Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush For Dry Skin Brushing

Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush – handy portable brush goes with you everywhere! Dry brush your skin with Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush to remove dead cells from your largest organ, your skin and allow it to breathe.

PORTABLE SKIN BRUSH for Body in Travel Pouch from Sublime. HOW-TO Brochure Included. Models Know This Secret to Better Skin & Well-Being. Featured in GLAMOUR MAGAZINE.
Brand: Sublime Beauty®
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How to do Dry Skin Brushing

Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush

So, you bought your dry skin brush and you have read all the tips and tricks about the technique. You know what the benefits are and how to make them work for you. The trick now is that you need to get started and you have no idea how to do the technique.

Everything you have read has probably told you what the techniques are, but failed to give you the steps you need. Here are the basic steps for how to dry skin brush and get the most from your brushing routine.

Get in the Shower

One of the first steps you need to take to dry skin brushing is to get in the shower. You want to be in a place where the dry skin is contained and can be removed from the area easily. You will also be showering right after the dry skin brushing in order to remove the extra skin that the brush may not have removed.

It will also serve as a method to clean the pores and rejuvenate the cells. If you do not want to shower, you can choose to take a bath instead. As long as one or the other follows the dry skin brushing.

Brush Your Entire Body

One thing that you may be questioning is what part of your body you should dry brush. The truth is you should be brushing your entire body. You may be wondering how to handle areas like breasts and other sensitive areas of the body. All you need to do is brush lighter in these areas, but do not avoid them.

You need to remove the dry skin from every area of your body to keep your skin cells moving and to keep the skin health in good standing. So, the answer is brush your entire body avoiding nothing.

Alternate Your Water Temperature

One aspect of the dry brushing method that you may not consider is the water temperature you use after the procedure. A lot of people suggest going from having the water as hot as you can stand it to as cool as you can stand it.

You do not want to do this immediately. Make it a gradual decrease in temperature from hot to cold. This is done to open your pores and then close them getting them cleaned and then tightened to help with cellulite.

Though you can add several steps into your dry skin brushing, these are the basic steps you get you started. You may find that you want to make this time more of a spa and relaxation time for you by adding essential oils or other techniques. Though those are find to add later, the basics are where you should start.

Here is the more reason we should dry brush our skin with Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush, watch the following video

As we grow older we tend become less able to throw off old cells and this can cause stress. As we dry brush our skin we increase and encourage better circulation. Dry skin brushing is also a detox method to support the lymphatic and immune system functions! And also as we brush our skin we tend to feel better, it can act as stress management practice!

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Sublime Beauty Portable Skin Brush For Dry Skin Brushing

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