Fulvic Acid Water

Fulvic acid is a wonder! And the good news is it can be taken with water, some call it black water or fulvic acid water. Before going any further let’s briefly look at the wonders of .

Fulvic acids have an abundance of;

  • naturally occurring bio-chemicals,
  • anti-oxidants,
  • free radical scavengers,
  • nutrients,
  • enzymes,
  • hormones,
  • amino acids,
  • natural antibiotics,
  • natural antivirals,
  • natural fungicides,
  • super oxide simutases,
  • natural electrolyte and more.

What You Should Know When Yo Buy Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acids are available as to buy in different forms, mostly purchased online or your nearest drugstore as supplements. Fulvic Acids are the active ingredients in shilajit that possess the above discussed essential qualities or components. Fulvic acid supplement is available in resin form like purblack shilajit resin from Amazon, it also available as powder and at times the powder can be in capsules form. Another way is fulvic acid water, you can have ready-made spring water infused with fulvic acid. You can also buy fulvic acid in concentrate form like the Fulvic Ionic Minerals X350. You may also look for fulvic trace minerals for sale!

Learn More About Fulvic Acids


It has been found to assist the body in many of its metabolic activities. It provides and maintains an ideal environment and platform for cells to bio-react electrically with their surroundings for effective;

shilajit fulvic acid benefits

Buy Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid Supplement

  • electron transfer,
  • catalytic reactions,
  • absorption of nutrients,
  • neutralization of harmful free radicals,
  • removal of heavy metals,
  • detoxification of pollutants,
  • correction of cell imbalances,
  • transportation of nutrients and
  • essential trace elements to the rest of the body.

The good things about fulvic acids are endless, that is why it is a wonder. The best part is it is available in supplemental form and is readily accessible for your consumption. It is available as fulvic acid water, black water, etc. When you buy it to enjoy its many benefits be sure to educate yourself first to have assurance you are purchasing an authentic product.

My advice is to go down to Amazon.com where you will find a wide selection of fulvic acid supplements with user reviews. These reviews are from customers who have purchased a particular brand of fulvic acid and now giving their account on them.

That should be your first stop, then maybe you can continue looking around at websites that sell or promote a fulvic acid product. At Amazon you will get different point of views from numerous buyers and you will also get to know the good things about fulvic acid water. You will also know the best one to buy. If you need to dig deeper may be to know the science behind the product that is when you can go to a specific website for that particular product.

To assist you in your search here are some examples;

Blk Spring Water Infused With Fulvic Acid

This Fulvic Acid Water is claimed to be pure spring water with fulvic acid. The water is black because by its nature fulvic acid turns the water black. This product has a lot of reviews at Amazon.com which would be a good idea to read. The reviews are not biased, they give a fair idea of how the product is. If the product is really bad there would be a lot of negative reviews together with a low rating.

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Now that you have briefly learnt about;

  • what fulvic acid (water) can do in your body,
  • fulvic acid supplements to look at and
  • where to buy fulvic acids

Now let us get to know more about fulvic acid.

What Is Fulvic Acid

humic-fulvic-acidFulvic acid is an organic component of humus. My Agriculture 101 taught me about humus as decayed plant matter that can be used as manure in the soil. I remember we would cut off dead leaves of spinach, cabbage and other leafy vegetables, dig a whole, put them in there and cover with soil. These will rot underneath we would also sprinkle the soil with water to accelerate the rotting. It is this rotten organic mixture that is called humus.

But from my understanding this type of humus will be very young to have any traceable amounts of fulvic acids. The humus material that is of concern here would be millions of years old. Shilajit is one rich source of fulvic acids (and humic acids) known today.

Fulvic acids work mainly inside the cell, making the cell membranes more permeable, and all the goodies described above. To further understand the profoundness of fulvic acids in our bodies let us look at how metabolism in our bodies work.

Fulvic Acid And How Our Body Operates

Healthy well-nourished cells are able to take care of itself. That is to say they will produce their own amino acids, enzymes and other essentials necessary for cell metabolism. Healthy cells that are well nourished are independent, and able to burn their own energy, maintain and duplicate themselves. A healthy cell also has a measure electric potential of about 70 milliVolts, it is alkaline with a pH of about 7.35. It is life at its primitive level. Cells are living organisms the same way a person is a living organism. You can be as independent in your living as a cell would be.

What is interesting is that all these individual metabolic activities at cellular level i.e. the production of amino acids, enzymes, duplication, combine together to form the metabolic system of the body. It boils down to the health of each individual cell. One unhealthy cell can turn into a cancer cell and we all know what cancer cells are capable of. Before you know it one would be suffering from cancer – and it would have started with that one unhealthy cell.

fulvic-acid-waterAll of life is creation, growth, maintenance then withering! This phenomenon can be looked at from cellular level or human body level. In the end it does not matter every living thing is borne, it grows, maintained then dies away. What is important is the length of time it takes living! What actually influences the length of time? It is nourishment! The next question is what nourishes this living thing? Nutrients and their accomplices.

