Hexagonal Water

Did you know that there is living water and dead water? And one way or the other you are drinking either! That is the more reason to know more about the water you drink. One of the best choice you can make is drink hexagonal water. has many characteristics to show that it is living.

In this article I will explain “what is hexagonal water”, why it is the best water to drink, its health benefits, how to make hexagonal water at home and where to buy it if you would prefer to buy it.

What Is Hexagonal Water

To help you understand the phenomena of hexagonal water I will try to explain it from the perspective of layman rather than science. Scientific explanation has a lot of jargon and may not necessarily connect the dots for you as to why drinking this type of water is beneficial to you.

A hexagonal structure of water makes it to have some unique qualities that are beneficial to your health. All water, be it distilled, filtered, artesian, purified, etc. has hexagonal structures within it. It is the predominance of these structures that will determine the quality of the water. The more these structures the more the water acquires the characteristics of a perfect hexagonal water structure.

Perhaps let us look at the characteristics of hexagonal structured water;

Some Water Functions In The Body

Generally, we know water to have many benefits to the body and health. It is involved in several areas and activities in the body like;
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– Metabolic activities,
– Nutrient absorption,
– Cell hydration,
– Waste and toxin removal,
– Cellular communication,
– Respiration,
– Enzyme activities,
– Body temperature regulation,
– Healthy function of DNA,
– Physical and mental functions,
– Regulation of stress,
– Balances body pH,
– Etc.

From the above list you can see that water has a lot of duties in the body. It basically assists in one way or the other in all activities of the body. That is part of the reason why you should be careful with the water you drink. You should not only be concerned with contaminated water or tap water so much so that you switch to bottled or filtered water.

Not all water is the same and it would be a good idea to understand more of that. The desire to get the best water should not only be influenced by what is in it but also the living nature of it. There are different types of water accessible to you to drink. Here we are talking about hexagonal water. In light of the above functions let us see how hexagonal water can add to the health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Hexagonal Water In Your Body

Hexagonal water improves vitality, prevents diseases and promotes good health and improve longevity.
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This type of water when taken regularly or replaces all water you have been drinking will give you a trim health body, radiant skin, elevated energy levels and long life. Distilled water, tap water and reverse osmosis water, especially, do not possess the same health benefits hexagonal water does.

Hexagonal water is very beneficial to your health in that;

– It suddenly becomes a super solvent for minerals and nutrients,
– The hexagonal structure enables it to be instantly absorbed and penetrate cells,
– Greatly improves absorption of these minerals and nutrients because of its ease to permeate cells,
– It enhances metabolic efficiency by its ability to activate enzymes to a greater degree.

It improves longevity – science has shown that hexagonal water surrounds healthy DNA and biological molecules. However, if unstructured water surrounds DNA and biological molecules, disease is found to creep in and very low biological activities that sustain life.

What To Know About Hexagonal Water

Now hexagonal water acts like a catalyst, a booster, an enhancer to every function or attribute water performs in the body. This ability is attributed to its hexagonal structure which;

– Is stable
– Produces molecular coherence effect

One important aspect you need to know about hexagonal water is that it has been discovered that

– It has a cleansing effect within days or weeks of drinking it
– It enhances cellular communication

When looking at the above functions, hexagonal water is very special in that;

– It moves easily in and between cells enhancing nutrient absorption, toxin and metabolic waste removal
– It enhances cell-to-cell communication for efficient relaying of messages
– Hexagonal water hydrates cells effectively meaning it penetrates the cellular membrane to perform all its functions
– Hexagonal structured water is full of energy hence it is at times regarded as energy booster
– It is anti-pathogenic meaning many disease causing micro-organisms cannot survive in it.

How To Make Hexagonal Water At Home

The best water to drink would be from natural streams, artesian locations, those sacred places like Fiji, Nariwa, Loudres, etc. It is also claimed that water from these sacred places has healing properties to the extent that people would visit them seeking healing.

There are brands of bottled like Voss Water, Fiji Water, Nariwa Water that are claimed to be bottled right at the source to maintain these healing qualities of water. What is interesting to note is that these healing properties of water are attributed to its structure particularly hexagonal structured molecules. Of course there are other qualities that the water would also possess; live, presence of energy, sufficient oxygen, adequate supply of minerals and trace elements, gut-friendly microbes, etc.

Another interesting aspect is that for water to be alive and possess the above qualities it must have these special hexagonal structure. If it does not, it is impossible for it to have such qualities. This is key to how to create hexagonal water.

Surely this kind of water would be very desirable to have and now that you know about it you would wish you have access to it. If there was a way, I believe you would want to know how to make hexagonal water. There is a way you can make your own hexagonal water!

There are units in the market today that you can purchase to make hexagonal water as close to how nature has intended as much as possible. They come at different price points, usage, capabilities, and other important aspects you will need to consider before you purchase a hexagonal water machine. The best place to start is Amazon.com.

I recommend Amazon.com because buyers of these units leave reviews on performance of each unit such that when you read these reviews you will have a pretty good idea of what will suit your needs.
Such units include ‘The Vitalizer Plus’, Ultra Bio-M Energy Water System.

Where To Buy Hexagonal Water

If you are not ready to buy a hexagonal water machine but you wanted to experience this kind of water, you can purchase it. Popular brands that sell hexagonal structured water include Voss Water, Nariwa Water, Fiji Water, etc. However, I would urge you to get a machine because in the long run it is cost effective. If you are wondering “Where can I buy hexagonal water”, again the best place to start is Amazon.com

Imagine if you have a hexagonal water system in your house you will have water to drink, bath with, do laundry with, wash your hair, etc. at the fraction of the cost 24/7. Your health will soon be re-vitalized, your skin will be radiant with life and glowing, you will have no more pains, those chronic illnesses will disappear…