What Is The Best Water To Drink?

The best water to drink is water that will give you optimal health. It should be clean, have great taste, right pH, live with energy, with sufficient oxygen, with abundance of essential minerals and trace elements, with gut friendly microbes, micro-clustered such that the water can be easily absorbed through cell membranes. This micro-clustered water is popularly known to have predominantly hexagonal structure aka structured water.


If you already have a reverse osmosis water system or any other water filtering system you use to bring your water to a drinkable state, then what you are about to learn will excite you.

The Best Water To DrinkIt is good news. You don’t necessarily have to throw your system or unit away. It means you already know you need water of certain quality; you know there is need to filter your water to bring it to a drinkable state.

If you already have a water filtering system or unit, or buy bottled water because you know tap water is not safe to drink or contemplate either then this article, in fact this website, is for you.

If you have been hesitant to buy or invest in a better system, then pay attention to what I am going to share with you.

You are going to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to make the best water to drink right in your home, water available enough for you, your family, visitors, pets and plants.

What would be important to know is that there are three different types of water i.e. artesian water, spring water and prepared water. Each water type is defined by its intrinsic characteristics of origin, consistency, composition, protection and treatment.

3 Categories Of Water Explained

The best water to drink would be natural occurring water that has not been tampered with. There are 3 categories of water that we drink (and use) in our daily life. All these categories of water are available but accessibility differs.

Artesian Water

This is natural water that is obtained directly from underground sources that is protected from pollution. It is normally available as bottled water for sale. It is bottled at the source with very little treatment to make it safe to drink. It is one of the best water to drink but it may be expensive.

Examples of artesian water include FIJI Natural Artesian Water, Evamor Natural Alkaline Artesian Water, etc. These have very positive reviews at Amazon.com.

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Spring Water

This is also natural water that comes from a natural spring. The spring would normally be protected to avoid pollution and contamination. The water is bottled at the source and has not passed through community or municipal water system. Again spring water can be very expensive to buy for every day drinking.

Examples of bottled spring water include;

Prepared Water

Prepared water refers to water that has gone through some appreciable treatment to bring it to a drinkable state. This is the category of water that is most available to most of us. It is the tap water from the municipal supply. It may originally be from a well or some artesian or spring source but the moment it goes through some rigorous treatment it falls under this category.

best-drinking-waterThe first two categories are accessible but may be very expensive. The third category is where most of us fall under and the focus of this article will be on this prepared water and how we can bring it as close to best water to drink as the first two categories.

No one wants to drink chlorinated water, or dead water! Did you know that reverse osmosis (ro) water is dead water? How much do you spend on bottled water in a month, a year? Do you cook, bath, do laundry with plain tap water? Can you guarantee that the bottled water you buy is what it says it is? What if you can make the best healthy water right in your house and even carry it along with you for the fraction of what you are already spending on water?

I am like you I guess! I wanted to drink healthy water and looking for the best way to drink water. And in my research this water topic intrigued me more and more. I came to learn things about water I didn’t know I don’t know. I hope and want to believe that what I have gathered here to share with you will be very beneficial to you.

But before we get into details of how you can achieve that, below is a short list of products that will give you the best water to drink;

How To Make The Best Water To Drink

It should be evident that water described above is not readily available. It does not flow from your tap or faucet. Any ordinary bottled water does not even come close to the qualities described above.

Filtered water from your filtering system does not produce such water! Unless you have already upgraded it to give you water such quality.

From the research I have made it appears very few products will give you all the required qualities mentioned above to give the best drinking water. In most cases you will need more than one to get the best water to drink and use. Further remember that the source of the water matters and plays an important role in how and what you choose to filter and upgrade your water.

One of the ways to have water that is as close to the above mentioned qualities as possible is the water structuring unit. There is a dedicated section about water structuring units here! This will be the number one option to use to improve your drinking water.

I believe an alkaline water ionizer machine is the second option to attain most of the qualities. Depending on the source of the water you might need to enrich it with minerals, trace elements, oxygen and aerobic micro-organisms using fulvic acids supplement like Shilajit or blk water, or the Jivara remineralizer.

You will also need to energize the water with a scalar energy energizer like bio disc, scalar energy pendant, etc.

Doing all or some of the above will almost give you the best water to drink with optimal health benefits. Better than what you will get from most bottled water brands. And definitely much better than your current un-upgraded filtration system.

I will not keep you in suspense but share with you the recipe to the best water to drink right from your house. Here it is;

Steps To Perfect Drinking Water

Basically fetch or collect it, clean it, (ionize it to alkalize and) structure it, give it life and energize it then it is safe to drink with tremendous health benefits.

Almost everyone now gets water from the tap, where that water comes from is another topic. The bottom line is it comes to your house through pipes and you turn on the faucet to collect it and use it for drinking, bathing, laundry, watering your plants, pets, etc.

There are different systems on the market today to treat your water to bring it to a drinkable state healthy to your body. These systems include but not limited to filtration systems, alkaline water ionizer units, hexagonal water machines, vortex water systems, oxygenating units, water structuring devices, water re-energizing scalar energy units, water supplements like fulvic acids, remineralizers, etc.

So let’s start with the faucet! Here are the steps, a perfect combination to get the best out of your water!

