered water and drinking water. To some extent I thought they meant almost mean one and the same thing. I imagined they would some slight variations. Boy was I wrong!

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To make matters worse when I tried to read around to understand more about these waters there came in the benefits of these different kinds of waters. Some would say alkaline water is good for your health others would criticize it. Some talked about antioxidant properties and how one can avoid cancer when drinking such water.

Tyent UCE-11 Under Counter Water Ionizer

On one hand that was bad because it was even more confusing for me but on the other it was good because it drove me to read more…

and you my friend are in luck because if you would be as interested in alkaline water ionizers like I was you would see that I have made most of the research for you.

Enough research such that if you wanted to purchase an alkaline water ionizer machine you would very well know what to look for. Right from how it works to price and warranty…

Why You Should Buy Alkaline Water Ionizer For Your Home

First let’s cover quickly my take as far as alkaline water ionizers are concerned;

  • There is a huge difference between ionized, alkaline, purified and filtered water for drinking. Alkaline ionized water is a hybrid of all and it has unquestionable health benefits as outline below.
  • If you drink bottled water in your house hold a quick calculation will show you that you will be making a huge saving when you get yourself a water ionizer alkalizer machine. Just imagine how much you spend on bottled a year as compared to onetime investment that can last you a life time and have much healthier fresh drinking (better than bottled one) every time in your house.
  • When you own an alkaline water ionizer you can cut yet more costs on buying disinfectants, etc for the house because these ionizers produce alkaline water for drinking and acidic water that can be used for cleaning.
  • Alkaline ionized water can replace tap water entirely for use around the house it much healthier including bathing, disinfecting, watering your garden, etc.

We will get more into the above mentioned points later for a deeper insight and appreciation of the conclusion.


In the meantime is the above enough to convince you to buy an ionizer machine? Before you answer below is the best ionizer machine on the market. We will discuss what to look for in a ionizer to make an informed decision.

What Is Alkaline Ionized Water?

This question is meant to clarify the difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water.
Let me start by answering the question with first touching a bit on the ionizer itself. An ionizer machine has one inlet for tap water to flow into it and two outlets for the water to come out. One outlet is for acidic water – we will talk about this water later in a different section. The other outlet is for alkaline water. Both these waters are not just acidic and alkaline, they are also ionized.

It is this ionization that is key and what makes the alkaline water from the ionizer very special in many ways. It very different from alkalized water by mere use of alkaline drops or adding pH increasing chemicals like soda, etc. At the beginning this is what caused so much confusion for me… There was no clear distinction between just alkanized water and ionized alkaline water. Now I got it.

Alkaline ionized water from an ionizer has alkaline properties of pH above 7, again it is de-clustered and most importantly it has antioxidant properties. This is where the main difference is! When claims say alkaline water is good for health it must be qualified in this way;

  • It is ionized meaning it is an antioxidant or at least has those properties – this what is important to fight cancer cells, free radicals in the body that cause sicknesses, etc. There is a unit of measure is to this property. This is to say you can compare two types of water and know which one has better oxidation potential. The unit of measure used ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).
  • It is de-clustered, that is to say ordinary water or tap water is made up of clusters of molecules (H2O molecules) but I don’t want to be scientific. As an example imagine grains of maize. Each grain represents a cluster in the water. As water passes through the ionizer these clusters get broken down into smaller ones. The same way you would grind the maize grains and get finer grains! So this is what happens to these clusters. The health benefit is they are readily absorbed by the body cells and re-hydration happens a lot quicker!
  • Lastly but not it has a pH of more than 7 hence its alkaline properties. This alkalinity does not carry any significant health benefits. pH has been attributed to health benefits because of the misconception explained above. The health benefits are more to do with the above 2 points the first one being the most significant.


Ionized water from alkaline ionizer comes out through 2 outlets. One outlet spits out alkalinized water which would be ideal for drinking and consumption in other ways around the home. The other outlet spits out acidic water that can be used for brushing your teeth, washing and sterilization of utensils, laundry, and a whole myriad of water uses around the home apart from cooking and drinking.

These two outlets are not set to carry and pour out one particular type of ionized water. The same outlet can pour out acidic or alkaline water depending on the settings on the ionizer. Below are the properties of this ionized water;

  • Acidic has a pH from 1 to 6
  • Alkaline has pH from 8 to 14
  • Ionized or electrolyzed water is better than all types water e.g. purified, filtered, etc because;
    • The ionized water is restructured by breaking down water clusters into smaller sizes.
    • These smaller clusters are more readily absorbed by the body cells than the former bigger clusters before electrolysis – this allows for much faster hydration.
  • Is also has ionized minerals unlike other types of water– ionized minerals are absorbed two to three times efficiently than water from other sources.
  • Electrolyzed water has an improved health quality because once ionized it would have a measurable Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) which other water types don’t have.


  • Effective in rehydrating the body
  • Provides valuable ionized vitamins and minerals
  • Act as an antioxidant or has antioxidant properties which neutralize free radicals
  • Has adequate amount of oxygen (and antioxidant) that fight aging and other common diseases
  • Helps the body fight the formation or development of cancer
  • Improved taste of drinking water