Don’t worry we are still on the subject of water. I wanted to bring certain aspects to surface so that you may fully appreciate the combination of water and the fulvic acids – the role they both play in our bodies and life in general. Continuing with the above over 90 growth and maintenance cell-food types have been identified to be responsible for the growth and maintenance of all life particularly the human body.

These cell-food types include but not limited to amino acids, major and trace minerals, vitamins, etc. These also need supporting environment or platform to be useful. Meaning if one cell-food needs to be in an ionic state it must be converted to an ion, and if it needs to be transported there must be something to transport it. Does it make sense?

What is also interesting to know is that a living organism is capable of producing these cell foods, with sufficient nourishment. The extent of production is different from organism to organism. As an example some organisms can produce all the amino acids known to man while the human body can produce all amino acids except eight. The same with vitamins. A human cell can produce one vitamin while other organisms can produce all vitamins.

Now it is suffice to say the organism should be nourished well enough to produce what it can to sustain its life and at the same time supply it with what it needs that it cannot produce on its own. From this it is apparent that it is very important to realize that a cell needs to be fed in order to perform its metabolic processes in its quest to survive. The perfect candidate would be structured water with fulvic acids. An ideal metabolic process occurs when an organism produces the cell foods by itself and being fed those that it cannot produce.

If any one of the cell foods is not produced or supplied there is bound to be a problem. The metabolic process will be disturbed. The same is true when the environment or platform is disturbed in some way or another. Any kind of these disturbances will cause a breakdown of some sort. And we both know what a breakdown can cause! This is when diseases start to occur and all sorts of degeneration become rampant.

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That is about enough explanation about what happens at cellular level in our bodies. The point I wanted to bring across is that each and every cell in our bodies needs to be nourished well to continue with its metabolic processes to grow and sustain itself. Nourishment entails providing the necessary cell foods as well as the right environment for the cell to perform its metabolism. A healthy cell means a healthy body. But now where is the problem?

The problem is here – when we eat food that is deficient of some essential nutrient! Or we may eat food that is rich with most of the essential nutrients but the environment in and around the cell is not conducive for the cells to perform their metabolic processes well.

The environment around the cells may be acidic when it is supposed to be alkaline. The environment may be laden with heavy metals that hamper the metabolic process, etc. As we know it our foods and the water we drink have a huge influence in our health.

Fulvic Acids As A Solution?

Now that we have a basic knowledge of how our body operates at cell level let us look at how we can assist our cells (body) to work at full potential.

First and foremost, it is important to be mindful of what we feed our cells. I must say evidence is all around us that we take our health seriously and there is an awareness that something is lacking from our food and water. That is the reason why there are several efforts to correct what modern life and technology have broken. It is impossible to go back to ancient days, modernization and new technologies are a part of life as life continues going forward.

So there is nothing much we can do but to also use modern life and technology to correct what has been damaged.

One effort to correct this is the use of supplements, synthesizing some vitamins, extracting cell-food substances from various sources all in the name of replacing what is lacking. These are good efforts! And it is upon you to do your due diligence to choose the right ways to go about to start and maintain a good health.

We need to improve our there is good consciousness towards what we ingest.

How Fulvic Acid Works

This characteristic is
Pur Black Shilajit Resin

  • Powerful organic electrolyte
  • Promotes electrochemical balance as an oxidant or anti-oxidant
  • Powerful Natural Free Radical Scavenger and Antioxidant
  • Effective in Dissolving Minerals and Metals
  • Makes Nutrients readily available and absorbable
  • Effective in transporting nutrients
  • Enhances Enzyme Reactions
  • Ability to Transport Nutrients Through Cell Membranes
  • Stimulates Metabolism – including of proteins
  • Detoxifier
  • Synthesizes or Transmutates Minerals
  • Enhances Cell Division and Elongation
  • Enhances Permeability of Cell Membranes
  • Catalyses Vitamins within the cell
  • Chelates With All Metal Ions

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

  • It is a chelating agent
  • Membrane permeability
  • Ability to flush out heavy metals

How To Take Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid can be taken in different depending on type purchased. As discussed above fulvic acid supplement can be in resin form, powder, fulvic acid infused water or concentrate. Every product you buy should come with clear instruction how you should take the supplement. The dosage is normally set to have optimal results because fulvic acid has no known detrimental side effects and this means it can be taken at high doses. However taking it at high doses is only a waste because the body can only utilize so much. So a dosage measure is important.

fulvic trace minerals

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The resin form is normally measured to the size of a grain of rice or pea and dissolved in about 300ml of water, normally non-chlorinated. The same can also be taken orally under the toungue. The capsules will normally be swallowed with the aid of water. A few drops of fulvic acid concentrate will also be mixed with water for drinking. At times any drink will do like juice to make fulvic wellness drink. A ready made mixture like blk spring water infused with fulvic acid will be taken as is. Three times a day is the standard suggestion!

As a re-iteration fulvic acid water maybe puzzling in appearance because when you mix the fulvic acids supplement the water will turn to dark color. Depending on the grade, the water might be black. Don’t be amazed, this should be the expected result. That is why fulvic acid water is often called black water!