Step 0: Source Water


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For most households the water they use is tap water. This is the source of your water into the house.

Tap water comes from your municipal area where it has undergone some purification and filtration processes.

However these processes add substances like chlorine in the water making it not ideal for human consumption like drinking and/or bathing.

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The water needs to be filtered in house to make it safe for use.

Step 1: Filtration (“Cleaning”)

best reverse osmosis water filter system

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System For Home

Tap water should be filtered in one way or the other using the available methods. This maybe carbon filtration, reverse osmosis or water purification processes. Some people even have a whole house filtration system. So you see you can keep and continue using your filtration system.

Bottom line is, the tap water or well water must be filtered! However, you should be mindful of the filtering system you will be using. Some filtering systems seem to be doing a good job while unknowingly are doing more damage than good. Be weary of a reverse osmosis system, before you buy one you need to know in depth how it will compensate the damage it has done to the water.

Step 2: Structuring Water

Here you have a choice to choose either a water structuring unit or an alkaline ionizer machine. There is no need to do both and I don’t recommend it either lest you compromise other qualities. You can restructure the water or use an alkaline ionizer machine.

a.Use Of Water Structuring Unit

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e.g. Structured Water unit, Vortex Water Machine, Hexagonal Water Machine. A water structuring unit reverses the damage done to water almost completely to restore it to its natural state as nature intended it, except for its composition in terms of minerals, oxygen, micro-organisms, etc.

Though the alkaline ionizer machine breaks the water into micro-clusters, the hexagonal water machine will ensure the micro-clusters maintain a hexagonal shape.

The water structuring unit on the other hand seems to bring water to as near a state as nature intended. In my opinion it would be a very good choice and inexpensive in the long run.

b. Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

platinum alkaline water filter
An ionizer machine on the other hand affects water is a different way but at the same time improving the quality of the filtered water. After filtration the water may be ionized using an electrolysis ionizing machine (or a scalar energy unit, let’s save scalar energy for later!). This process changes both the physical and chemical properties of water to make it ideal for drinking.

There are several ionizers that perform the ionizing process perfectly, high-end ones even perform the filtration process. These are called alkaline water ionizer machines!

At this stage the water is ready to drink and it is already full of health benefits you have never imagined. This is where it is made alkaline (without adding any alkalizing agent), an oxidant, wetter, etc. All the good properties and characteristics of water you can think about.

Step 3 – Water Oxygenation

oxygenated water dispenser
Water oxygenation is the act of adding oxygen to water. Oxygenated water is water that has been infused with oxygen, water that has increased levels oxygen more than our typical bottled or tap water would have. There will be varying levels of oxygen in the water depending on where you bought it or how you introduced oxygen into the water.

But what is important is oxygenated water does not have oxygen just for the sake of having oxygen. The oxygen in the water must be bonded to the water molecules somehow and it needs to be stable. You don’t want it to escape the moment you open the bottle. Oxygenated water has far reaching benefits especially in our health.

It even more important for people in high altitudes or who fly frequently. The higher you go the less available oxygen for you to breathe in, so if you have oxygenated water it will compensate for that limited oxygen in the air.

Step 4: Fulvic Acids Supplement

shilajit for sale
More often than not you will need fulvic acid supplements to enrich your drinking water to give it the trace elements and other essential components that might have been lost during the filtration process and/or before the tap at the municipal cleaning stage.

Benefits of fulvic acids are worth their own section for discussion alone. There are several fulvic acids supplements available on the market today like Blk Water, BlackMP Living Water and Shilajit just to name a few.

The fulvic acids come in handy when you are using a water filtering system that filters everything even the minerals and friendly living organisms in the water. However be cautious that the water you add fulvic acids to is fluorine free. Shilajit is a very rich source of fulvic acids that make fulvic acid water.

Step 5: Energized Water

Quantum Energy Flask
To seal the whole deal to the already best water to drink, energize it using scalar energy devices for some amazing results. If you have heard of scalar energy before you would understand how profound this step is.

This step among other things adds live to the water – it re-energizes it, reconstructs it, repairing all the damage that occurred before the tap water stage.

Yes, some filtration processes also cause some damage. Scalar energy water is close to as perfect as to how nature intended it. However, structured water on Step 2a may not need this step though it is encouraged.

You are free to test with or without use of scalar energy devices. This is because structured water will have most of its inherent characteristics restored, live energy being one of them!

Scalar Energy Bio Disc Scalar Energy Bio Disc Quantum Energy Healing Energy Disk

Don’t feel left out if you are not yet aware what scalarized water is or what scalar energy is. It is discussed to some length for deeper understanding.

There are several devices on the market today to instill or impart scalar energy into your water. They include but not limited to BioDiscs, Pendants, etc. There are also natural occurring energized waters like Nariwa water.

To appreciate where the above recipe of the best water to drink is coming from perhaps is best to dissect each step to fully understand the purpose and contribution of each. Let us go to the beginning of this article where I was describing the best water to drink. I included the words living, natural, rich, life energy and microbes. In today’s era I should add cost, because access to any kind of water has cost implications!

How much does drinking water cost you? Read along, different sections of the website, as I describe and discuss how you can have safe, cost effective, clean and healthy drinking water under your roof as close to how nature intended it as possible.

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