Energized Water

Energized water is water that has been given energy by use of an energy giving device like a scalar energy pendant, bio discs, etc. There are several ways to energize water using different devices. However what will be important to know first is to understand this aspect of , it can often be referred to as scalar energy water.

energized drinking water

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Scalar Energy Water

Scalar energy water is water that has been re-energized with scalar energy. What is scalar energy? Scalar energy is not common knowledge as tap water. It is common knowledge that tap water is not good for drinking it must at least be filtered somehow.

And scalar energy is not common knowledge to people like you and me as the dangers of tap water are. So I will not delve into what scalar energy is because it is a huge topic and I have not fully grasped its definition. I would refer you to other reference material to look at at the bottom of this post!

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I have however understood its capabilities and benefits to our health and how it has been used in the alternative medicine. It would be a good idea for you to research further if this topic intrigues like it has me. This is what I know so far about scalar energy (and particularly in relation to water) – it has very huge and profound health benefits!


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But before discussing the health benefits of re-energizing water with scalar energy let’s first understand what is happening in our bodies at cellular level. Our cells are like little batteries of energy that give energy to all body processes, nervous and brain activities, and other body activities. These batteries need regular recharging with energy, nutrients, etc. This recharging is mostly achieved by eating rich foods, drinking water, exercising, etc.

scalar energy waterIn the medical field it is said that a nerve impulse is electricity passing. That is there is a measure of electric current. Each cell is a minute battery with some electrical charge. A healthy cell will have an electrical charge of about 70-90 milli-volts.

For clarity imagine your remote control using 2 rechargeable batteries. For the remote control to be operational the batteries must have some charge.

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Most importantly both must have charge or the one with lesser charge will deplete the other quickly and the remote will stop working. To get it to work again the batteries must be recharged from the mains. This charge is measured in volts and is electrical energy.

The same is with our cells, they are like batteries which need to be recharged time and again by eating, drinking etc. When we ingest food our cells are recharged with energy. Now realize that here we are talking about electrical energy not scalar energy yet. But also remember that energy is energy. It can exist in different forms and transform to different forms as well.

The energy we get from eating food is transformed into electrical energy used by the cells, it is also the same energy we use to move our muscles, etc. So the same energy can be electrical, kinetic, etc. Whatever form the energy is it is life giving force to an organism. What is key is what form of energy do you need to perform a certain task.

As an example look at;

  • electrical energy – it can be used to boil your water, electrocute people, etc
  • Laser light – can be used to operate you in the eye or used to shoot down missiles
  • X-rays – they can be used to ‘see’ a fracture on a bone or used in security forces departments to detect guns when entering an airport
  • Sound energy – can be used as sound waves to break up kidney stones or as a communication medium

With the above examples I am trying to bring a contrast between how energy can be used in its different forms for different applications. The same form of energy can be used to heal or applied in some other way destructive or beneficial. So it is important to note that all of these is energy in one form or the other used at varying intensities and speeds.

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I mean the same laser light energy used to operate on a patient will not be the same amount of energy used to shoot down a war plane though both laser light energy. Again the difference is in intensity and speed. Intensity and speed refer to a measure of amplitude and frequency of the energy form.

That means energy can be applied in many different forms. Scalar energy is another form of energy that heals. The above is energy as we were taught at school – it has amplitude (intensity) and frequency (speed) to the extent that energy can be represented in a graphical manner of a continuous line that has troughs and uphills drawn linearly in a wavy form. That is the representation of energy waves, its frequency and amplitude.

Perhaps it is better to seize this moment to compare scalar energy with the normal energy described above.

  • Scalar energy is not linear in wave form but circular like a ripple in a pond of water, it expands outward in circles of energy.
  • It is a vibrant and dynamic energy field that radiates harmoniously balanced energies.
  • It has the ability to carry information
  • It does not diminish with time or distance
  • It cannot be measured with frequency meters as other types of energy can.
  • It can be created naturally
  • It is the frequency of energy that is key to the use of energy for healing in alternative medicine.

Scalar Energy Water Health Benefits


Scalar energy in water is other it would be sought after as people seek bottled water