The Best Filtered Water To Drink

What would you consider to be the best filtered water drink? Is it bottled water? Is it water from your pitcher or reverse osmosis water? Which is good for you. Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to look at the word filter!

What actually is filtered water, what has actually happened to the filtered water? Does filtering make safer or healthier to drink? We all know tap water is not good to drink straight from the faucet.


To better answer the question, what is filtered water, it would be better to look at what filtration does, its purpose, different ways to filter water and how they make water better to drink.

What Does Water Filtration Do

drink filtered water

Water filtering is a way of cleaning water to remove any undesirable elements to make it fit for drinking. This is the adage that water filtration is after. When you buy a water filtering system for your home, the idea is to make the water drinkable. Also see spring water infused with fulvic acid.

Or a water faucet like a Moen filter that has an in-built filter to make the tap water drinkable. When you buy bottled water it is because you have been sold the idea that it has been filtered and healthy to drink.

Carbon Or Sand Filtered Water

Carbon filters are incapable of sieving out toxic metals and chemicals and the filter will require regular cleaning. Besides technology is so advanced these days that using a carbon in this way will be like going back to stone age days.

Distilled Water

This water could be good because it does not tamper with a lot of the properties listed above. In fact, distillation is one process that can ‘restore’ the good memory of water. However it is very dangerous to drink it over extended amount of time. Distillation produces “parasite” water. When you drink it, it will absorb the minerals from your body instead of giving them to you body and transporting them around. This is a major drawback. Distilled water lacks mineral nutrients because of the evaporation. The water is slightly acidic, and acidic water is not good to the body.

Bottled Water

There is no telling for sure if the bottled water is not tap water, from a god quality spring, etc. The plastic bottle is also a contaminant. Talk less of the price – it is very costly. It is estimated to be 1000x more expensive than tap water. It is also not a go green alternative.

Reverse Osmosis Water

This should be a no no because one water that undergone a reverse osmosis process has an anticlockwise spin. This is not good to the body. Two, ro water is highly mineral deficient. Three, it is acidic. Four, it does not hydrate the body well.

Understanding Water

A lot of research has gone into water and a lot more is still coming… Water is complex and so is with everything to do with nature. At one point earth was believed to be flat now we are told it is round! There was a time when it was OK to drink tap water but today a lot of evidence points against it but this is not because of a new discovery but that the world’s development in technology and usage contaminates water!

In fact let’s go down a short history lane of water. Long ago you could find a stream of water or pond and drink from it with no hesitation. Try it today! You could also just drink rain water collected from the roofing of your house… Try it today!

With time it was now necessary or ideal to turn water from a faucet – tap water! And it was safe to drink it. Nowadays tap water is mostly drank in third world countries. Soon drinking water was replaced with bottled water and a lot of companies mushroomed to supply bottled water ‘safe’ for drinking. Though bottled water is still consumed today in large amounts we know that it is rapidly losing its credibility.

While this on bottled water there is the issue of alkalinity and all the reasons why we should drink alkaline water. This introduced all sorts of alkalizing methods to increase the pH of water to make it alkaline and more “beneficial” to drink.

Now is the era of alkaline ionized water! We talk ORP, pH, etc. We are moving away from reverse osmosis water which a few years back was the best water to drink hence the advent of bottled water and numerous water filtration systems. We now have water ionizers… and this is still to continue… tomorrow we will talk about something else, the next best technology! Just to be ahead of myself there will soon be talk about open water! Or wait there is also fulvic acid water or black living water!

But all in all what is this all about! It is about improving our lives and living healthy. In this attempt we tend to subject water to different kinds of processes or treatment to make it better. But the question is do we know what we are doing? Perhaps to help me along this lane is first to try and understand water enough to help us choose treatment processes around today. Let us first understand the animal we are dealing with.

As you might as well know water has many properties but for the purposes of this subject I will select only those I found to be most intriguing and at the same time adding more value to this subject. Water has the following properties;

Spin – The molecules of water spin clockwise or anticlockwise. This spin has a huge influence on the body. The desirable spin to the body is the clockwise direction. Water that has anticlockwise spin is detrimental to our bodies because it absorbs minerals from the body and disturbs the mineral metabolism of the body. So whatever you do to the water, be mindful of the resulting ‘spin’ after processing. Disturbance to this spin maybe termed damage

Moment – this is the dual influence of the water molecules on molecules of other substances interacting with it and in turn them on water molecules. It is basically the way water molecules interact with other molecules. This subtly links with restructuring or declustering of water molecules.

Particle Size – Water is a solvent and always contains dissolved particles. The particle size of these dissolved particles determines or adds to the quality of water. These particles are ions, electrical and protonic and they are responsible for making the water an electrical conductor.

Specific Gravity

Measurable pH




Boiling Point

Bond Angle


Oxidation Reduction Potential

Overall Quality

Having looked at the above properties of water let us look at what each of the following relate to its properties.